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About Gabriela’s Home

I LOVE Cool Furniture!

coolest home furniture

High Heel Sculptural End Table

Welcome to my ‘virtual home’!

My name is Gabriela and I am absolutely CRAZY about unique, fun and ultra-cool home decor items and coolest furniture pieces on the planet! šŸ™‚

I am always looking for something ‘different’ to have in my home!

(Woman’s foot in high heels sculpture table? Yes, please!)

A few years ago I decided to start this website because I wanted to share my passion for cool furniture with other peopleĀ just like me, who also LOVE to get cool stuff for their homes…

Many pieces you’ll see here I have bought myself for my home and if I had a huge home, with a huge living-room I would probably buy much more!

My friends all know about my ‘unique taste’ in home decor and many times they ask for my advice when they want to get something cool or improve the look of a room… šŸ™‚

*How to make any room in the house ‘cool’ and unique:

-Paint one wall a fun color! (Sometimes all we need is a ‘splash’ of color in a room, and a very cheap way to achieve that is to buy a small can of paint in your favorite color and paint a wall!)

-Get a new rug in a bright color! (I have done that many times in the past, especially when I was bored with the looks of a room and couldn’t afford to buy new furniture…)

-Change one piece of furniture. (I recently got rid of my very old and very boring looking brown couch and got a modern red sectional sofa for my living-room… it changed the whole atmosphere!)

-Add a cool wall decal or mural! (Another very affordable way to improve the look of a room is to buy a fun wall decal or a wall mural…. I bought a cool tree-shaped wall sticker for my living-room wall and placed it right above my new red sofa set… it looks amazing and everyone loves my idea!)

-Get something very, very unique, like a cool chair or fun sculpture.

Here are a few examples of stuff I enjoy and think are so awesome!

Cool Furniture for a Cool Home!

EGG Shaped Chairs!

cool furniture

Egg Hanging Chair

Fine Mod Imports Egg Hanging Chair, White

One of my favoriteĀ ‘unique home decor’ pieces are cool and unusual shaped chairs, such as these fabulousĀ egg chairs!

They are ultra-cool and ultra-modern! I remember the first time I saw one… I was truly flabbergasted!

Just by adding a couple of egg-shaped chairs to your living-room in fun and bright colors, just like this gorgeous silver one you see here (or is it black?), you will transform your entire atmosphere from ‘blah’ to ‘WOW”!!

This is an amazing egg-shaped red hanging chair for sale! (Can you think of a more fun place to ‘hang out’ at home?) šŸ™‚

I also love the gorgeous black leatherĀ interior! Very stylish!

Very Cool Looking Retro Chairs

cool home furniture

Cool Retro Chair

Glendon Arne Jacobsen Style New Velvet Swivel Contour Egg Chair

Do these take you right back to the 60’s or what? (Not that I was alive back then though…)

I also LOVE purple furniture and PURPLE colors!

If you want to make your home as cool and ‘un-boring’ as possible, I strongly recommend using bold and vibrant colors!
Purple and orange are always great options!
How cool is this retro-style egg-shaped purple chair folks?

Clear HANGING Bubble Chair

coolest furniture for living room

Accent Hanging Swing Chair, Silver, Plastic

Modern Contemporary Accent Hanging Swing Chair, Silver, Plastic

I am also CRAZY about these cool ‘hanging bubble chairs’!

Can you imagine having a couple of hanging bubbles in your living-room?
They are super cool, fun and definitely unusual!
You can find them in several colors and designs, including these clear bubble chairs!
Now everyone will be able to relax inside their own bubble!

Unique Home Decor Ideas

Ultra-Modern Lounge Chair

stylish furniture

Modern Oyster Contemporary Comfortable Microfiber Lounge Chair – Red

Contemporary Comfortable Microfiber Lounge Chair – Red

When I saw this cool and ultra-modern red lounge chair I let out a scream!
I just couldn’t believe it!
How cool and unique is it?
Can you imagine having that on a white living-room?
Just gorgeous!!

*Yes, it comes with the stylish silver pillow too!

*Have you ever seen a high heel shoe shaped chair before?

unique furniture ideas

High Heel Leather Shoe Lounge Chair Black

Unique High Heel Leather Shoe Lounge Chair Black

No, you are not dreaming…

It is a gorgeous and very stylish black color high heel shaped chair!

Have you ever seen one of these before?

Talk about having your own personal style! In heels! šŸ™‚ Teen girls also LOVE these and they look great in their bedrooms too!

It is the ultimate cool chair for cool living-rooms!
Perfect to have in a corner, near some plants or right in the middle of your cool living-room!

Fun pieceĀ to have in a woman’s apartment! šŸ™‚

Amazing Living-Room Decor!

Cool Butler Sculpture Fun Side Table

fun home decor

Butler Side Table Statue, 3 Foot, Multicolor

I also enjoy cool sculpture tables and a couple of years ago I came across some of these and I went crazy!

Unusual decorative coffee tables, such as this fun butler side table can also make your living room into a fabulously cool place!

Your guests will all say ‘Wow’! when they see your cool living-room!
(I hope they don’t upset the butler before sitting down and enjoying their cool drink… just saying…)

By now I believe you have a pretty good idea what this website is all about!
I am all about COOL and UNIQUE!
Stick around and keep checking back on my pages for more cool stuff for your home!

**All cool furniture items and decor pieces displayed on this website were selected based on extensive research done online and my personal opinion.

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  • sue conner

    how do you find out the prices? thanks, sue

    • Gabriela's Home

      Hi Sue! Thanks for visiting! Just click on the pictures! šŸ™‚

  • Rekha

    I want Buddha of 3 to 4 feet

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