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Horse Sculptures

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Horse Decor: Gorgeous Life Size Horse Sculptures and Amazing Horse Statues

horse sculptures

Life Size Horse Statue

The horse is probably one of the most beautiful and impressive animals out there!

If you are a horse lover too, I’m sure you enjoy horse statues and figurines as well…
How about gorgeous life-sized horse sculptures?

I found some fabulous pieces for sale!

*This is one of the largest horse statues for sale here!
It is a gorgeous life-sized standing white horse statue for sale in a beautiful antique stone finish… It is over 6 feet tall!
What an amazing piece!
Look how stunning it looks in that garden…

I chose the largest, most unique and most impressive horse statues I could find for now…
I hope you will find the one you were looking for!

Saddle up! 🙂

Awesome Horse Shaped Bench Sculpture

Horse Shaped Bench Sculpture

Amazing Horse Shaped Bench Sculpture

Have you ever seen a realistic horse shaped bench before?


This is probably one of the most unique horse theme furniture pieces I have ever seen in my life!
My jaw is dropping!
If you also love cool and unique home decor pieces, I say go for it!
Imagine all the pictures everyone will want to take sitting on this amazing horse bench!

Realistic Resting Life-Size Quarter Horse Filly Statue for Sale

Resting Life-Size Quarter Horse Filly Statue

Beautiful Resting Life-Size Quarter Horse Filly Statue

Resting Life-Size Quarter Horse Filly Statue

If you are looking for a beautiful and realistic life size resting horse statue for sale, I think you are really going to enjoy this one!
Isn’t he gorgeous?

He was all hand-painted, paying attention to all the details of a real horse.

Where are you going to place him?
He is almost 6 feet long!

Beautiful Life Sized Horse Statue for Home

Life Size Horse Statue for sale

Design Toscano Life Size Quarter Horse Filly Statue

This is probably one of my favorite horse sculptures from this page.
It is a gorgeous standing horse statue!
It’s so shiny!
It is perfect for a restaurant, hotel or even your own garden.
Great piece to take nice pictures! 🙂
The kids (and adult horse lovers) are gonna love him!

LifeSize Black Carousel Horse Sculpture

unique life size horse sculpture

Life Size Carousel Horse Statue Sculpture Antique Style

Black Color Life Size Carousel Horse Statue

Look what I found now!

Another gorgeous and very impressive life-sized standing horse statue for sale!

His color, details, and expression are stunning! (Not to mention his beautiful majestic pose…)

He is among one of the best looking horse statues so far!
Is he the one for you?

All hand-painted down to every detail…

As you can see he is huge!
Another magnificent piece for a horse lover!

Trotting Thoroughbred Horse Cast Bronze Garden Statue

Large Standing Horse Cast Bronze Garden Statue

Gorgeous Trotting Thoroughbred Horse Cast Bronze Garden Statue

If you are looking for some cool outdoor horse sculptures for sale, I think you are going to love this stunning chocolate color cast bronze horse sculpture for the garden!
How cool is it?
A great fun piece to have!

He stands at almost 4 feet tall.
I love it!
Will make a great unique horse gift idea too!

Majestic Stallion Horse Sculpture Glass Topped Accent Table

Horse Accent Table

Cute Horse Accent Table

This is an amazing horse table for your home!
It’s a standing stallion horse sculptural glass topped table for sale!
Beautiful and realistic details!
You can almost hear him!
Great focal piece for any horse lover’s living-room!
It’s also affordable!

*I loved this cool horse accent table so much that I decided to get one for myself. I placed it right next to my sectional couch to serve drinks to my guests and it looks awesome! It is a nice and sturdy piece, the sculpture is very heavy and the colors are gorgeous! 

Unique Pegasus Winged Flying Horse Outdoor Sculpture

Pegasus Winged Flying Horse Sculpture

Cute Pegasus Winged Flying Horse Sculpture

We can’t talk about horse sculptures without also including Pegasus!
He is the most famous classic Greek mythology winged horse!

This is a gorgeous and very unique Pegasus sculpture for the garden!
Look at those wings!
It seems he is about to take flight! 🙂

*Check out this girl making a cute horse sculpture from clay:

*I hope you were able to choose a beautiful horse sculpture for your home!
If you also want to find another realistic life-sized animal sculpture for your garden, check this page too:

Amazing Realistic Life-Size Animal Sculptures
(These are beyond amazing…)

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