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Stylish Modern Beds

The Most Stylish, Unique and Very Cool Modern Beds

You wont’ believe these stylish beds for sale!
I am still in shock!
(In a very pleasant way! 🙂

stylish beds

Very Stylish Contemporary Upholstered Bed

Contemporary Upholstered Bed, Queen, White

I was doing my regular morning ‘research’ on cool furniture for sale online when I came across the coolest and very stylish modern beds ever created!
These will totally change your concept of how a ‘bed’ is supposed to look like!
They look nothing like a ‘regular bed’!
These are something else!

They are not only very, very beautiful but also soft (yes, they are padded!), comfy, easy to assemble and fairly affordable!
(I think you will also be pleasantly surprised!)

My favorite ones are the ‘wave shaped’ beds!
They are so cool!

Anyways, you gotta see them to understand better what I’m writing about!
If you like modern and cool-looking furniture as much as I do you are in for a (bedroom) treat today! 🙂

Stylish Wave Shape Bed

Stylish Wave Shape Bed

Stylish Wave Shape Bed

Have you ever seen a ‘wave shape’ bed before?

I don’t even know where to begin describing such a gorgeous modern bed!
First of all it is WHITE!
I am absolutely CRAZY about white beds!
They are stunning!

This is a very stylish ‘wave-shaped’ king size white bed for sale!
It looks very fancy!
It has a very soft vinyl cover all over it, so it will feel very soft!
(No more bumping your head or foot on the hard bed frame in the middle of the night if you happen to have a bad dream!)

It is also available in a beautiful dark chocolate brown color or stylish black if you prefer!
(AND in two other sizes: queen or California King!)


Very Modern Wave Shape Faux Leather Platform Bed

Leather Wave Shaped Platform Bed

Luxurious Faux Leather Wave Shaped Platform Bed

Eastern King Dark Brown Wave-Like Shape Faux Leather Platform Bed, with Euro Curved Slats

What a gorgeous, fancy and very stylish faux leather contemporary platform bed with curved slats!

It is a king size bed that you can get in black, brown (just like this one in the picture), or also in WHITE, for a heavenly bedroom! 🙂
This beautiful ‘wave shape’ bed will make your bedroom look beyond fancy!

Stunning Favela Linen King Size Modern Bed with Upholstered Headboard

Modern Bed with Upholstered Headboard

Modern Bed with Upholstered Headboard

Linen Modern Bed with Upholstered Headboard, King, Grey

I have to start be saying ‘Wow’!!

Another gorgeous bed!!

What I also LOVE about these cool, fancy looking and stylish modern beds is that all you need is a mattress!
No box spring required!
And I also love the fact that they are all padded all over, making them so much more comfortable to sleep on!

(Aren’t you in love with this gorgeous headboard?
You won’t believe the affordable price either!
That is the most exciting part! 🙂

Tufted Modern Bed with Upholstered Headboard

My Favorite Stylish Beds for Sale!

Gorgeous Tufted Modern Bed with Upholstered Headboard Black or White

Gorgeous Tufted Modern Bed with Upholstered Headboard Black or White

I am running out of words to describe these amazing stylish beds for sale! 🙂

You can get this gorgeous tufted bed with a stunning upholstered headboard in black or white if you prefer.
Every time you go to your bedroom you will feel like stepping into a movie set!
This bed is that awesome! 🙂
And it’s not only great looking, but also high quality!
(I bet you are already ‘visualizing’ this bed in YOUR bedroom already, aren’t you?)

Stylish Red Leather King Size Platform Bed

Stunning Red Leather King Platform Bed

Stunning Red Leather King Platform Bed

Prepare to scream from excitement!!

Yes, it is a RED LEATHER bed!!
I am speechless!!

How hot and sexy is this bed?
It will look amazing in a white bedroom!

Look at that luxurious red Italian leather all handcrafted headboard!
(Yes, this is a soft and heavenly comfy bed, of course!)
I am in LOVE!
Again! 🙂

Stylish White Faux Leather Finish Bed with LED Lights!

How stunning is it?

modern white bed with LED light

White Faux Leather Finish Bed with LED Lights

White Leather with Flexible LED Decoration Strip Light Contemporary Platform Bed, Eastern King

Have you ever wanted to sleep on a very fancy looking, stylish white bed?
For real?
Now you can!!
I present to you a gorgeous white faux leather finish bed with cool LED lights!

This gorgeous modern bed is all upholstered in a beautiful white leatherette material and it has a beautiful curved design!
Yes, this is a DREAM bed!
Except you can actually have it in REAL life, and in YOUR bedroom!
Sweet dreams!

Black Lacquer Dancing Maidens Motif Mother of Pearl Wood Platform Bed

Fancy and Stylish Oriental Design Bed!

stylish oriental platform bed

Platform Bed, Black Lacquer Mother Pearl Inlay King Size Bed

Beautiful Platform Bed, Black Lacquer Mother Pearl Inlay King Size Bed

You are now in for a real pleasant surprise!
Besides looking amazing and very fancy and stylish, this stunning oriental platform bed with the most beautiful black lacquer dancing maidens motif is also a ‘storage bed’!
That’s right!
It has six spacious drawers!
Isn’t that awesome?
One of the most beautiful adult beds I have ever seen!

Contemporary King Size Upholstered Platform Bed in White

Stylish White Beds!

stylish white beds

Upholstered Bed, King, White

Beautiful Upholstered Bed, King, White

If you are looking for the most stylish, elegant and contemporary white platform beds ever created, I think you are going to LOVE this one!
It looks like a giant white cloud! 🙂
How fancy and amazing is that?
Your bedroom will definitely look and feel like a bedroom we only see in the movies!
(Or in a billionaire’s home…)
Except it is affordable!

Stylish Queen Platform Bed

The Coolest King Size Beds!

modern platform beds for sale

Cappuccino Brown Modern Platform Bed with Wood Slat Support and Two Nightstands in Queen

Upholstered Cappuccino Brown Modern Platform Bed with Wood Slat Support and Two Nightstands in Queen

Check this out!
A gorgeous cappuccino color queen size platform bed with two nightstands!
I have never, ever, seen such a cool bed before!
I am in complete AWE!
Can you imagine how cool your bedroom is going to look with this bed? It’s also perfect for people who enjoy a ‘minimalist’ look.

*Don’t go yet!
I still have more stylish and very cool beds to show you! 🙂
Here they are!

The Most Luxurious ROUND LEATHER Beds for Sale!
(Have you ever slept on a round leather bed before?)


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