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Realistic Animal Sculptures

I am absolutely crazy about outdoor animal sculptures!

I am always looking for the latest additions and boy did I find them!

I found the most amazing and impressive real looking life-size animal garden statues for sale!
They are perfect to create a fun exotic Safari experience right in your own backyard!

What’s your favorite animal?

Beautiful Lioness Lying Down Statue

Life Size Lioness Statue for Sale

Life Size Lioness Statue for Sale

How gorgeous and realistic is this large lioness lying down garden statue for sale?

Check out her impressive oversized paws!

She seems to be enjoying the sun…
Don’t get too close though…
You never know if she might come to life…

Can you imagine all your neighbors running scared when they see this lioness sculpture for the first time?
That’s gonna be fun to watch!

Very Realistic Large Sumatran Tiger Statue for Sale

Real Looking Tiger Statue

Real Looking Tiger Statue

Tiger lover?
Not a problem! 🙂

Here is a life-size real looking tiger statue for your garden!

But don’t worry!
He won’t attack or eat you!
He is a statue after all!

But he does look very real doesn’t he?
You can even give him a name!
How about Thunder, the Tiger?

Gigantic Dinosaur Statue for Sale!

Jurassic-Sized Velociraptor Dinosaur Sculpture

Cool Dinosaur Statue

Cool Dinosaur Statue

I want to go completely overboard here!

How about a gigantic life-size velociraptor dinosaur sculpture?

This will definitely keep all the bad folks away from your garden!
I would even add some dinosaur sound effects too, to make the Jurassic Park experience even more real!
Can you picture your next-door neighbors reactions when they see this humongous dinosaur on your lawn?
(I hope you don’t have any dogs though… poor things….)

Beautiful Giraffe Garden Statue

Giraffe Garden Statue

Giraffe Garden Statue

Another favorite animal sculpture of mine is this cute giraffe statue!
Look how realistic she looks!
Will definitely help make your garden look like a fun safari!
Kids love her!

Very Impressive Scary Alligator Statue

Alligator Garden Statue

Large Alligator Garden Statue

How realistic is this life-size crocodile sculpture for sale?

Realistic enough to make me run away scared if I saw this in front of me!

Pretty cool reptile statue to have near your pool or even better, a pond!
Get the cameras ready, ’cause there will be lots and lots of pictures taken next to this fellow!

How about a Large Tortoise Statue?

Tortoise Statue

Tortoise Statue

Love turtles?

How about this cute and very large real-looking tortoise statue for your garden?

She is also cute enough to get a name!
How about Gertrudes? 🙂

That is an awesome name for a female tortoise, isn’t it?
Well.. I am assuming she is a female… I haven’t checked…

How about a gigantic Rooster Statue?

Cock-a-Doodle-Do Giant Roadside Rooster Garden Statue for Sale!

Rooster Sculpture

Giant Rooster Statue

Love the sound of roosters right at the crack of dawn?

Then this gigantic realistic rooster sculpture might be for you! 🙂 (Even though he is pretty silent…)

Look how tall he is!

Great to have right by your front garden entrance!
How about that?
Of course everyone will also want to take pictures standing next to him!
That’s the fun part!

Giant Panda Statue

Giant Panda Statue

Giant Panda Statue

I bet it’s the first time you see a giant panda statue for gardens!
Isn’t it amazing?
It was carefully hand-painted!
Beautiful and unique piece to have in your garden!

Gigantic Growling Grizzly Bear Life-Size Statue

Life Sized Grizzly Bear Statue for Sale

Life Sized Grizzly Bear Statue for Sale

And now I present to you this almost 7 feet tall gigantic standing and growling grizzly bear statue for sale!

How’s that to keep unwanted guests out?
Between that and the giant dinosaur and crocodile, I really don’t know which one is the scariest!

Real Looking Giant Burmese Python Snake Garden Statue

Realistic Python Snake Statue for Sale

Realistic Python Snake Statue for Sale

How extremely realistic looking is this giant python snake garden statue?
What a fun piece to have in your garden and give a good scare to your friends!
I guarantee there will be lots of screaming and running away!

Realistic Giant Gorilla Statue

Impressive Gorilla Sculpture for Sale!

Giant Gorilla Statue

Giant Gorilla Statue

How cool and impressive is this real looking giant gorilla sculpture for sale?
Full of high details!

Check out his ‘gorilla expression’!
He seems to be waiting for something…
Perhaps going home with you today?

A happy buyer said he loves his gorilla statue!
It always scares people when they see it for the first time!

Can you imagine having this giant male gorilla statue right by your door?

Cheetah Statue

Cheetah Statue

Cheetah Statue

What a gorgeous and very realistic cheetah statue!
Great to have by a tree in your garden!
Your garden will look just like a real zoo!

Leaping Sea Dolphin Statue

Large Outdoor Animal Sculptures!

Large Sea Dolphin Statue

Large Sea Dolphin Statue

Another gorgeous sculpture to have near a swimming pool is this impressive large leaping sea dolphin!
I love his gorgeous hand-painted finish!
He was cast in a high-quality and very durable resin and everyone will want to take at least one picture standing next to him!

Amazing Life Size Great White Shark Hanging Sculpture for Sale!

Life Size Great White Shark Hanging Sculpture

Life Size Great White Shark Hanging Sculpture

If you are a shark lover you will definitely want to have this amazing and very impressive realistic life-sized shark sculpture hanging somewhere cool in your home or patio!

Can you imagine?
Who needs to go all the way to Sea World to see impressive sharks when you can have one right in your own home?
People will be lining up for a chance to take a picture next to your gigantic shark sculpture! 🙂

Beautiful and Realistic African Elephant Home Garden Statue

Large African Elephant Garden Statue

Large African Wildlife Elephant Garden Statue

Of course we can’t talk about the best life-size animal sculptures to have in a garden without also including a gorgeous and very realistic elephant garden statue!
He is actually a baby elephant still!
He is very impressive!
His trunk up will definitely bring lots of good luck to his future owner: you!

Realistic Cute Pelicans Statue

Pelicans Statue

Pelican Statue

I love pelicans!

How gorgeous and very real looking is this mom pelican with her baby pelican statue for sale? 🙂

It is perfect to have by your pool or by your front door!
I bet people will think they are real at first!

All their features are highly-detailed!
I love them already!

*I hope you liked these animal statues!
Another favorite style of mine are animal sculptures made from recycled metal!
Check them out too!

Beautiful and Unique Recycled Metal Garden Sculptures
(These are beyond cool!)

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