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Lamp Sculptures

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The Most Incredible Life Size Lamp Sculptures for your Home!

lamp sculptures

Egyptian Goddess of the Night Illuminated Statue

I am crazy about cool lamps and I am always looking for the most unique and most amazing sculptural lamps for sale online, but I was absolutely amazed when I found these gorgeous and extremely exotic life-sized floor lamp sculptures…

They are unbelievable!

I could not contain my excitement and decided I had to include them here on my website!
They are among the coolest home decor ever!
Wanna see them?

Design Toscano Egyptian Goddess of the Night Illuminated Statue, Single

I am still speechless after seeing these amazing decorative torchiere floor lamps…
I had no idea there were so many out there!
One more unique than the next!

*This one in the picture is a very cool and highly detailed Egyptian goddess sculpture lamp.
She will give a beautiful glow when you turn it on!
Isn’t she beautiful?
Perfect to have next to your couch or hall table!
Beautiful gift idea as well!
I love the antique bronze finish!

According to the size of your living-room, you can have one or even two (or more of these).
They look really nice right next to your sofa set or by your entrance.

The Entwined Mermaids Sculptural Floor Lamp

Beautiful Lamp Sculptures for Sale!

mermaids floor lamp

Two Mermaids Sculptural Floor Lamp

Now it’s time for all the mermaid lovers out there!
(I am one of them! I love mermaids!)

Are you a huge ‘mermaid’ fan too?
Then bring them to your living-room!
Not only one, but two beautiful entwined mermaids holding a light life-sized sculptural lamp!

Have you ever seen anything like that before?
Can you imagine your guests’ reactions when they see your gorgeous ‘mermaids’?

I bet everyone will find an excuse to snap a selfie near them… 🙂

I love their verdigris bronze finish.

(Product Dimensions: 19 x 74 inches; 119 pounds)

*Takes one 60 watt bulb or CFL/LED equivalent

Single Mermaid Sculptural Floor Lamp

Mermaid Sculptural Floor Lamp

Single Mermaid Sculptural Floor Lamp

Two mermaids are too much to handle?
Then get a single mermaid floor lamp for your living-room instead!

How gorgeous is this extremely unique mermaid sculpture floor lamp?
I’ve never seen one like this before!

Perfect mermaid decor piece for any mermaid lover!
Find a cool corner for her and enjoy!

It is very tall as well and will stand out and definitely ‘wow’ all your guests when they see it for the first time!

(Product Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 73 inches ; 55 pounds)

*This one also takes a 60-watt bulb, just like the one above…

The Peacock Goddess Life Size Floor Lamp Sculpture

Best Life Size Bronze Lamp Sculptures!

The Peacock Goddess Torchière Floor Lamp

The Peacock Goddess Torchière Floor Lamp

This beautiful and impressive peacock Goddess holding a torch is also among the best life-size floor lamp sculptures being sold right now.

If you have always wanted to meet a ‘Goddess’ in person, this is your chance!
She will definitely look amazing by the entrance door, won’t she?

(Product Dimensions: 17.5 x 19 x 74.5 inches ; 110 pounds)

Art Deco Peacock Sculptural Floor Lamp

Beautiful Peacock Sculptural Floor Lamp

Beautiful Peacock Sculptural Floor Lamp

Hello peacock lovers!
This is your floor lamp!

It is an amazing peacock sculptural floor lamp for sale!
Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?

I love the colors, especially the beautiful gold finish!
Very elegant and unique floor lamp!
If you are looking for the most beautiful peacock lamp sculptures for your home, this is one of the most popular ones!
Buyers love the ‘antique’ look and colors and they say it’s a very elegant peacock lamp!

Mademoiselle Haute Couture Floor Lamp

Very Modern Life-Size Lady Floor Lamp Sculpture!

life sized lady floor lamp for sale

Mademoiselle Haute Couture Floor Lamp

Design Toscano Mademoiselle Haute Couture Floor LampThis lady lamp sculpture so far is the most impressive life-size floor lamps around!
I let out a scream the first time I saw her!
It is actually a fashion lady, wearing a nice dress and beautiful boots, and her head is the lamp!

How cool and unique is that folks?
If you are also into cool and modern home decor, I believe you’re really going to like this lamp!

Prometheus Sculptural Floor Lamp

Prometheus Sculptural Floor Lamp

Impressive Prometheus Sculptural Floor Lamp

How about having Prometheus inside your home?
I bet you will never be in the dark again!

This is a very impressive and highly-detailed realistic Prometheus sculpture floor lamp for sale!
Buyers said it exceeded their expectations!
I love his gorgeous color and finish!
(It takes one regular 60 W bulb.)

King Tut Sculptural Floor Lamp

King Tut Sculptural Floor Lamp

King Tut Sculptural Floor Lamp

Are you into Egyptian home decor too?
Then you are going to love this life-size King Tut lamp sculpture!

He is magnificent!
He is actually over 6-feet tall!
Will definitely stand out in your living-room!

Queen Nefertiti Life Size Floor Lamp Sculpture

The Most Impressive Life Size Sculptural Lamps for Sale!

Queen Nefertiti Sculptural Floor Lamp

Queen Nefertiti Sculptural Floor Lamp

Are you a fan of Queen Nefertiti?
Then this beautiful and amazing life-size Queen Nefertiti floor lamp sculpture is for you!

Look at her beautiful colors!
I love her Egyptian blue dress!
Look how realistic she looks!
Very impressive indeed!
Your home will definitely look like ancient Egypt!

Woman Floor Lamp Sculpture

Electra, Maiden of Light Sculptural Floor Lamp

19th-century French Antique Replica Neoclassical Maiden Floor Lamp

19th-century French Antique Replica Neoclassical Maiden Floor Lamp

19th-century French Antique Replica Neoclassical Maiden Floor Lamp

This is one of my favorite woman life-size lamp sculptures for sale!
It is a beautiful and unique 19th-century French antique replica neoclassical maiden floor lamp!
I love the green lamp shade she is holding!
You can use a regular 60 watts bulb.
She will look beautiful anywhere you place her!

She is actually the maiden of light!
It is very beautiful and will keep your living-room nice and bright at night!
She is carrying a beautiful green torch light!

(Product Dimensions: 24.5 x 26 x 78 inches ; 105 pounds)

Woman with Flowers Bronze Sculptural Lamp

Exotic Woman Lamps!

Bronze Woman Sculptural Lamp

Beautiful Sculptural Lamp

“Diane” 39″H Distinctive Solid Bronze Sculptural Lamp by A. Moreau

This is the most exotic and unique woman lamp I have ever seen!
She is reproduced in solid bronze and mounted on a cool base.
Hand-crafted and hand-finished!
As you can see the large flowers serve as the ‘lamps’ and they have a gorgeous soft glow.

Goddess of Light Antique Bronze Sculptural Lamp

Woman Sculptural Floor Lamp

Art Deco Goddess of Light Sculptural Floor Lamp

Design Toscano Art Deco Goddess of Light Sculptural Floor Lamp

Another gorgeous and very impressive woman lamp!
She was also hand-crafted in solid bronze!
I also love the beautiful orange lamp she is carrying…
What an exquisite gift she will make!

Life Size Black Horse Sculpture Floor Lamp

The Most Impressive Lap Sculpture for Sale!

black horse floor lamp

Impressive Life Size Black Horse Sculpture Lamp

Impressive Life Size Black Horse Floor Lamp

Horse lover?
No problem!
I present to you the most impressive lamp sculpture for sale ever!
It is a gigantic gorgeous life-size black horse floor lamp home!
It is a full size replica of a real horse!
(Not for riding though…. Be careful!)

I bet everyone in the family will want a picture next to your horse floor lamp!
He is huge!!
Can you imagine having him in the middle of your living-room?
All your guests will let out a scream the first time they see him!
If you absolutely love horses and love horse sculptures, then it doesn’t get any better than this!
Enjoy your black horse!

(Product Dimensions: 95 x 21.6 x 100.5 inches ; 56.9 pounds)

*I hope you enjoyed these cool and unique floor lamps from this page!
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