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Purple Decor

Fun Purple Furniture and Purple Decor Ideas!

Beautiful Purple Chair

Beautiful Purple Chair

I LOVE purple!!

Purple is a mix of red and blue and it is a very spiritual color…
Back in the day purple was the color worn by all the Roman Emperors…
So you can say purple is a ‘royal’ color too…

I like all shades of purple, specially violet!

I found some gorgeous purple furniture pieces and decor to create a gorgeous ‘purple room’ in your home!
(Just like this gorgeous purple velvet club chair you see in this picture!)

You don’t need to have every single item in purple, of course, (but you can if you want! It’s your home!), sometimes just adding a beautiful purple chair, some purple decorative pillows, a purple rug or even a purple wall or some fun purple LED lights is enough to make your room a magical place to be!

Here are some cool ideas…

Very Elegant Purple Velvet Lounge Chair & Ottoman

Rich Purple Velvet Lounge Chair & Ottoman

Rich Purple Velvet Lounge Chair & Ottoman

This gorgeous and very rich purple velvet chair and ottoman will look great in the living-room!

It will give a very cool ‘splash’ of purple color to your room…

It is a very cozy chair to read or watch a movie.
This curved design is very stylish!

The padding is thick and very comfortable too.
Can you imagine how soft and nice the purple velvet will feel?

Gorgeous Purple Velvet Dining Chair

Purple Velvet Dining Chair

Purple Velvet Dining Chair

How about creating a gorgeous ‘purple dining-room’ in your home?
Just get four (or six) gorgeous purple velvet dining chairs and place them around your dining table…

This chair is magnificent!
It looks like something you would see in a king’s castle or something…
Very regal!

Gorgeous Purple Tufted Fainting Sofa

Beautiful Purple Furniture!

cute purple furniture

Luxurious Purple Tufted Fainting Sofa

Look at this gorgeous purple chaise with wood legs!
It is so luxurious!

Can you imagine having this piece in your living-room?
I bet everyone will want to ‘faint’ on it… 🙂

I love the diamond tufting design…
Beautiful purple piece to have!

Purple Chaise Lounge

stylish purple chair

Purple Sloped Back Chaise Lounge

Another gorgeous purple chaise lounge for the living-room!
It is very stylish and you can choose your fabric!
You can get in velvet, microsuede or duck!
(I love velvet…)

Very easy to assemble and it’s also very comfy to use and to read a good book on!
(Have it near your bookshelf!)

Purple Storage Bench

Purple Storage Bench

Purple Storage Bench

This is a very cool and very practical purple storage bench to have in front of your purple sofa.
You can use it as a foot rest and also as storage space!
It’s perfect!

You can also have it in your purple bedroom, by your bed.
The fabric is very soft and the price is great too!

Beautiful and Stylish Purple Tufted Cocktail Ottoman

purple decor ideas

Stylish Purple Ottoman

Another cool purple decor idea…

This is a gorgeous and very stylish purple ottoman that will be a perfect match for your purple tufted chaise!
Very soft, large and affordable!
The legs are made from wood and the fabric is velvet.

Very Cozy 2-piece Purple Sectional Sofa Set

Cute Purple Furniture for the Living-Room!

Purple Sectional Sofa

Purple Sectional Sofa

Have you ever seen a more cozy and very cute purple sectional sofa set?
It looks so comfy!!
I would actually sleep on this!
(The guests will never want to leave your house…)

Must be perfect for watching movies or reading books in a rainy afternoon!
(A purple floor lamp would definitely add to the purple atmosphere nicely!)
Well… I love it!!

Gorgeous and Modern Bright Purple Fabric Sofa

purple couch

Modern Purple Couch

Another gorgeous modern purple sofa for sale!
Very cool piece!

I love the nice size!
(It actually fits four people…)
It is made from wool.
Must be really soft!

Purple Futon

Purple Futon

Purple Futon

Now it’s time for a beautiful, fun, affordable and very practical purple futon!
It’s perfect for a college dorm room, teenage girl’s bedroom or for a young person’s apartment.
Seating space during the day, sleeping place at night!

Classic Purple Sofa

Traditional Purple Sofa

Traditional Purple Sofa

Look what I found now!
A very classic looking purple sofa!
Just add a beautiful purple floor lamp and a purple rug and your purple room will be complete!
(Love the ‘retro’ look…)

Cute Purple Desk

fun purple desk

Purple Desk

I couldn’t resist!
Look what I just came across fellow purple lovers!
A cute and very compact purple desk!
Ain’t it lovely?

Cool Purple Egg Chair

Purple Egg Chair

Purple Egg Chair

This is my favorite purple chair for sale!
It’s a gorgeous ‘retro’ purple egg chair!
Perfect to create a beautiful ‘purple corner’ in your living-room!

Fun Purple Area Rug

purple rug

Purple Rug

The fastest way to create a cool purple room is to add a beautiful purple area rug and maybe a purple sofa.

This is a gorgeous and fun purple are rug!
Will immediately transform your living-room!
Very affordable too.

Beautiful Purple Lamp

purple lamp

Purple Lamp

To make your purple room even more complete, just add one or two beautiful purple lamps, one on each side of your purple couch!
This is a gorgeous and very modern purple table lamp!

Cute Purple Floral Wallpaper

Purple Floral Wallpaper

Purple Floral Wallpaper

Another awesome purple decor idea for any room, specially a teen girl’s bedroom or a living-room wall is purple wallpaper!

What a gorgeous purple peony flowers wallpaper!
Will look amazing!
(Then add a purple couch or a couple of purple chairs and you are set!)

Cute Purple Decorative Throw Pillow

fun purple decor ideas

Purple Throw Pillow

Don’t forget to add a couple of purple decorative pillows on your couch or armchairs too!
They are a great way to complement your purple room decor for sure!

This is a fancy and very silky purple throw pillow full of gorgeous ruffles…
Great ‘purple gift idea’ too!

Fun Purple LED Lights!

Best Purple Decorations for Home

Fun Purple Lights

Fun Purple Lights

And last, but not least, add some gorgeous purple LED lights to your home!
That is definitely one of the best and fastest ways to create a gorgeous and fun PURPLE home!
I love these cute purple lights!

*I hope you enjoyed these purple decor ideas and were able to implement a few in your home! Have a wonderful ‘purple filled’ day! 🙂


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