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Metal Wall Hangings

The Most Beautiful Metal Wall Art for a Modern Home!

I love metal art!
I think it is a very cool and unique form of creative expression…
While browsing a few pieces I found so many gorgeous metal wall hangings and sculptures that I couldn’t wait to create this page!

metal wall hangings

Metal Wall Art Abstract Modern Home Decor

Metal pieces will usually catch the light and shine beautifully!

On this very ‘metallic’ page you will find a few of my most favorite modern metal wall hangings that come in panels, just like this beautiful ‘Lady at the Bay’ piece you see on this picture, and also some gorgeous metal wall sculptures too that will blow your mind!

These look good almost anywhere, but I would definitely have them in my living-room, so everyone could enjoy…

I hope you find what you are looking for here!

Purple Night Modern Landscape Metal Wall Sculpture

Beautiful Wall Home Decor

Beautiful Wall Home Decor Purple Night

If you love purple and you also love exotic and contemporary metal wall art pieces, you are going to LOVE this gorgeous ‘Purple Night’ handpainted stainless metal panel art piece!

You will get 5 panels all ready to hang on your favorite spot!

It looks amazing above the couch or above your bed!
Great focal point!

Ocean Waves Metal Wall Art

Modern Seascape Stainless Metal Panel Hanging

Metal Wall Art Abstract Modern Seascape

Metal Wall Art Abstract Modern Seascape

I had to show this stunning Ocean Waves metal wall hanging for sale!
I can almost hear the waves!

If you also love the ocean and seascape decor, this is your piece!

You can have it in the living-room, home office or your bedroom!
(I would even add some ocean sound effects nearby, for a more realistic experience!)

(You will get 5 panels 12 x 25 inches each, ready to hang!)

*Click the image for more information.

Colorful Metal Wall Hanging Art Abstract

Modern Handmade Painting on Metal!

Colorful Modern Handmade Painting on Metal

Colorful Modern Handmade Painting on Metal

I also LOVE colorful abstract art and I went absolutely crazy with this piece!

It’s perfect to create a wonderful focal point in a white living-room!

It’s an explosion of beautiful colors, called ‘Colorful Fantasy’!
Definitely a stunning modern piece!

Massive Contemporary Metal Wall Art!

Huge Metal Wall Sculpture

Huge Metal Wall Sculpture

If you are looking for something HUGE, that will really stand out and make everyone go ‘Wow!’ when they see it, then I think you are going to be very impressed by this massive metal wall sculpture.
It is a huge tree and it has a beautiful three-dimensional holographic effect!

The colors are a mix of gold and silver and it looks absolutely breathtaking!
Very simple to hang and start enjoying right away!
I bet you are going to take tones of pictures next to it after it’s done!

Extra Large Modern Metal Abstract Wall Art Sculpture Aqua Blue Wave

Extra Large Modern Metal Abstract Wall Art Sculpture

Extra Large Modern Metal Abstract Wall Art Sculpture

This is also one of my favorite pieces!

I LOVE blue waves and this is a stunning and very large ‘Aqua Blue Wave’ abstract metal wall sculpture!

It is rust proof and it comes ready to display.
Perfect modern piece to have in your office!

It comes signed and dated by the artist.

*To learn more about it just click on the waves 🙂

Gorgeous Red Rose Metal Wall Art

Red Rose Metal Wall Art

Red Rose Metal Wall Art

How stunning is this red rose decorative metal wall hanging?
It is amazing!

Look at all the details!
It’s a true piece of art!

You can almost smell the rose!

(Can you think of a more creative way to give a red rose to someone you love than this?)

Very Modern Four Elements Metal Wall Art

Modern Wall Art Hanging

Four Elements Modern Wall Art

These are so cool!

If you are into modern home decor, you are going to love these!

It is called ‘The Four Elements’! (Earth, Water, Fire and Air…)

You will get four metal squares, one in each elemental color, ready to hang!

You can hang them together, like in this picture, or separately, each one side by side, or in any way you want!
Each square is about 16 inches in size.

Very creative!

Colorful Metal Wall Squares

Colorful Metal Wall Art

Colorful Metal Wall Art

You know I am absolutely crazy about colors…
You can never go wrong by adding colors to any room in the house!

This is another stunning colorful metal wall art hanging!
You will get four colorful metal squares ready to install!

Don’t be afraid to splash your room with bold colors!

Rock Candy Colorful Abstract Metal Wall Painting

Colorful Abstract Painting Metal

Colorful Abstract Painting Metal

Another large and very colorful abstract metal wall paintings!

You will get stunning individual panels, each one in a gorgeous color, to hang side by side!
It will bring any room alive!

River’s Edge: Stunning Abstract Metal Wall Hanging Panels!

Stunning Metal Wall Art Panels

Stunning Metal Wall Art Panels

How stunning and mesmerizing are these?
Beautiful metal wall art!
It does look like a river meeting the sun rising!

These are extremely durable and rust proof…
Will last forever!

*To find out more about this gorgeous piece just click one of the sun rays! 🙂

Giant 3D Horse Profile Leaping Out of Frame Metal Wall Sculpture

Giant 3D Metal Horse Wall Sculpture

Giant 3D Metal Horse Wall Sculpture

And since I always love to save the best for last, this is my ultimate favorite metal wall sculpture…
It is a giant metal horse leaping out of the frame!

Definitely among the most beautiful piece of art I have ever seen!

(It is extremely expensive and there is only one left…)
But I had to show you!

This extraordinary piece was hand-crafted in Guadalajara, Mexico.

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