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Stone Garden Sculptures

My Top Favorite Concrete and Stone Garden Sculptures for Sale

best stone garden sculptures for sale

Pack of 2 Regal Sitting Lion Cast Stone Concrete Moss Finish Outdoor Garden Statues

Stone statues look beautiful in any garden!

They are also extremely durable.

I found the most amazing concrete and stone garden sculptures being sold and of course I had to show my top favorites here! 🙂

Stone lion statues are among the most bought outdoor garden statues and many of them are sold in pairs, just like this gorgeous one you see in this picture!
It has a beautiful moss finish and it is very durable!
Just place them side by side, by your front entrance and let them watch your home for you! 🙂

Cute Petey the Bulldog Statue

Cute Stone Bulldog Statue

Cute Stone Bulldog Statue

This is a very cute stone bulldog statue that has a gorgeous aged limestone finish!
It will last for decades as it was designed to weather naturally.

The price is not too bad either and you can also get two of them and place them side by side by your front door.
Great outdoor gift idea too for someone who loves bulldogs! 🙂

Beautiful and Unique St. Fiacre Cast Stone Statue

Unique St. Fiacre Cast Stone Statue

Unique St. Fiacre Cast Stone Statue

St. Fiacre Statue Color: Greystone

St. Fiacre is an Irish saint who built a hospice for travelers in France in the 7th century…

This is a beautiful St. Fiacre outdoor stone statue in a very cool greystone finish!
He is wearing a robe and holding a shovel in one hand and flowers on another.
Beautiful details!
Will look great among your garden flowers, just like in the picture!

Giant Stone Garden Frog Statue

Giant Garden Frog Statue

Fun Giant Garden Frog Statue, Pietra Vecchia Finish

How about getting a giant stone frog statue for your garden?
The kids love it!
It has a nice Pietra Vecchia finish and will basically last for a lifetime!
Very, very cool!

Large Horned Owl Stone Garden Statue

Large Horned Owl Garden Statue

Large Horned Owl Garden Statue

If you love owls and are also looking for a cool stone garden sculpture for your home, then I think this beautiful and highly-detailed realistic stone owl statue is perfect!

You can buy two of them and place them on your front steps…

Let the wise owls watch your home for you! 🙂

I love her aged limestone finish and her beautiful eyes!
She is about 20 inches tall.

Merlin Stone Statue

Merlin Stone Statue

Merlin Stone Statue

I can’t believe this!
It’s a Merlin statue for sale!
One of the coolest stone garden sculptures around in my opinion!

He is perfect!

Look at all the amazing details, from his facial expression to his beard and his clothes!
He is also fairly tall, at approximately 38 inches.
I love his alpine stone finish!
Perfect statue to have under a tree! 🙂

Beautiful St. Francis Large Stone Statue

St. Francis Garden Statue

Large St. Francis Garden Statue

Of course, I had to show you a beautiful St. Francis stone sculpture
He is my favorite saint! 🙂

This gorgeous statue is 42 inches tall and he has a beautiful antique stone finish as well and needless to say, he will look amazing in your garden! Very peaceful to look at…
He will also make a beautiful gift idea for anyone in the family who loves St. Francis!

Stunning Mother and Child Stone Sculpture

Mother and Child Stone Sculpture

Mother and Child Stone Sculpture

What a gorgeous mother holding her baby outdoor stone statue for sale!
Can you imagine a more perfect outdoor gift idea for a new mom in the family than this? 🙂
It’s adorable!

She has a gorgeous alpine stone finish (my favorite) and she stands 34 inches tall.
I would definitely place her near beautiful flowers!
(Or under a beautiful tree…)

Fun Life Size BIG FOOT Garden Statue

life size Bigfoot Garden Statue

Yeti the Bigfoot Garden Statue, Life Size 72 Inch

Design Toscano Yeti the Bigfoot Garden Statue, Life Size 72 Inches

Look what I found!
A LIFE-SIZED BIG FOOT outdoor statue for sale!
Isn’t he unbelievable?
He also has a very cool natural camouflage finish and he is perfect to place by your trees! 🙂

I bet the whole neighborhood will want to take a picture next to your giant Big Foot statue!

Lady of the Lake Beautiful Outdoor Statue

beautiful stone garden sculptures for sale

Lady of the Lake Garden Statue

Design Toscano Lady of the Lake Garden Statue Finish: Antique Stone

What a stunning ‘Lady of the Lake’ outdoor sculpture for sale!
I love her ‘antique stone’ finish!
Just perfect!

I hope you find a very nice (and quiet) spot for her in your garden! 🙂
(She loves to be by the water… so she needs to be placed by a pond or pool…)

*I hope you enjoyed my selections of stone garden sculptures from this page and were able to pick a gorgeous one for your home! 🙂
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