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Owl Decorations

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Beautiful Owl Decor for Home!

cute owl decor

Decorative Owl Patio Side Table

Cute Decorative Owl Patio Side Table – Indoor or Outdoor Weather Resistant

I happen to LOVE owls and I am always looking for fun owl stuff for my home! 🙂

I love everything owls, including owl bedding, owl statues, owl prints, figurines, pillows, plush toys and whatever owl-themed stuff available…

This page was created today for all of my fellow owl lovers out there, looking to create a fun owl bedroom, bathroom or owl living-room!

I gathered here the most interesting owl decor stuff I could find…
(This gorgeous owl garden stool in the picture is one of them!)

If you or anybody in the family is an owl lover, this is the spot for you!

Owls are nocturnal animals and many people believe they represent wisdom…

To me they are very beautiful and exotic.
(Even kids now love owls because of the Harry Potter movie….)

I hope you find a nice owl home decor piece for you!

*How to create an Owl Bedroom

Fun and Colorful Owl Bedding!

cute owl bedding

Cute Owl Bedding Set

The best way to create a fun owl bedroom is to buy cute owl bedding, of course! 🙂

Look what I found!

This gorgeous and very colorful owls duvet cover!
I guess it’s a happy owl family!
Very creative!

*You have the option of buying the complete set that includes the cute owl shams or just the duvet cover if you prefer.

Owls on a Fence Cute Illuminated Wall Art

Owls on Fence at Night Illuminated Wall Art

Owls on Fence at Night Illuminated Wall Art

After you get the fun owl bedding set you can get this cute illuminated matching owl canvas too!
That’s right!
Just flip a switch and it will glow at night!

It’s absolutely gorgeous!
And it matches your beautiful owl duvet set as well!
How fun!

It’s available in four different sizes.
It is ready to hang!

Gorgeous Blue Owl Ceramic Garden Stool

Fun Owl Home Decor

owl stool for garden

Navy Blue Wise Old Owl Ceramic Garden Stool

Cute Navy Blue Wise Old Owl Ceramic Garden Stool

What a gorgeous navy blue color owl ceramic garden stool for sale!
Very unique owl piece to have without a doubt!

I love her big white eyes and her shiny finish!

Cute Owl Wall Clock

Cute Owl Wall Clock

Cute Owl Wall Clock

Another pretty fun way to have something ‘owl’ in the house is to get a cute owl wall clock!

What a fun and very stylish owl-shaped wall clock for sale!
I love black forest design!
It’s beautiful and will make a nice owl gift idea this Christmas! 🙂

Funny Owl Wine Bottle Holder

Fun Owl Decorations

best owl decor for home

Great Horned Owl Wine Bottle Holder

Americas Great Horned Owl Wine Bottle Holder Caddy Figurine 10″ L

If you are looking for a fun and unique owl gift idea for someone, how about this very creative owl-shaped wine bottle holder?
Let this wise owl keep all your wine bottles safe! (One by one…)

Beautiful Owl Family Statues

cute owl decorations

Owl Family of Four Statue

Beautiful Owl Family of Four Statues,Animal Figurines

Cute owl statues are also perfect to have anywhere in the house!

What an adorable owl family of four!

Wonderful gift idea to any owl lovers in the family!

Colorful Stained Glass Owl Shaped Lamp

cute owl shape lamp

Creative Owl Table Lamp

Tiffany Style Lovely Creative Owl Table Lamp Children’s Lamp Night Light

This cute and colorful owl lamp is one of my favorite owl decorations for home!

It is very unique and creative!
Makes a wonderful owl gift to anyone for sure!

I love her beautiful colors!

Hoot Owl Hand Carved Wooden Foot Stool

Owl Hand Carved Wooden Foot Stool

Owl Hand Carved Wooden Foot Stool

Look what I found now!
A fun wooden owl foot stool!
How creative is that?

Great to have in your porch or in a sunny corner near some plants, for example!
She is gorgeous! (yes, I’m calling it a ‘she’ already… 🙂
It will definitely make any owl lover super happy!

Affordable Owl Decorations: Cute Owl Bookends

owl home decor

2 Piece Resin Owl Bookends with Bronze Finish

Adorable Owl Bookends with Bronze Finish

I couldn’t resist showing you these cute owl bookends with a beautiful bronze finish!
Look at those gorgeous big owl eyes!
They love taking care of books and keeping them up straight!
(I have a feeling they also like reading your books when you not at home…)

Cool Green Owl Vase

Cool Owl Vase

Cool Owl Vase

What a cool green ceramic owl vase!
One of the most fun and unique owl decor pieces for home yet!
I love it!

Cute and Fun Owl Planter

Fun Owl Planter

Fun Owl Planter

Look at this awesome owl planter for sale!
I love her big owl eyes and this cool gray stone finish!

What a cute and fun owl gift for mom or grandmother!
(Don’t forget to buy some cute and colorful flowers too!)

Gorgeous Artistic Owls Shower Curtain

Fun Owl Decor for the Bathroom!

Cute Owls Shower Curtain

Cute Owls Shower Curtain

The best and the fastest way to create a fun owl bathroom is to add a fun and colorful owl shower curtain, of course!
This one is absolutely gorgeous!
It’s a beautiful owl family!

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