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Peacock Decor

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My Favorite Peacock Themed Decor Stuff for Sale!

Peacock Garden Statue

Peacock Garden Statue

Welcome fellow peacock lovers! 🙂

I heard you are looking for the best peacock decor for your home today?

You are in luck!

I am also crazy about peacock stuff and I just found the most beautiful and amazing peacock themed home decor for sale!

*Yes, this is a realistic peacock garden statue! It is very colorful and will definitely turn heads in your garden!
Great to have among your flowers or bushes!
Very eye-catching! Unbelievable, right? 

I had no idea there were so many ‘peacock’ options out there and that’s why I decided to create this page today!

I picked the most impressive peacock pieces in my opinion!

Beautiful Peacock Area Rug

Fun Peacock Print Area Rug

Peacock Area Rug

Cool Peacock Feathers Printed Area Rug, 5’x 8′, Grey

One of the best ways to add a nice ‘peacock’ touch to any room in the house is by adding a beautiful peacock area rug!
This one is gorgeous and fairly large too!

*The only problem is that it is so gorgeous that you will actually find yourself trying not to step on the rug…


Stunning Peacock Feathers Wall Art

Stunning Peacock Feathers Wall Art

This is a stunning 5-piece, ready to hang peacock feathers wall art for sale!
Looks amazing above the couch or on any of your walls.

It stands out!

It is available in three different sizes and prices.

If you really love peacock decor, you are definitely going to love this!

Cool Peacock Planked Wood Sign

Cool Peacock Planked Wood Sign

Cool Peacock Planked Wood Sign

Look what I found now!

A stunning and very colorful peacock wood sign for the wall!

So vibrant!

It has a very cool ‘vintage’ design.

It also comes in many sizes and ready to hand on your wall and start enjoying.

I cannot think of a better peacock gift idea for the home than this! 🙂

Beautiful Peacock Design Throw Blanket

cute peacock print throw blanket

Peacock Print Fleece Throw Blanket

Throw Blanket for Couch Peacock Design

This is a beautiful and very soft and warm, gorgeous peacock design throw blanket for the couch or bed!

It has the most vibrant peacock print!
Highly detailed!

What a great way to snuggle with a peacock…

*How about a Cute Peacock Throw Pillow?

Colorful Cute Peacock Throw Pillow

Cute Peacock Throw Pillow

Deny Designs Sharon Turner Peacock Garden Throw Pillow, 26 x 26

This is a very nice and cute peacock throw pillow to match your beautiful peacock decor!
Quick way to create a nice peacock themed living-room!
Great peacock gift idea as well!

Stunning Peacock Wall Clock

Beautiful Peacock Wall Clock

Peacock Wall Clock Big Size

Cool Peacock Wall Clock Big Size

Have you ever seen a cool peacock wall clock such as this one before?
How’s that for a unique (and fancy!) peacock decor piece?

I love it!
I love all the shiny colors!
What a beautiful peacock lover gift idea!

Stunning Art Deco Peacock Sculptural Floor Lamp

Best Peacock Home Decor

Peacock Sculptural Floor Lamp

Stunning Peacock Sculptural Floor Lamp

This large peacock sculptural floor lamp is one of the most exquisite peacock decor pieces for sale!
It’s absolutely stunning!
Very elegant gold finish!

Pretty Tiffany Peacock Glass Table Lamp

beautiful peacock lamp for sale

Peacock Tiffany Style Stained Glass Table Lamp

Colorful Peacock Tiffany Style Stained Glass Table Lamp

What a gorgeous peacock glass lamp!
One of the most beautiful peacock table lamps ever!

It is also a Tiffany-style lamp.
Very elegant! Needless to say, it will make a great gift idea for a peacock lover in the family…

Beautiful Peacock Sculptural Vase

Colorful Peacock Sculptural Vase

Design Toscano Grand Plumage Peacock Sculptural Vase

Design Toscano Grand Plumage Peacock Sculptural Vase, Full Color

What a gorgeous colorful peacock sculptural vase for sale!

Very creative!

It is fairly large.

Great peacock piece to have on your living room end table!

Stunning Peacock Sculptural Glass-Topped Pedestal Table

amazing peacock decor

Peacock Table

Look what I found now!

I have been looking for one for a long time!
It’s a peacock table!

That is the perfect peacock decor piece for the living-room!

You can have a cool picture frame on top or even a peacock figurine! 🙂
I love it!

Fun Peacock Back Chair

peacock decor

Cool Peacock Back Chair

Unique Peacock Back Chair

I am flabbergasted now!
Look at this!

It is a gorgeous peacock chair! It is among the most beautiful and unique peacock inspired pieces I have ever seen!

Cute Peacock Metal Statue for Sale

Fun Peacock Metal Statue

Cute Peacock Metal Statue

Fun Peacock, Pride Statue, Blue MultiFun Peacock, Pride Statue, Blue Multi

Another beautiful, colorful and very realistic peacock statue for sale!

This one is an open tail peacock!
One of the best peacock lovers gift idea!
Their very own peacock! 🙂

The Peacock’s Garden Stained Glass Window

Peacock Stained Glass Window Artwork

Peacock Stained Glass Window Artwork

What a gorgeous and extremely colorful peacock stained glass window!
Very large as well, at almost 2 feet square!

It hangs from the top of the window frame.
Amazing peacock artwork!

Made from hand-cut high-quality art glass.

Beautiful Peacock Feather Design Shower Curtain

Beautiful Peacock Feather Shower Curtain

Beautiful Peacock Feather Shower Curtain

And last, but not least, if you want to have a fun peacock bathroom too, just get a fun and colorful peacock feather shower curtain!
Isn’t it gorgeous?

Fun Facts about Peacocks:

*Did you now that ‘peacock’ is is not actually the name of the animal? Peacock is the name of its colorful plumage… the male animal is called peafowl and the female is called peahen… Baby peacocks are called ‘peachicks’….cute right? (Only the male has the beautiful feathered plumage.)

*They can live up to 20 years!

*Their colorful plumage is to attract females and to intimidate predators.

*They make horrible sounds.

*When they feel like they are in danger they can fly and hide in the trees…

Gorgeous Indian Blue Peacock:

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  • Frank Sullivan

    Love the site. Will recommend. Where can i find the peacock garden statue? My Mother has one and it was broken. I really want to replace it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,

    • Gabriela's Home

      Hi Frank, thanks for visiting! To buy anything or find more information just click on the picture! Thank you!

  • Melissa

    I was looking for a peacock lamp that was sourced by you. Thank you!!!

    • Gabriela's Home

      Hi Melissa, thanks for visiting! I updated the page and some peacock stuff was no longer available… I hope you find something that you like! 🙂

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