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Unique Garden Gnomes

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My Favorite Gnome Garden Statues for a Cute and Fun Garden!

Cute Garden Gnomes

Cute Garden Gnomes

In my opinion all gardens should have cute gnomes all over them!
They are the cutest garden creatures ever! 🙂

I love gnomes and when I saw these cute, fun and very unique garden gnome statues I had to create this page and gather them together!

They are perfect to have sprinkled all over your garden, no matter how big or small!
They look very cute near flower beds or behind bushes!

(How cute is this one on the picture? Perfect to welcome your visitors!)

My favorite gnome sculptures are the larger ones because they really stand out!

One of my neighbors here in Southwest Florida has about a dozen of cute and colorful gnome statues all over her front yard and every time I go for a walk I have to stop there for a few minutes and check them out…
They are so cute!!
I hope you will like my selections and have a fun-filled ‘gnome day’ today!

**To get any of these cute and unique garden gnomes for your home, just click on their pictures.

Gigantic Garden Gnome Statue!

Tall Garden Gnome for Sale

Tall Garden Gnome for Sale

Cute Gigantic Gnome Outdoor Garden Statue, 45 Inch

There is nothing cooler for a fun garden than to have a gigantic gnome statue waiting for your guests, isn’t there? 🙂

(Yes, when I say ‘gigantic’, I mean a very tall gnome, at almost 4 feet tall!

The kids LOVE him!
He is always happy to see new guests!
He loves living in the garden and he is very proud too!

This tall gnome statue was all hand-painted and he looks very real too!
(He always has his shovel with him too… just in case…)

Cool Biker Gnome Statue

Cute Biker Gnome Statue

Cute Biker Gnome Statue

Got any bikers in the family?
Then this biker gnome statue is the perfect garden gnome for their house!
How cool looking is he?

He is wearing black leather (well… not really…. it’s hand-painted…), his cool black ‘gnome hat’ and he is riding his very cool red bike!
(Not to mention his very cool ‘gnome shades’!)

His curved-toe boots are also awesome!
He will definitely stand out in your garden and I bet everyone will want to take pictures next to him! 🙂

Funny Garden Gnome Statue

Best Gnome Outdoor Statues

garden gnome pooping statue

Butt Naked Gnome Garden Statue, 15.7″ Tall Stinky

Naked Gnome Garden Statue, 15.7″ Tall

If you were looking for a funny gnome statue for your garden, well, look no further! This cute pooping gnome is definitely taking care of business!
He won’t be of much help watching your garden…
But he is adorable, isn’t he?
I can’t think of a better garden gnome gift idea!

(Size: 15.7″ H)

Large Garden Gnome Standing

cute big gnome statue for garden

Standing Gnome Garden Statue Outdoor Sculpture

Classic Look Standing Gnome Garden Statue Outdoor Sculpture Decorative, 28″ H

Check out this very cute and big gnome statue!
Isn’t he the most adorable gnome you have ever seen? 🙂

Now here comes the nicest surprise: it is a fairly large statue as well, at 28 inches tall!

Will definitely stand out in the garden, among beautiful plants and flowers!

Cute Gnome Holding a Welcome Sign

best gnome statues for sale

Welcome Garden Gnome Statue

Large Gnome and Welcome Sign Statue Outdoor Garden

This is one of the most adorable garden gnome statues!

He is holding a cool ‘WELCOME ‘sign!
How cute!

Perfect to have near your garden entrance, of course!
Great garden gift idea too!

*He stands 28 inches tall.

Cute Couple Gnome in Love Kissing Statue

Lover Gnomes Statue

Lover Gnomes Statue

How adorable is this lover gnomes kissing couple statue?

It’s Mr. and Mrs. Garden Gnome (and two cute birds) sharing a love kiss! (And Mr. Gnome also has some beautiful flowers to give to his love…)

How’s that for a cute garden gift idea for grandma?

Cute Gnome Riding Turtle Garden Statue

funny gnome riding turtle

Large Whimsical Mr. Gnome Riding Giant Turtle Garden Statue

New Large Whimsical Mr. Gnome Riding Faithful Giant Turtle Garden Statue 17.25″

Looking for cute and funny gnomes?
Meet Mr.Gnome riding his best friend, Mr.Turtle!

They love to explore the garden together looking for fairies and beautiful flowers!

They also love watching over beautiful gardens and they feel really proud of their job!

Another great gnome gift idea for your grandma’s cute garden! 🙂

Mooning Garden Gnome Statue

Cute and Funny Garden Gnomes!

welcome gnome

Funny Gnome Statue

Alpine Corporation Funny Gnome Statue, 22″, Multicolor

Meet Mr. Mooning Gnome!

He is a very funny Welcome garden gnome who loves to prank everyone! 🙂

As a matter of fact, he is always mooning!
At least you will have the funniest garden gnome ever!
Isn’t he adorable?

Three Wise Garden Gnomes

cutest gnome statues for sale

Hear, Speak, See No Evil Set

Cute Wise Garden Gnomes – Hear, Speak, See No Evil Set – Outdoor Lawn Statues, 12 Inch Tall Each

These are highly detailed and very wise cute gnome garden statues!

They are dressed in fun and colorful clothes and they just want to spread ‘peace and love’…

They see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil! Perfect!
Great to place near your entrance!

*They stand at 12 inches tall.

Mushroom Hunters Colorful Garden Gnome Couple Statue

Cute Couple Gnome

Cute Couple Gnome

Mushroom Hunters Garden Gnomes- Lawn Gnome

Mr. and Mrs. Gnome are now hunting for mushrooms!
Seems like they found a large one!
I love cute couple gnomes!
I think they make great gift ideas for grandma’s garden!

Reading Gnome Solar Lantern Statue

cute reading gnome statue

Bernard The Bookworm Garden Gnome with Mushroom and Solar Light

Bernard The Bookworm Garden Gnome with Mushroom and Solar Light, Outdoor Lawn Statue, 16 Inch Tall

What a beautiful and very colorful gnome reading under a mushroom! His name is Mr.Bernard and needless to say he is always reading his favorite book under his favorite mushroom next to his best friend, Mr.Bunny! 🙂

They look awesome at night!
Will make your cute garden look very ‘magical’!

*I hope you had fun here today browsing through these unique garden gnomes!

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  • Betsey Lord

    how much is the mushroom lovers colorful garden couple statue???

    • Gabriela's Home

      Hi Betsey, just click on the pictures to find out the price and other specs. Thank you for visiting!

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