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Unique Wall Mirrors

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My Favorite Gorgeous, Cool and Unique Decorative Wall Mirrors for Sale

unique wall mirrors

Flower Capiz Seashell Wall Mirror, 30″ x 2″ x 30″, Gold

Cute Flower Shaped Seashell Wall Mirror, 30″ x 2″ x 30″, Gold

‘Mirror, mirror on the wall…
Who has the coolest living-room of all?
YOU!’ says your gorgeous wall mirror!

I LOVE to find cool and unique wall mirrors for sale!
I think they can make any living-room look so much better, fun and elegant!

Here you will find my favorite decorative wall mirrors being sold!
I love the sunburst ones, and exotic ones, just like the gorgeous ‘flower-shaped’ wall mirror you see in this picture!

It is one of the most beautiful in my opinion!
They also make great housewarming gift ideas!

I have a few mirrors in my home and my daughter and I are always ‘checking’ ourselves…
I hope you enjoy my selections!

Beautiful Grecian Venetian Decorative Mirror

coolest mirror for sale

Decorative- Large Art Grecian Venetian Mirror for Living Room

Wall Mirror Decorative- Large Art Grecian Venetian Mirror for Living Room

Talk about unique wall mirrors! Wow! This is a beautiful “irregular” abstract wall mirror that will make your living room even cooler!

Highly detailed and very elegant!
Definitely a charming piece to have in your home!

Cool Round Wall Mirror with Jewels

cool wall mirrors for sale

Hanging Round Wall Mirror, Jewel Inspired, 40 Inch

Howard Elliott Grace Hanging Round Wall Mirror, Jewel Inspired, 40 Inch

This is a fabulous and very unique round wall mirror with beautiful colorful jewels all around it…
Perfect to give a sophisticated look to your living room!

The colorful ‘tear-shaped’ jewels are amethyst, amber, and topaz glass teardrops.

Antiqued Gold Metal Decorative Wall Mirror

Beautiful Wall Mirrors for the Living-Room

Antiqued Gold Metal Decorative Wall Mirror

Antiqued Gold Metal Decorative Wall Mirror

Another beautiful and very elegant wall mirror choice for the living-room!

It is a round mirror with a gorgeous antiqued gold finish around it.
Even though it has an antique finish, it is a very modern mirror!
It will look gorgeous on the wall…
It’s also very large!

Classic and Chic Rectangular Frame Unique Wall Mirror

Beautiful Rectangular Frame Wall Mirror

Beautiful Rectangular Frame Wall Mirror

This is a very elegant cool rectangular frame wall mirror in a gorgeous black lacquer finish!

It goes really well on a living-room that has black leather furniture…
Nice gift idea too!

Large Modern Sunburst Wall Mirror

Large Round Sunburst Wall Mirror for sale

Sunburst Wall Mirror

Gorgeous Sunburst Wall Mirror

Here comes the SUN! Straight to your home! Another gorgeous and very cool ‘sun shape’ modern wall mirror in a beautiful design with metal rays around it too!
What a work of art this mirror is!
I bet your guests will want to take a picture next to it!
What do you think?

Large Gold Leaf Round Sunburst Style Wall Mirror

Large Gold Leaf Sunburst Wall Mirror

Large Gold Leaf Sunburst Wall Mirror

I know right?
Each one of these decorative wall mirrors is more gorgeous than the next!

Check out this ultra-cool gold leaf design sunburst wall mirror!
It’s very large, heavy and very unique!

Stunning Sunflower Wall Mirror 

Sunflower Wall Mirror for sale

Beautiful Golden Sunflower Shape Wall Mirror

Golden Sunflower Shape Wall Mirror

Hello, sunflower-shaped sunburst mirror on the wall!
How gorgeous, unique, and very cute are you? 🙂

It will definitely stand out!
Very eye-catching and mesmerizing!
I love the cool finish!

Very Cool Rectangular Decorative Wall Mirror

Modern Decorative Mirror

Elegant Modern Decorative Mirror

Elegant Lighting Modern Decorative Mirror

Look what I found now!
A very cool and unique rectangular decorative wall mirror that will reflect light all over the place!
I love this cool design!

My Favorite Unique Wall Mirrors for Sale!

Beautiful Flower Shape Decorative Round Mirror

flower shaped wall mirror for sale

Cute Flower Shaped Mirror

Unique Flower Shaped Mirror

This is a cute and unique decorative flower-shaped wall mirror for sale! It’s amazing!
Perfect wall mirror to have in a woman’s home.
So far this is definitely one of my favorite unique wall mirrors from this page!
(Great romantic gift idea for her as well guys…)

Cute Heart Shape Decorative Wall Mirror

Heart-Shaped Wall Mirror Living Room

Beautiful Heart-Shaped Wall Mirror

Gorgeous Heart-Shaped Wall Mirror Living Room

YES! Check this out, fellow girly ladies!
It’s a gorgeous and very unique heart-shaped wall mirror!

I had never seen one like this before!
Definitely one of a kind!
I love it! It’s so romantic!!
Very cool!

One of the Coolest Decorative Wall Mirrors!

Andromeda Mirror

Coolest Decorative Wall Mirrors

Coolest Decorative Wall Mirrors

Andromeda Mirror

Have you ever seen anything cooler than this impressive wall mirror?
It’s made of over one hundred of small round mirrors in one!
Very cool and creative design!
(Not to mention fun to look at!)

Cool Melting Design Decorative Wall Mirror

fun melting design mirror for sale

Abstract Drip Wall Mirror with Melting Designed Frame

Drip Wall Mirror with Melting Designed Frame, 36″ x 1″ x 43″, Silver

Do you love cool and unique home decor? If you are looking for the most fun wall mirrors ever made, how about this unique “melting design” frame wall mirror?
Then you are going to love this gorgeous and very unique decorative wall mirror!
How fun is it?
Very creative and original as well!

Gorgeous Irregular Frame Decorative Wall Mirror

decorative mirrors for home

Irregular Frame Gold Mirror for Wall

Round Wall Mirrors Decorative, 31.5” Irregular Frame Gold Mirror for Wall

I am crazy about these “irregular” shapes as well and when I saw this beautiful and very creative design decorative wall mirror I went crazy!
How gorgeous is it?
Will make the most awesome housewarming gift idea for a stylish home!

*I hope you liked my selections of cool decorative unique wall mirrors from here! 🙂
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