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Round Daybed

Gorgeous Outdoor Round Daybeds for Your Patio!

round daybed

Round Retractable Canopy Daybed

Just picture this scenario: it’s a cool afternoon… you just got a brand new book… you make some nice lemonade.. head out to your patio… and go lie down on a gorgeous, comfy and splendid round daybed to read, relax and listen to the birds!

I went crazy when I saw these amazing huge round outdoor beds for sale!

Outdoor Patio Sofa Furniture Round Retractable Canopy Daybed Brown Wicker Rattan

I was able to find the best patio round daybeds being sold and I can tell you they are absolutely amazing!
Most of them will come with a canopy and comfy pillows to make you and your guests even more comfortable!

I couldn’t believe how they can transform a plain patio into a resort like area!
Let’s meet them!

Round Daybed?

Circular Outdoor Wicker Rattan Patio Daybed with Canopy

Circular Outdoor Wicker Rattan Patio Daybed with Canopy, Espresso Red

Beautiful Circular Outdoor Wicker Rattan Patio Daybed with Canopy, Espresso Red

How relaxing is this???
Can you find a more comfortable way to enjoy the sun by the pool (or the ocean…) than this? 🙂
I don’t think so…

Have you ever seen these gorgeous round patio daybeds before?

Can you imagine having a beautiful and unique outdoor round daybed on your backyard, patio, garden or near your swimming pool?
What better way to spend a lazy afternoon reading your favorite books or listening to music?
Whoever is lucky enough to have a beautiful and very large round daybed in their patio or backyard please do not take it for granted!

*Just by looking at this amazing large wicker outdoor round bed with canopy you see in the picture above I am starting to relax already!
How gorgeous is it?
Can you imagine spending a lazy day off just lying down on this awesome daybed reading books and listening to your MP3 player?
Made with fade-resistant materials and all-weather wicker.
Very durable and lightweight, so you can change its place any time you want!

Beautiful Outdoor Circular Patio Daybed with Canopy

Outdoor Circular Patio Daybed with Canopy

Outdoor Circular Patio Daybed with Canopy

How can you not picture yourself in there?
It’s impossible!
This wicker round bed with canopy is so inviting!
Even through the picture!
I can almost feel the warmth and outdoor breeze!

Cute, cozy and very compact cabana daybed for your backyard!
Perfect for smaller spaces!
Very sturdy, weather proof and UV resistant!

Great for kids too!
They can take a nice afternoon nap while mom and dad entertain their friends outside…
It makes you want to stop everything you are doing and run to this spectacular outdoor bed!
I love the adjustable canopy!
When you want to get some sun, just put it all the way back! 🙂

Great gift idea for new home owners and newlyweds! 🙂

It will enhance the whole look of your outdoor space and it’s very comfortable!
It is also very lightweight and easy to move around.
Also perfect for reading! 🙂

Check out this Beautiful and Creative Round Wicker Daybed Love Seat!

Creative Round Wicker Daybed Love Seat

Creative Round Wicker Daybed Love Seat

I had to show you this…
No additional comments…
Just imagine….
Feel the cool breeze and relax…

Can you visualize yourself cozy and comfortable on this gorgeous round daybed?
Or is it a cozy outdoor loveseat full of cushions and canopy?
It’s both! 🙂
In one!
I can definitely see myself there reading a nice book and sipping from a cold glass of lemonade!
That is the life!

Large and comfortable!
Time to take a break!
What a way to relax on your day off!

Modern Gray Outdoor Circular Wicker Bed with Sunbrella

Wicker Outdoor Round Daybed

Wicker Outdoor Round Daybed with Gray Sunbrella Cushion

Wicker Outdoor Round Daybed with Gray Sunbrella Cushion

You can definitely have your outdoor circular wicker bed next to a lake or pool as well…
I cannot imagine a more relaxing way to spend a lazy day off!
And I mean literally lazy!
(Buyers also have said that is the perfect spot for a nice afternoon nap…)

This cute dark gray color circular bed comes fully assembled, ready to enjoy!
Who’s first to take a nap?
(Talking about that, these fun round beds are also great for children to take naps while mom and dad relax outdoors with the family!)

It is the ultimate patio furniture for relaxation and quiet time!
If you can have it next to a water fountain even better!
I cannot imagine a more perfect and relaxing way to read a book!
Happy meditation!

Luxurious Outdoor Patio Round Daybed Lounge UV Resistant

Gorgeous Patio Daybed

Gorgeous Patio Daybed

Is that a huge, fun, beautiful, comfortable and relaxing luxurious unique round daybed for sale that comes with the gorgeous throw pillows or what?
It fits the whole family plus all their friends, kids and dogs!
(Just kidding… but you get the picture…)

Maximum relaxing retreat anywhere you want!
By your pool, water fountain, pond, lake, backyard, porch, patio or garden!
(You can also transform this round bed into a loveseat if you want, using the swivel feature on the footrest.)

Talk about a ‘staycation’!
At home!
Every day can be vacation day!
Can you think of a more comfortable way to soak up those sun rays than this?
No, it is not sky high expensive either…
I love the colors!

Beautiful Circular White Daybed Sofa for the Patio

Beautiful Circular White Daybed Sofa

Beautiful Circular White Daybed Sofa

Another cute, cozy and inviting circular outdoor daybed for your porch!
(Or is it a circular sofa set?)
It is anything you like!
You put it together like a puzzle! 🙂

It is absolutely perfect for reading books, listening to music or taking a nice and well-deserved nap!
Great gift idea for newlyweds too!
I love how inviting it is!
Very romantic!

Cool Outdoor Wicker Patio Daybed with Ottoman in Espresso with Turquoise Cushions

Cool Outdoor Wicker Patio Daybed with Ottoman

Cool Outdoor Wicker Patio Daybed with Ottoman

Outdoor Wicker Patio Daybed with Ottoman in Espresso with Turquoise Cushions

No, you are not dreaming!
This is a gorgeous outdoor rattan round daybed with ottoman and cushions!

It doesn’t get any better than that!
It is extremely well-constructed and comfortable!
(Now if you live on a beach front house you are so very lucky!!)

I love it that this cool outdoor round daybed also includes the ottoman that fits like a puzzle when you want to make it into a bed!
Great to have near your pool!
Very attractive!
(Turquoise is the perfect color to have outside by the pool! 🙂
It’s also a fun way to have the kids read books!

It will remind you of your last cruise!
Now every weekend can feel like you are in a cruise ship… at home! 🙂

Are you almost ready to relax on your outdoor daybed?

Canopy Daybed

Canopy Daybed

Who needs to travel anywhere to relax when you can have these beautiful patio round beds in your house?

This is a very luxurious and very comfortable round daybed with canopy for sale!
Bright and ‘happy’!

It is made with a waterproof material and will look absolutely perfect near your swimming pool or a water fountain in your garden!
It is the best way to relax outdoors in your own home!

Can you think of a better place to cuddle with your loved ones than on this amazing and very cozy patio daybed?
Just by looking at the picture you can see how cozy and comfortable it must be!
What do you think folks?
Is that the one?

I hope you enjoyed these patio daybeds and were able to pick the best one for your home!
Happy relaxing!
(Or napping!)

*If you have time left, check out these amazing OUTDOOR COUCH SETS too!
They are gorgeous!

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