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Giraffe Decor

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links.
**All links on this page are affiliate links, meaning I get commissions for purchases made through those links on this page at no additional cost to you.

Gorgeous Giraffe Home Decor!

If you also love giraffes and giraffe print stuff, you are going to LOVE all the giraffe home decor pieces I just found!
From fun giraffe chairs to giraffe rugs, comforters, curtains, statues and more!
Let’s create a fun ‘giraffe themed room’ together!

Beautiful Giraffe Print Chairs

giraffe decor

Cool Giraffe Print Chair

What a way to start our giraffe decor page!

A gorgeous and ultra-fun giraffe print chair!

How beyond cool is it fellow giraffe lovers?
I think it’s a must-have! 🙂

You can place it in your living room, bedroom or even in your home-office!
(Also great for a teenage girl’s bedroom!)

Another cool idea is to have two and place them side by side with a cute round end table in the middle.

It’s one of my favorite giraffe pieces! The colors are very vivid and the print really stands out!

How about a cool large giraffe bean bag?

large giraffe bean bag

Large Giraffe Bean Bag

Another beautiful and very unique giraffe print chair for sale is this HUGE giraffe print bean bag, which is soft and comfy!
Isn’t it fun and exotic?
It’s also very stylish and very comfortable!
Will definitely add a nice and cool ‘Safari’ look to your room!

Cute Giraffe Print Accent Chair

cute giraffe print chair

Accent Chair with Giraffe Print in Espresso Finish

Fun Accent Chair with Giraffe Print in Espresso Finish

This is one of the cutest giraffe print chairs I’ve seen!
I love the dark espresso wood legs and arms!

The beautiful giraffe print is obviously very exotic and will give such a nice touch to your living-room or home-office!
It also makes a great and fun giraffe gift idea!

Adorable Giraffes Floor Mat

Coolest Giraffe Home Decor!

Giraffe Wildlife African Safari Decor

Cute Giraffes Floor Mat

Stunning Giraffe Wildlife African Safari Floor Mats

And now I present to you one of the most fun and unique giraffe furniture pieces!
It’s a very cute giraffes in the wild print floor mat!

Everyone will be staring at your beautiful giraffes walking in the jungle!  (Available in many sizes.)

Needless to mention it will also obviously make a very nice giraffe gift idea for anyone!

*It’s a cute metal giraffe!

Metal Giraffe

Tall Metal Giraffe

Deco 79 Metal Giraffe, 91 by 42-Inch

How cute and fun is this tall metal giraffe for sale folks?
It’s very unique!
It’s beyond adorable! 🙂

Giraffe Bedding

Beautiful Giraffe Print Comforter Set!

Giraffe Bedding

Giraffe Bedding

I LOVE this cute and fun giraffe print comforter set!
It is awesome!

Great for any giraffe lover’s bedroom or teenage girl’s bedroom!
It is also very well-made!
Look how exotic that bedroom looks! I LOVE how the colors stand out! 🙂

It also includes the fun giraffe neckroll pillow and square cushions!

Now here is something YOU are going to like: it is affordable!

Cute Giraffe Toilet Paper Holder

cute giraffe decor

Cast Iron Giraffe Paper Holder

Adorable Giraffe Toilet Paper Holder

How cool and unique is this giraffe toilet paper holder?
I love it!
What a fun way to hold your toilet paper!
I think it is an amazing giraffe decor piece to have!

Cute and Colorful Giraffes Shower Curtain

Colorful Giraffes Shower Curtain

Colorful Giraffes Shower Curtain

I LOVE this fun and very colorful giraffes shower curtain!

Five colorful giraffes against a bright yellow background!

Look how it stands out! 🙂
It’s perfect for a fun giraffe bathroom!

Beautiful Giraffe Print Glider and Ottoman

Giraffe Print Glider and Ottoman

Giraffe Print Glider and Ottoman

What a fun and very cool giraffe print glider with ottoman!
Great to add a cool exotic touch to your living room or bedroom and to match the giraffe comforter…)

Great giraffe gift idea too!

Stunning Giraffe Floor Lamp

Awesome Giraffe Decor for Home!

Tall Giraffe Floor Lamp

Tall Giraffe Floor Lamp

How cool and extremely unique is this very tall giraffe floor lamp for sale?

It is amazing!
One of the best giraffe decor pieces so far!
It is a very creative piece!

Cute Giraffe Wall Sculpture

Fun Giraffe Decor!

Giraffe Wall Sculpture

Giraffe Wall Sculpture

Design Toscano African Giraffe Trophy Wall Sculpture

I couldn’t resist showing you this cute giraffe head wall hanging piece!
Isn’t she adorable?
You can have her right above your favorite plant or near your cute giraffe table or chair! 🙂
It is about 17 inches.

LifeSize Giraffe Home Garden Statue

Tall Giraffe Home Garden Statue

LifeSize Giraffe Home Garden Statue

Design Toscano Malee Grand Scale Giraffe Garden Statue, Full Color

Can you think of a better giraffe decor piece for your garden than a realistic life sized giraffe sculpture?
This one is almost 8 feet tall!
Very impressive!

Neighbors will want to come over and take pictures next to her!
How about choosing a cute name for her?

*I hope you enjoyed my selections of fun giraffe decor from this page and were able to choose something for your home! 🙂

Fun facts about giraffes:

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  • Cindy Hudson

    I have a half bath that I have in giraffes, I am looking for two giraffe statues
    just alike one 3 feet tall and another 6 or 7 feet tall do you have anything like that?

    • Gabriela's Home

      Hi Cindy, thanks for visiting! I haven’t seen anything like that yet, but I will definitely start looking! 🙂

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