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Metal Garden Sculptures

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links.
**All links on this page are affiliate links, meaning I get commissions for purchases made through those links on this page at no additional cost to you.

I Found The Coolest and Most Unique Cute Metal Garden Statues for Sale!

As you probably know by now, if you’ve been following my work, I LOVE to find cool garden statues!

One of my favorite styles, besides all the cute angels, life-size children sculptures, and animal sculptures, are also metal statues.
They look absolutely amazing in a garden!

My goal is to help you make your garden look cute and fun!
A place where people will go ‘Wow! That is so cool!’

*Is there anything cuter for a garden than cute frogs?
Look at these fellows!
They are having fun going down the slide!
This cute sliding frogs metal statue is so perfect to place in a corner…
How about under a bush?

Giant Metal Leaping Frog

The Most Unique Large Metal Garden Sculptures!

Giant Metal Leaping Frog Sculpture

Giant Metal Leaping Frog

Fellow frog lover, look what I have just found…
A giant metal frog leaping sculpture!

He has a gorgeous green and finish!
You can also use him as a fountain…
He has been piped to have water flowing from his mouth if you want!

He is weather resistant, so you can have him anywhere you want!
(I would probably have him near my front door, so everyone could see him!)

What do you think?
Is he a keeper? 🙂

Cute Scrap Metal Elephant Garden Statue

What a cute and very unique lucky elephant metal sculpture for sale!
How spectacular is it?

I love the fact that he was created using recycled metal!
Absolutely perfect to have in your front porch or near some beautiful flowers!

This is definitely a piece that will have everyone just going ‘Wow!’ every time they see it!

Fun Metal Pig Garden Sculpture with Bluetooth Speaker

cute pig sculpture for sale

Pig Garden Statue with Bluetooth Speaker

Cute Pig Garden Statue with Bluetooth Speaker

If you are like me and are always looking for the most amazing and impressive metal garden sculptures for sale, you will definitely get impressed by this cool metal pig statue with a Bluetooth speaker!

I had never seen one before and I can’t contain my excitement here!
Who knew?
I hope they keep making more!
This is beyond cool!
Kids are gonna love him!

Handmade Recycled Metal Cute Praying Mantis Sculpture

Are you ready for this?

It’s a cute and fun praying mantis metal sculpture for sale!
How cool and unique is it?
Almost like something out of a sci-fi movie!

Can you imagine how awesome it’s going to look in your garden?
You can even get two of them and place them close together like they are talking (in mantis) to each other…
I bet all the kids will want to take a picture next to this cool praying mantis!

Very Cool Frilled Neck Lizard Handcrafted Metal Sculpture

The Most FUN Outdoor Metal Statues for Sale!

Frilled Neck Lizard Handcrafted Metal Sculpture

Frilled Neck Lizard Handcrafted Metal Sculpture

Love lizards?
Then you are definitely gonna LOVE this ultra-cool, fun and very unique metal lizard statue for sale!

How awesome is it?
I would have him on my porch!
So cool!!
(He does look kind of menacing a bit, doesn’t he?)

Awesome Iron Dragon Garden Sculpture With Solar Globe!

Iron Dragon Garden Sculpture With Solar Globe

Iron Dragon Garden Sculpture With Solar Globe

Dragon Garden Sculpture With Solar Globe

I am going to blow your mind now!
I bet you were never expecting this, were you?
A metal dragon sculpture!
And solar powered!
(The magical pearl he is holding will glow at night changing colors!)
Are you impressed now?
I am!
If you are a dragon lover, this is definitely the right outdoor metal sculpture for your home!
But be prepared!
Every day you will have visitors asking you if they can take a picture next to your dragon…
Do you blame them?

Cute Pink Flamingo Outdoor Sculptures!

outdoor pink flamingo sculptures

Pink Flamingo Pair

Pink Flamingo Pair Sculpture

I had to show you this cute pink flamingo pair!
They are made from aluminum and will look adorable in your front lawn!
One of the houses near me has these right by their entrance and they look very cool!
The pink color stands out in the green grass.
I think they also make an excellent unique housewarming gift idea too!

(Product Dimensions: 42.5 x 17 x 46 inches ; 19 pounds)

Very Unique TIN MAN Metal Garden Statue!

Look who I found wandering about, so happy to have a beautiful red heart? Yes, it is a tin man! How gorgeous is this tin man iron sculpture for the garden? It will put lots of smiles on many people’s faces!

Cute Boy Flower Metal Statue for the Garden

I LOVE colorful metal garden statues!
When I was a little girl I would be fascinated by them!
This is a gorgeous decorative cute and fun boy flower metal statue to have in your home!
Beyond adorable! 🙂

Very Cute Metal Bicycle Bunnies Garden Sculpture

Cute Metal Bicycle Bunnies Garden Sculpture

Cute Metal Bicycle Bunnies Garden Sculpture

SPI Home Tandem Bicycle Bunnies Garden

How cute are these bunnies riding a bicycle metal statue for sale?
They are adorable!!
It looks like it’s daddy bunny riding a bicycle with his baby bunny son! 🙂
They have a very nice ‘antique’ finish!
Great outdoor Easter gift idea too!

Yard Art Welded Metal Nanny Goat Sculpture

Popular Recycled Metal Art

This cool metal goat statue is one of the most popular recycled metal art sculptures for sale!
He has a very rustic look and he is very cute!
Great gift idea for your grandmother’s garden!

Cute Cow Recycled Metal Yard Sculpture

Hello cow lovers!
It’s your turn now!
How cute is this cow recycled metal sculpture for sale?
It is extremely unique!
It’s the first time I see one!
It will make a fun housewarming gift idea!

Gigantic Black Bear Cast Bronze Garden Statue

Black Bear Cast Bronze Garden Statue

Black Bear Cast Bronze Garden Statue

Design Toscano Black Bear Cast Bronze Garden Statue

Love bears?
Then you are going to love this unique and very tall black bear standing bronze statue for sale!
He is magnificent!
He has a very cool color-washed sepia patina finish and amazing details!

(Product Dimensions: 24.5 x 27 x 62.5 inches ; 207 pounds)

Colorful Large Swinging Frogs Recycled Metal Sculpture


Large Swinging Frogs Metal Sculpture

How cool, fun and unique is this very large handmade recycled colorful metal swinging frogs?
They are so cute and so happy!
Daddy frog is having fun with his baby frog on the swing!
So creative! 🙂
What a fun piece to have in your front yard or in your porch!
The kids are gonna love them!

*I hope you enjoyed my selections of metal garden statues! But don’t go yet! How about checking out some bronze sculptures now?

Stunning Life Size Bronze Garden Sculptures for Sale
(These will blow your mind! They are amazing!)

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