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Turquoise Furniture

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Gorgeous Turquoise Furniture Pieces to Have in a Home!

Turquoise Chair in Cool Zig Zag Pattern

Turquoise Chair in Cool Zig Zag Pattern

Turquoise is one of my favorite colors!
It is a ‘happy’ color, but also relaxing!
It makes me think of the ocean! 🙂

I found some amazing turquoise furniture pieces for sale online and I had to share them here with you!
You can choose to have a whole room or bedroom in turquoise or just one or two pieces to brighten up your atmosphere!

Cool Modern Chair in Zig Zag Pattern Turquoise

*This is a very cool turquoise chair in a fun zig zag design!
It is light, it is modern, it is comfy and very fashionable to have in the living-room or bedroom!
To create a ‘fast’ turquoise atmosphere, just get two of them and place a cute turquoise end table in the middle, for example! 🙂
Or you can have just one by a window and near your bookshelf!

Turquoise goes amazingly well with white, beige, dark brown and even black!
It will ‘pop out’!

Here are my top favorite turquoise furniture pieces for sale!

Comfy Turquoise Chairs

Turquoise Bonded Leather Tub Chair

Turquoise Bonded Leather Tub Chair

Turquoise Bonded Leather Tub Chair

Like I said before, the quickest way for you to create a cool and relaxing ocean inspired turquoise ambiance in any room, is by getting one or two turquoise chairs!

This is a very classy turquoise leather chair for sale that will look amazing in the living-room or home office.
Perfect to relax and chat with friends and family or just read the paper, a book or magazine!
You can also buy two and create a set and have them by a nice lamp, for example, or have a cute table in the middle.

Cute 3-drawer Wooden Turquoise Chest

Cute Turquoise Chest

Cute 3-drawer Turquoise Chest

Priscilla 3 Drawer Turquoise Chest

If you are looking for a cute turquoise color dresser for your bedroom, I think you are going to love this unique 3-drawer turquoise chest for sale!

It is made of wood and it stands about 35 inches tall.
It is definitely a charming piece!

Rustic Turquoise Bathroom Vanity

Rustic Turquoise Bathroom Vanity

Beautiful Rustic Turquoise Bathroom Vanity

I love turquoise bathrooms!
They are perfect! (Turquoise makes us all think about fresh water, the ocean, the sky…)

This is a gorgeous and also very unique rustic turquoise bathroom vanity for sale!
Very, very cool!
You can also add some cool sea shells on top! 🙂

Cute Antique Style Turquoise Nightstand

Cute Turquoise Nightstand

Cute Turquoise Nightstand

Edalene Nightstand, Turquoise

If you are looking for some cool and unique turquoise bedroom furniture for sale, how about this cute antique style design turquoise nightstand?

You can have one in the middle of two twin beds, in a guest bedroom, or you can buy two and have one on each side of your queen or king size bed! 🙂
I love the floral carving!

Very Cute Turquoise Media Console

Cute Turquoise Media Console

Cute Turquoise Media Console

You can have this cute and very unique turquoise console cabinet either in your bedroom or in the living-room.
I love the circle glass insert design on the doors and the nice storage space at the bottom!

The price is not that bad either!

*Very Cute Turquoise Blue Small Bookcase

Cute Turquoise Blue Small Bookcase

Cute Turquoise Blue Small Bookcase

What a fun and very cute 2 tier horizontal turquoise bookcase for sale!
It has a beautiful finish!
Great to have next to your turquoise chair! 🙂

It has two adjustable shelves and will definitely fit many books inside.

You will be able to create a very peaceful and relaxing ‘reading corner’…
I love it!

Fun Turquoise Blue End Side Table

Turquoise Blue End Side Table

Turquoise Blue End Side Table

This is definitely a fun and playful turquoise piece to have!
Very bright and cheerful!
Perfect top side table to have next to a cool turquoise (or white) chair as well!
Perfect to have a cute picture frame or cute statue on top and some books below! 🙂

Gorgeous Turquoise Wooden Bench for the Porch!

Beautiful Turquoise Wooden Bench

Beautiful Turquoise Wooden Bench

Look what I found now!
A gorgeous, fun and unique large turquoise blue wood bench for the porch!
Perfect to create a very nice and zen ambiance! 🙂

Just place some plants nearby, maybe a nice waterfall and throw some cute and colorful cushions on top!
This bench is about 63 inches wide and fits up to 4 people!

Very Unique Turquoise Crackle Chest

Beautiful Turquoise Bedroom Furniture!

Turquoise Crackle Chest

Turquoise Crackle Chest

If you want to create a beautiful, peaceful and relaxing turquoise bedroom for you, you can start by getting this gorgeous turquoise chest!
It has a beautiful ‘curvy’ design and a distressed finish…

You can also add a cool ‘cloud theme’ wallpaper if you want and sky blue curtains!
Your bedroom is going to look amazing!

Turquoise Color Meanings:

-Peace, calm, serenity, tranquility

-Patience, intuition

-Helps with stress, it is a very ‘healing’ color

-Improves creativity

-Balance and harmony

-Helps build our self-esteem

The color turquoise also goes really well with white and can really transform any room into a very peaceful place to be… try it! 🙂

*If you also like the color pink and red:

Cool Pink Furniture for Adults!
(Pink is also a fun color to have in a home!)

Beautiful RED Furniture!
(Red looks amazing in the living-room!)

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