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Yellow Living Room Furniture Ideas

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Fun Sunny Yellow Furniture Ideas for the Living Room!

Here comes the sun… in the living-room! 🙂

yellow living room

Cute Yellow Loveseat

Modern Loveseat With Upholstered Fabric In Sunny Yellow

I LOVE sunny yellow furniture!
It is absolutely perfect to break the ‘monotony’ in any space!
A yellow furniture piece, such a fun yellow sofa or a yellow chair, for example, can immediately brighten up a room!
Yellow makes us smile! 🙂

What I also love about the color yellow for a living-room is that it pretty much goes well with any other color theme!
It’s perfect to ‘cheer up’ a white living-room for example and add a fun splash of color! 🙂

Here are some of my favorite yellow living-room furniture pieces!

Cute and Comfy U-shaped Yellow Velvet Sofa

beautiful yellow sofa for sale

U-Shaped Sectional Sofa Yellow Color

Yellow U-Shaped Sectional Sofa Comfy Couch for Living Room

This is what I’m talking about!
This gorgeous yellow sofa will blend beautifully in a living room to break the monotony and ‘grayness’! 🙂
Yellow is the color of sunshine and happiness!

Just by looking at the picture, we can “feel” how soft and comfy this sofa is! 🙂

Ultra-Cool Bright YELLOW Comfy Lounge Chair!

best yellow color furniture for home

Velvet Button-Tufted Chaise Lounge Chair Leisure Sofa Couch

Yellow Velvet Button-Tufted Chaise Lounge Chair Leisure Sofa Couch

Oh la la yellow leisure couch! I want you!
Have you ever seen a yellow indoor chaise lounge chair before?
One of the coolest yellow furniture pieces around! 🙂
(I bet you can’t wait to try it!)

Beautiful and Stylish Yellow Power Recliner

yellow recliner for sale

Power Rocker Recliner Chair with USB Port, Electric Swivel Glider Reclining Chair for Living Room

Comfy Power Rocker Recliner Chair Yellow

If you just want to add a touch of yellow color to your living room, how about adding a gorgeous and very stylish yellow recliner to a corner?
It is very comfortable as well and just perfect for napping! 🙂

Bright Yellow Comfy Reading Chair

Cool Yellow Living Room Furniture Ideas

yellow recliner with ottoman

Accent Chair with Ottoman YELLOW

YELLOW Velvet Recliner Chair

How awesome and FUN is this bright yellow recliner chair with an ottoman for sale?
You can buy two of them and put them side by side in your living room! 🙂
(Imagine you are being embraced by Mr. Sun himself every time you sit on them!)

Fun Yellow Armchair and Loveseat!

yellow living room ideas

Mid-Century Modern Living Room Sectional Sofa Set

Living Room Sectional Sofa Sets, Comfy Velvet Loveseat Couch and Chair Gold

If you prefer a more ‘traditional’ look, but still want a touch of yellow in your living room, how about getting a fun yellow armchair and loveseat?
So much fun!
Great to have by a window!

*Look how it immediately gives the living room a nice color “pop”!

Cool Yellow Pumpkin Shaped Leisure Chair

best yellow accent chairs for living room

Oversized Pumpkin Couch Accent Chair YELLOW

Pumpkin Couch Accent Chair Yellow

This is one of my favorite yellow chairs ever!
A cute and comfy oversized yellow “pumpkin” chair! 🙂
I would buy two and add them side by side in the living room!
Perfect piece for creating a cool yellow living room!

Cute Yellow Coffee Table

Nice Yellow Furniture for the Living Room!

yellow coffee table for sale

Coffee Side Table Nordic Style

Nice Coffee Side Table Nordic Style Solid Wood Round Yellow

Look what I found now!
A beautiful, useful, fun, and affordable yellow coffee table for sale!
Just perfect to create a fun ‘yellow’ space in your home!
I love how modern and “simple” it looks.
Lovely yellow furniture piece to have in the living room!

Yellow Console Table

yellow furniture ideas for living room

Oxford Console Table with Shelf, Yellow

Cute Oxford Console Table with Shelf, Yellow

This is a cool and very playful yellow console table for the living room!
Love it!
(You can also use it to display your favorite picture frames, decorative figurines, and statues, on top.) It’s very affordable!

Fun Yellow Plush Bean Bag!

yellow bean bag sofa

Plush Bean Bag Sofa

Sofa Sack – Plush Bean Bag Sofas with Super Soft Microsuede Cover

Is that a cute and gigantic yellow bean bag?
How fun!

Enjoy your yellow living room! 🙂

Modern Yellow Futon Sleeper for Living Room

yellow sofa bed for sale

3-in-1 Tufted Upholstered Futon Loveseat Convertible Sleeper Bed W/Pull Out Sleep Sofa Bed

Upholstered Futon Loveseat Convertible Sleeper Bed

Have you ever seen anything cooler than this beautiful yellow sleeper bed for the living room before? Just perfect and ultra-functional! 🙂

*And if you are on a budget but would LOVE to have yellow furniture pieces in your home, just paint them! 🙂

*I hope you had fun here today choosing a cool yellow furniture piece for your living-room! 🙂
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