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Unique Table Lamps

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links.
**All links on this page are affiliate links, meaning I get commissions for purchases made through those links on this page at no additional cost to you.

My Top Favorite Unique Table Lamps for Sale in Amazing Shapes!

unique table lamps

Colorful Swirled Glass Octopus Accent Lamp

Fun Colorful Swirled Glass Octopus Accent Lamp

You won’t believe these incredible accent lamps folks!

I absolutely adore finding the most unique stuff for home and when I saw these amazing animal shaped glass lamps and other crazy and very unique table lamps I started jumping up and down from excitement!
I had no idea there so many crazy novelty lamps for sale out there!
Each one is more incredible and unbelievable than the next!

I gathered here the most creative ones I could find…
I hope you like them too and maybe find one for your home!
(They make awesome gift ideas too!)

Seal Accent Lamp

cute seal accent lamp

Decorative 13″H Tiffany Seal Accent Lamp

Meyda Home Office Restaurant Party Indoor Decorative 13″H Tiffany Seal Accent Lamp

My favorite accent glass lamps are the ones in the shape of animals!
They make the best gift ideas for animal lovers! 🙂

Check out this gorgeous and very colorful seal accent lamp for sale!
It was made using hundreds of small glass pieces!
It is fairly large too and will definitely stand out on your end table or anywhere else you decide to place it!

Adorable Colorful Turtle Shape Accent Lamp

cute turtle lamp for sale

Turtle LED Table Lamp, Vintage Bronze

Quoizel Rowan Tiffany Turtle LED Table Lamp, Vintage Bronze

Hi turtle lovers!
Looking for a cool lamp for your home?
You just found it!

It’s a very cool turtle-shaped glass lamp!
Where are you going to put it?
It gives a very nice glow!

Tiffany-style Exotic Birds Accent Lamp

unique table lamps for sale

Vintage Tiffany Style Stained Glass Parrots Lamp

Vintage Tiffany Style Stained Glass Parrot 2 Bird Shade Chandelier Ceiling Pendant Light + Antique Bronze Finish Fixture, Adjustable Chain

Hello bird lovers!
It’s your turn now!

How is cool, fun, and colorful are these birds on a branch novelty lamp?
It’s very beautiful!
They look amazing at night!
Very colorful!

Beautiful Parrots Floor Lamp

Cool Parrots Floor Lamp

Parrots Floor Lamp

Vintage Tiffany Style Stained Glass Floor Lamp with 5-Light Parrot Bird

I had to show you this amazing parrots floor lamp for sale too!
Have you ever seen a more gorgeous and unique lamp before?
You can have the birds lamp by your door!
I can almost hear them singing and talking!

It definitely will put a smile on everyone’s faces every time they walk by this cool lamp! 🙂

Colorful Butterfly and Peony Floral Tiffany Table Lamp

Beautiful Dale Tiffany Butterfly and Peony Tiffany Table Lamp

Beautiful Dale Tiffany Butterfly and Peony Tiffany Table Lamp

This is a very cute and colorful floral table lamp for sale!
Full of cute peony flowers and butterflies flying above them.

There are actually 273 pieces of colorful glass on it…

It is fairly tall too, at 24 inches!

Great to have two, one on each side of your bed!
Makes a lovely gift idea for moms, daughters or grandmothers!

Very girly! 🙂

Funny Dog Pooping Floor Lamp

funny lamps for sale

Creative Floor Lamp

Big Dog Floor Lamp

Know any dog lovers in the family?
If you do you just found their perfect unique table lamp!
A hilarious black dog pooping floor lamp!

I guess you were never expecting such a cool lamp, were you?
(Don’t forget to clean after your dog…)

Adorable Kitty Cat Stained Glass Accent Lamp

cute cat shape table lamp

Tiffany Style European Creative Cat Table Lamp

Creative Cat Shaped Accent Table Lamp

Hello, fellow kitty cat lovers!
I guess you just found your cool table lamp!
No one will doubt how passionate you are about kitties! 🙂

This is a very cute and colorful kitty cat shaped stained glass table lamp for sale!
It’s the first time I see one!

Fun Sitting Monkey Table Lamp

funny decorative lamps for sale

Monkey Desk Lamp

Modern Table Light, Gold Monkey Desk Lamp

If you have always wanted to have a monkey, here it’s your chance!

It’s a cute sitting gold monkey desk lamp! 🙂
How cool is it?
Very original and rare!

Beautiful Antique White Classic Lighthouse Table Lamp

Antique White Lighthouse Table Lamp

Antique White Lighthouse Table Lamp

Are you having fun with my selections of unique table lamps?
I am! 🙂
I love finding them!

If you love lighthouses you are definitely going to like this very unique antique white classic lighthouse table lamp for sale!
It is very original!

Also perfect to complement any nautical decor theme…

It’s also very tall, at 32 inches!

Fun Dinosaur Table Lamp

coolest decorative lamps for sale

T-Rex Dinosaur Lamp

What On Earth T-Rex Dinosaur Lamp – Tyrannosaurus Rex Accent Table Light – 10.5″ x 9″

Is it a dinosaur?
Or is it a table lamp?
It is a Tyrannosaurus Rex shaped accent table lamp!

How cool and original is it?

Colorful Wild Sunflower Table Lamp

Pretty Sunflowers Table Lamp

Pretty Sunflowers Table Lamp

What a pretty sunflowers table lamp!
It’s such a ‘happy’ table lamp!
Will make a great gift idea too!
It was also made by Tiffany!

Cute Seahorse Lamp

unique decorative table lamps for sale

Creative Seahorse Accent Night

Tiffany Style Table Lamp Seahorse

Look what I just found!
A very cool and very unique colorful seahorse accent lamp!
Isn’t it awesome?
Can’t think of a better gift idea for a seahorse lover!

Fun Leg Lamp!

Leg Shape Lamp

Leg Shape Lamp

I couldn’t forget to include a beautiful woman’s leg lamp here!
How cool is it?
Perfect for a guy’s apartment isn’t it?

Colorful Stained Glass Teapot Shape Accent Lamp

Colorful Stained Glass Teapot Shape Accent Lamp

Colorful Stained Glass Teapot Shape Accent Lamp

And last, but not least, my ultimate favorite creative table lamp around is this cute and colorful teapot shaped accent lamp! 🙂

Isn’t it absolutely perfect to have in the kitchen?

Will also make a fun Christmas gift idea for mom, aunt or grandma!

*I hope you enjoyed my selections of cool, fun, creative and extremely unique table lamps from this page and were able to pick one for yourself or someone you love! I think you are also going to LOVE these:

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