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Sun Plaques

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links.
**All links on this page are affiliate links, meaning I get commissions for purchases made through those links on this page at no additional cost to you.

Here comes the SUN! Gorgeous Sun Face Plaques for Your Home!

Sun Face Celestial Wall Decor Plaque

Beautiful Sun Plaque

How about hanging the SUN on your wall?

Now you can! 🙂

I found the most beautiful sun plaques and sun face sculptures to hang on the wall!

Hello Mr. Sun!
It’s a beautiful, sunny day, isn’t it?
Mr. Sun is definitely happy today, look at his smiling sunny face!
He was made from wood!
Is that an awesome housewarming gift idea or what? 🙂

Piazza Pisano Sun Face Celestial Wall Decor Plaque

I hope you have beautiful sunny days every day!
(And even if it starts raining, just go outside and look at your beautiful sun plaque and you will bring the sun to your heart!)

Large Decorative Metal Sun Face

large sun plaques

Sun Decorative Metal Wall Art, 34″

Beautiful Sun Decorative Metal Wall Art, 34″

It seems this Mr. Sun is in a peaceful mood…
He is looking fierce!

He is made of metal and it has gorgeous 3D raised rays!
Where are you going to hang him?

Beautiful Copper Sun Face with Polished Finish

Unique Sun Plaque Sculptures!

Copper Sun Face with Polished Finish

Copper Sun Face with Polished Finish

Large Copper Sun Face with Polished Finish

Mr.Sun is looking fiery hot today!

He is made from solid copper and he is available in two different sizes.
(I prefer the large one!)
Will look awesome outdoor, near your front door, don’t you think?

Beautiful Smiling Sun Face Sculpture

smiling sun face

Cute Sun Face Plaque Wall Art

Smiling Sun Face Plaque Wall Art Celestial Wall Decor- Large Size

Another gorgeous smiling sun face wooden wall sculpture for sale!

He looks pretty peaceful and happy today!
What a wonderful way to have a sunshiny day every day! 🙂

Rising Sun Garden Wall Plaque

Huge Garden Sun Statue for Sale!

Huge Garden Sun Statue

Huge Garden Sun Statue

SPI Home Huge Garden Sun, 37 Inches

This is my favorite garden sun sculpture!

It is a huge and beautiful happy and serene looking outdoor sun face statue!

His colors are gorgeous!
He is definitely going to brighten up your days! 🙂

He is made from heavy cast aluminum.
Buyers say it looks even better in person!
Enjoy your Sun!

Large Rustic Gold Metal Sun Wall Decor

golden metal sun

Large SUN Gold Metal Wall Art

Sunburst Wall Decor, Gold Metal Wall Art, 37 Inch

If you are looking for a gorgeous and big metal sun plaque for sale, then you are going to love this one!

It has a gorgeous gold color and a pretty cool and it shines beautifully!

His golden sun rays are awesome!
He is pretty large too and will look great on any wall!

Cool Rustic Metal Sun and Moon Face Wall Sculpture

sun and moon face plaque

36in Large Horizontal Sun Moon Large Rustic Metal Indoor/Outdoor Wall Art

Large Sun Moon Rustic Metal Indoor/Outdoor Wall Art – Modern Decor

What a beautiful sun and moon face together wall sculpture!
If we could ever get them together I bet that’s how they would look!

If you love both the sun and the moon, then this beautiful wall sculpture is for you!
I love the gorgeous ‘rustic-style’ look!
And the color combination!

Gorgeous Sun Face Windswept Sculpture!

Unique Sun Plaques for the Wall

Windswept Sun Wall Decor

Windswept Sun Wall Decor

Regal Art & Gift Windswept Sun Wall Decor

The wind is really blowing on the sun today!
But I guess he is hanging on just fine! 🙂

What a gorgeous and unique sun plaque for your wall!
I love it!
The colors are amazing!

(It does look like Mr. Sun is getting a little ‘sunburned’ though, doesn’t it? He better put some sunscreen one just in case…)

Unique Sun and Moon Face Steel Wall Hanging

steel moon and sun

Cool Sun and Moon Steel Wall Mural

NOVICA Sun and Moon Steel Wall Mural, Red, High Wind Eclipse’

What a beautiful, creative, and very unique sun face wall decor piece!

It is a steel blue moon and the sun together! Very creative!

Great to have right beside your door or above your garage!
Fun and eye-catching!

Very Cool Large Sunburst Sun Swirl Wall Art 

cool sun plaques

Sunset Swirl

Sunburst 24 Point – 30-inch – Sunset Swirl

Another cool and unique sun wall art piece for sale!
It is made of steel and he has gorgeous’sunset’ colors!

It is also fairly large (at 30 inches).

Also available in smaller sizes.

Excellent housewarming gift idea!
(Or buy one for your home… 🙂

All you need to do is to find a cool spot where this sun can shine!

The Most Beautiful Sun Face Garden Wall Plaque!

Smiling Sun Garden Plaque

Smiling Sun Garden Plaque

Half Face Sun Wall Art Plaque Metal Garden Hanging Indoor Outdoor Decor 33.5inches

This is one of the most beautiful aluminum sun face plaques being sold in my opinion…
Look at his facial expression! He has a very intense smile, like he knows who he is…
Just gorgeous!

I also love this cool hand-painted powder coating finish!
Very cool!

Will look absolutely amazing on your outside wall, near your front door don’t you think?

The size is pretty decent too, at 33.5 inches in diameter.
Great housewarming gift idea too! 🙂

“Let the sunshine, let the sunshine in…”

*I hope you had fun on this page choosing among these cool sun plaques! Here are some more amazing wall decor pieces for your home:

Amazing Wall Statues!
(These are great to have indoors to create a very cool room! They are all 3D!)

Unique Metal Wall Hangings
(I love metal decor too in a home, and these are mind blowing! Perfect to have above the couch!)

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