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Solar Statues

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**All links on this page are affiliate links, meaning I get commissions for purchases made through those links on this page at no additional cost to you.

Cute Solar Powered Outdoor Statues for Any Garden!

solar statues

Tall Solar Powered Lighthouse

I LOVE solar statues!
They are perfect to have in any garden, large or small!


Well, first of all solar statues use the energy of the sun…
No need for plugs and wires and all of that!

Second of all, they give a gorgeous and magical glow for the whole night, making your garden look like a very mystical place!
They are perfect for having right in your front yard, so when people drive by at night they will see them glowing!

*(This is a HUGE solar lighthouse for sale!
It stands 39 inches tall and the solar power recharges the batteries during the day so it stays lit at night.)
Awesome garden accent!)

These are my favorite cute  and fun solar statues being sold…

Very Cute Color Changing Solar Lighted Flowers!

Beautiful Solar Statues for Sale

Solar Powered Flowers

Cute Solar Powered Flowers

Set of 3 LED Solar Garden Stake Lights with Vivid Life-Size Figurines (DANDELION, LILY, SUNFLOWER)

I LOVE colorful flowers and this cute solar lighted flower set is gorgeous, isn’t it?
Imagine them all over your garden at night!

You can also get them in different styles! (They are super affordable!)

Will make a fun housewarming gift idea!

Cute Solar Gnome Statue Holding a Solar Powered Lantern

solar powered gnome statue

Large Purple Gnome Holding Lantern Outdoor Statue

I also LOVE cute solar gnomes!
(Who doesn’t right?)
They are the cutest ‘garden creatures’ ever!

Are you looking for a very BIG solar gnome statue for your garden?
You got it!

This is a gorgeous and very large solar gnome in a gorgeous purple outfit holding a lantern!
Perfect to have near your front entrance!
I love him!!

I just spotted the cute frog on his shoes!

Solar Powered Mickey Mouse Lantern Statue

One of the Cutest Solar Statue for Gardens!

Mickey Mouse Solar Statue

Cute Mickey Mouse Solar Statue

I can’t believe it!

It’s a gorgeous Mickey Mouse solar statue for sale!!
I LOVE it!!

Can you imagine how cool it’s gonna look in your garden at night?
I bet many people will be passing by your house just to see your Mickey! 🙂

Perfect unique gift idea for any Mickey Mouse fans!!
(I’m one of them…)

Cute Color Changing Solar Powered Snails

Cute Solar Snails

Cute Solar Snails

How cute and fun is this color changing solar snail statue? 🙂

You will actually get 12 cute solar snails to place in your garden!
Can you imagine?

You will be able to ‘sprinkle’ these fun solar snails all over your garden!
You can create a cute ‘snail path’ near some plants or flowers!

Very Cute Solar Frog Lantern Statue!

funny solar powered frog

Quirky Solar Frog Lantern

Cute Quirky Solar Frog Lantern (Set of 1)

I also LOVE frog statues and this cute solar frog metal and glass lantern is awesome!
I love his beautiful ‘frog color’!

It looks stunning at night!
Very, very cute!

Great gift idea for frog lovers!

Cute Solar Lantern Penguin Statue

cute solar penguin

Solar Penguin Statue

Solar Penguin Statue Decor

This is a cute and very creative tall penguin holding a solar lantern outdoor statue!
The lantern will stay lit at night illuminating the cute baby penguin!

How adorable is it?

It will stay lit for approximately 8 hours at night.
This cute statue will put smiles on everyone’s faces!

Adorable Solar Powered Mushroom Home Statue!

Solar Powered Mushroom Home Statue

Solar Powered Mushroom Home Statue

Have you ever seen a fun solar powered mushroom house before?
Me neither!
How cute is it?

I would have at least a few of them in my garden!
Will look absolutely magical!
Perfect to have around the gnome statue!
This is fun!

*I hope you enjoyed my selections of cute outdoor solar statues for sale!

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