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High Heel Shoe Chairs

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Fun and Stylish High Heel Shoe Shaped Chairs for Teen Girls!

High Heel Shoe Chairs

Cheetah Print High Heel Shoe Chair

Even though I am not a teen girl anymore, I immediately fell in love with these fun and very stylish high heel shoe shaped chairs when I first came across them a couple of years ago.
I think they are absolutely fabulous!!

Teenage girls LOVE to have the coolest bedroom they possibly can and they also love to have fun sleepovers with their best friends!
Having a cool high heel shoe chair in their bedroom will definitely make them very happy! 🙂

*This one for example is a gorgeous cheetah print fabric stylish high heel accent chair with storage!
It is made from wood and foam, so it is also very comfy!

You can also have one of these in your living-room, for decorative purposes!
They come in several beautiful colors and designs!
Here they are! 🙂

*Gorgeous Pink and Black High Heel Storage Chair

Pink and Black High Heel Shoe Chair

Pink and Black High Heel Shoe Chair

This is one of my favorite high heel shoe shaped chairs for teen girls being sold!
It’s PINK! 🙂

Perfect to create a fun pink bedroom for your teen!
Just get a beautiful pink comforter set, pink curtains and a pink rug!
(Or you can also paint the walls pink!)

It is also a sturdy and comfortable chair! (The storage compartment is also a nice plus! Perfect for hiding books, magazines and other stuff…)
Great for listening to music or reading a book too!

Beautiful Purple and Black High Heel Shaped Shoe Chair!

High Heel Storage Chairs

High Heel Storage Chair, Purple and Black

High Heel Storage Chair, Purple and Black

This one is absolutely gorgeous!
I love this purple and black fabric color combination! (Looks kind of shiny…)
I would definitely have this cool high heel chair in my living-room!I t is stylish enough…

It is perfect to coordinate with black furniture…
Will look great on a nice corner, maybe near your bookshelf.
Even better if you also have a black sofa set!

Also perfect for your teenage girl’s bedroom, specially if she likes dark colors.
Also made using a hardwood frame.
If you put it in the bedroom, my suggestion again is to also get a beautiful dark purple bedding set and maybe some black curtains.
(I know what you are thinking… you wish you could sit down on this chair right now, am I right? Me too! 🙂

*Gorgeous Black and Red Fabric High Heel Accent Shoe Chair for Sale!

Black and Red Fabric High Heel Accent Shoe Chair

Black and Red Fabric High Heel Accent Shoe Chair

Another gorgeous and super fashion high heel shoe shaped chair for sale!
I love the red and black color combination!
Super sexy! 🙂

The fabric is super soft as well and the chair is made of wood and foam!
Perfect to have by a bright window and enjoy your favorite book!
In style!

The hidden storage space is also very spacious.

I would get two of these and place them side by side…

*These are pretty sturdy too, they can support people of up to 300 lbs, even though they are not too big…

Fun Zebra Print Design Fabric High Heel Accent Shoe Chair

Zebra Print Design Fabric High Heel Accent Shoe Chair

Zebra Print Design Fabric High Heel Accent Shoe Chair

High Heel Storage Chair, Black Zebra

Of course we can’t talk about fun and stylish high heel shoe chairs without also including a fun zebra print one in the mix! 🙂
Perfect for a fun zebra bedroom!
Yes, you know what I’m going to say!
Also get a fun zebra comforter set and some zebra curtains!
Trust me, your teen girl’s bedroom is going to look awesome!!

*Watch this cute bulldog getting acquainted with the new zebra high heel chair in this home!
Too cute and funny for words!

*Gorgeous High Heel Shoe Chair in Fun Scribble Pattern

High Heel Shoe with Storage Ottoman

White High Heel Shoe with Storage Ottoman

Old World High Heel Shoe with Storage Ottoman, 32.86″, White

This is one of the most unique high heel shoe chairs with storage ottoman! It has a fun scribble pattern all over and it’s white! Very stylish!

The frame is made with solid wood and the storage compartment is just perfect to place school stuff or magazines!

*I hope you had fun here today browsing through these awesome high heel shaped chairs!
Here are more cool chair ideas!

Cool Egg Shaped Chairs!
(These are beyond cool!)

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  • Keisha

    Does this shoe come in a light pink?

    • Gabriela's Home

      Hi Keisha, so far I have only seen them in hot pink but I’m gonna start searching for a light pink one and see what I find… thank you!

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