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Mermaid Decor

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links.
**All links on this page are affiliate links, meaning I get commissions for purchases made through those links on this page at no additional cost to you.

Stunning Mermaid Decor for Your Home!

Are you also ‘mesmerized’ by mermaids?

Stunning Mermaid Decor

Stunning Mermaid Decor

I LOVE mermaids and when I was in my early 20’s I let my hair grow, dyed it red and cut cute bangs so I could look just like Ariel… πŸ™‚

I am always looking for mermaid stuff online and when I saw all these mermaid home decor pieces available for sale I went nuts!!
You won’t believe how ‘magically’ beautiful they are!

I even found mermaid furniture!
Can you believe that?
Here is what I found so far…

*By the way, how about having this gorgeous mermaid sculpture right by your front door or right next to your couch?
She is more than happy to welcome your guests with her enchanting mermaid way! πŸ™‚

**To learn more about any of the pieces I have here all you have to do is click the picture.

Mermaid Tables

Amazing Mermaid Furniture!

Small Mermaid Table with Glass Bronze Finish

Small Mermaid Table with Glass Bronze Finish

I am truly ‘mesmerized’ by these stunning mermaid tables!
This gorgeous small mermaid table with glass bronze finish is made from fiberglass resin and she can hold that glass top like no other!
This is a very unique mermaid decor piece!

Everyone is going to think you found this gorgeous mermaid at the bottom of the ocean! πŸ™‚

Beautiful Mermaid Table with Glass Top

The Most Amazing Mermaid Home Decor!

Mermaid Table with Glass Top

Mermaid Table with Glass Top

This gorgeous mermaid sculptural table is one of the most impressive mermaid furniture I have seen!
She looks so real!
She seems to b really enjoying herself while she ‘holds’ the glass top with her elbow, hair and beautiful mermaid tail! πŸ™‚

Let this beautiful mermaid hold all your drinks for you while you stare at her beauty!

Mermaid and Sea Turtles End Table

Mermaid and Sea Turtles End Table

Mermaid and Sea Turtles End Table

Another gorgeous mermaid end table for sale!

This one is a beautiful mermaid and two sea turtles!

The price is not so bad!
Will make a fun gift idea for the mermaid lover in your family!

Beautiful Kneeling Mermaid End Table

Beautiful Mermaid End Table

Beautiful Mermaid End Table

This is one of the cutest mermaid end tables for sale!

It’s a gorgeous kneeling mermaid holding a conch sculpture glass-topped table perfect to have next to your armchair in the living-room!

She has a very cool ‘bronze like’ finish!
What a fun mermaid piece to have!
Will definitely cause your guests to feel ‘mesmerized’ by her beauty! πŸ™‚

The Entwined Mermaids Sculptural Floor Lamp

Unique Mermaid Home Decor!

mermaids floor lamp

Two Mermaids Sculptural Floor Lamp

Look what I found now fellow mermaid lovers!

It’s a beautiful and very unique life-size mermaids sculptural floor lamp!
How’s that to complement your mermaid decor?
You can have them near your beautiful mermaid table!

Single Mermaid Sculptural Floor Lamp

Beautiful Mermaid Floor Lamps for Your Home!

Mermaid Sculptural Floor Lamp

Single Mermaid Sculptural Floor Lamp

Now I found this beautiful single mermaid life-sized floor lamp for sale!
Isn’t she gorgeous?

She has a beautiful verdigris finish and a pedal switch.
Absolutely stunning!

Beautiful Mermaid Sculptures!

Medium Poolside Home Garden Mermaid Fountain Statue Sculpture

Beautiful Mermaid Fountain Statue

Beautiful Mermaid Fountain Statue

If you enjoy mermaid decor of course you also love mermaid sculptures!

This is a gorgeous outdoor mermaid sculpture for sale!
She is holding a large shell that is piped if you want to make her into a beautiful water feature near your pool…
I love her bronzed two-tone finish!

*If you want this mermaid sitting by your pool, just click on her! πŸ™‚

Large Sitting Mermaid Statue Iron Rust Finish

Large Sitting Mermaid Statue Iron Rust Finish

Large Sitting Mermaid Statue Iron Rust Finish

This is a very cool and unique stunning mermaid statue for sale!

She is made of cast iron and she has a beautiful rust finish…
She is also very large and will definitely stand out wherever you place her!
(Even better if it’s near the pool or the ocean, just in case she needs to get a little wet once in a while…)

Can you imagine having a beautiful mermaid in your home?

(She is about 48″ tall.)

Beautiful Mermaid Wall Sculpture!

Gorgeous Mermaid Wall Decor for Home!

Nude Mermaid Cove Wall Sculpture

Nude Mermaid Cove Wall Sculpture Statue Figurine DΓ©cor

How about a hanging a beautiful mermaid on your wall?

She is gorgeous!

You can have her in your bathroom, outdoors near the pool, on your porch or in your living-room!
She is very nice detailed!
I love her mermaid flowing hair!

Colorful Mermaid Wall Statue!

Colorful Mermaid Wall Statue

Colorful Mermaid Wall Statue

This is a fun, colorful and very cute affordable mermaid wall statue for sale!
I would definitely place her in the bathroom!
How about that?

She is full of details!
Great mermaid decor piece to own!

Beautiful Brunette Swimming Wall Mermaid

Swimming Wall Mermaid

Swimming Wall Mermaid

What a beautiful and exotic swimming brunette wall mermaid for sale!
She is very large as well, at 48 inches long!

Where are you going to hang her?
If your bathroom is large enough you can have her there!
If not you can create a mermaid bedroom or living-room!

Mermaid Duvet Cover

Mermaid Bedrooms!

Cute Mermaid Duvet Cover

Cute Mermaid Duvet Cover

How about having a beautiful mermaid duvet cover?
She is adorable!
I LOVE her gorgeous mermaid pink hair and all the cute and colorful flowers!
Great to create a beautiful mermaid theme bedroom for you!

Mermaid Mosaic Art Tile Mural Wall Decor

Mermaid Mosaic Art

Mermaid Mosaic Art

And I end my selections of mermaid decor with this beautiful mermaid mosaic wall art!

It was made using all natural stones and completely hand-made…
It is a stunning work or art!

You can have this mermaid mosaic anywhere imaginable!
It lasts for a lifetime!
I hope you enjoyed these mermaid home decor pieces and were able to find what you were looking for!

*Beautiful Woman Sculptures!
(These will look stunning in the garden!)

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