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Fun Chairs

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My Favorite FUN Chairs for the Living-Room!

fun chairs

Mid Century Modern Fabric Upholstered Swivel Armchair, Grey

GabrielasHome is full of FUN CHAIRS!

I just found the most fun and unique chairs for your home!

I love funky and unique home decor and I love to be different!

Every time I find fun and unique furniture for the living-room I get very excited and have to show it all off to other people who also enjoy decorating their homes in a very unique and creative way!

Cool Mid Century Modern Fabric Upholstered Swivel Armchair, Grey

*Wow! How cool is this gray color swivel modern armchair for sale in the picture above?

I almost fell out of my chair when I saw all of the fun and cool chairs that exist out there!

Take your time and have fun browsing through these awesome and extremely unique chairs!
I hope you’ll like them as much as I do!

Zebra Print High Heel Shaped Chair

stylish chairs

Chair with Storage, High Heel design, Pink Zebra

Unique Chair with Storage, High Heel design, Pink Zebra

That’s what I’m talking about!
Is that fun enough for you?
Have you ever seen these high heel shoe shaped chairs before?
Now you have!
Isn’t it amazing???
And to top it all off, it’s zebra!!

Gorgeous Colorful Patchwork Pattern Chair Set

I love FUN living-room Chairs!

fun chairs for living room

Fun Patchwork Patterned Chairs

Set of 2, Patchwork Patterned Modern Upholstered Fabric Accent Chair Armchair Set

Have you ever seen anything more fabulous in your whole life than this amazing patchwork pattern chair set?

They will add a very nice ‘color pop’ to your dining-room!
How cool are they?
I had never seen such colorful, fun chairs like these before!

They will look great anywhere you want!
On your dining room, living room or bedroom!

Stunning Hot Pink Armchair

hot pink armchair

Red Berry Armchair

Red Berry Armchair Made of Polyester & Wood with Vintage Style Detailing

Have you ever seen a cute hot pink vintage-style armchair before?

It’s so hot!

Isn’t it perfect for a teenage girl’s bedroom?
Or in a white living-room, to give it a bold contrast?
I love it!!

Turquoise Modern Round Chair

Modern Round Chair, Blue

Modern Round Chair, Blue

Modern Round Chair, Blue

Check this out!
How cool and modern is this very unique turquoise round chair?
It will ‘envelop’ your whole body when you use it!
(Extremely soft and comfy!)

It looks fabulous in any living-room!
The price is not so bad!
I say go for it!

It’s a Bird Cage Shaped Accent Chair!


coolest chairs

Birdcage Accent Chair

Cool Birdcage Accent Chair, Single

How cool is this birdcage shaped accent chair FOR HUMANS?

Just place it outside, sit down and relax while listening to the real birds sing! 🙂

The white plush cushion inside is very soft and comfy!
(Can you imagine actually hanging on your very own bird cage??)

Giraffe Print Chair

Giraffe Print Chair

Giraffe Print Chair

How gorgeous and fun is this giraffe print accent chair?

It is fun and stylish at the same time!
Will look awesome in your home office or in a corner of your living-room!

Needless to say it’s the perfect gift idea for a giraffe lover in the family!

Look how gorgeous it looks in that living-room!
It’s very affordable too!
Will definitely make a very nice gift idea!

*Fun Alpha Egg Shell Chair and Ottoman!

Alpha Egg Shell Chair and Ottoman

Alpha Egg Shell Chair and Ottoman

Are you having fun yet with these awesome and unique fun chairs for sale?

Cool and unique egg-shaped chairs are among the most fun chairs being sold!
Who wouldn’t want to relax inside their own egg?
(Ok, that sounded weird…)
But you get the meaning!

Have you ever seen a fun and unique eggshell-shaped chair before?
Look at that!
It also comes with an ottoman and it has a happy bright red interior!

Alpha Egg Chair and Ottoman, Red

It also has a very unique and ‘futuristic’ look and it will add a very cool look to your room!

Very cozy to just relax with your feet up!
How about that?

This cozy egg chair also has sound isolation for some quality quiet time and relaxation!
That is definitely my favorite feature!

Everybody climb in your egg shell chair and let’s all relax! 🙂

Fun Red and Black Patterned Fabric Accent Chair

cool modern chair

Red and Black Patterned Fabric Accent Chair

Cool Red and Black Patterned Fabric Accent Chair

Who says you cannot have a fun chair in your home office or living room?
This is a very cool and gorgeous rounded contemporary design black and red accent chair!
It is extremely comfortable and very stylish!
You can’t help but feel like sitting down when you see it…
It’s very inviting!
Will keep your whole body relaxed while you work! 🙂

Fun LIME GREEN Chair for Sale!



Faux Leather Barrel Chair

I finally found the chair I have been looking for such a long time!
A lime-green leather chair!

It is so hard to find furniture in lime-green leather! (ok, it’s actually faux leather, but still… looks very nice!)
This is the one I want for my living-room!

First of all, I absolutely LOVE green!
It is my favorite color.

Second of all, I love leather chairs!
This fun green leather chair is perfect for adding a nice splash of color to any room!
It’s also very comfy and the price is great!

(Don’t worry folks! There are more available in other colors if you prefer! 🙂
You can also place this green chair next to a plant! Excellent idea!

Modern Pearl Microfiber Black Chair

Beautiful Black Velvet Chair

Beautiful Black Velvet Chair

Modern Pearl Microfiber Chair

Ok, I confess I don’t know exactly what this chair is…
But it is very cool!
This cool ‘pearl’ design is very modern!
The fabric is velvet!
Must be heavenly soft!

Fun Tulip Design Leisure Chair, Yellow

Tulip Design Leisure Chair, Yellow

Tulip Design Leisure Chair, Yellow

A TULIP flower shaped chair!!
It is beyond fun and cool!
It is the most unique ‘girly’ chair I have ever seen!
You can get a couple of them and create a ‘girly’ living-room for you!

Rainbow Striped Chair

Fun and Colorful Chairs for Home!

Fun Rainbow Striped Accent Chair

Fun Rainbow Striped Accent Chair

I see a fun and colorful rainbow chair!!
How cool is that?
It was made using a cotton blend!

This will be the most unique chair in your home!
No two rainbow chairs are exactly alike!
I love it!!
You can get two of them and place a side table in between or have them in your library or home-office!

(Product Dimensions: 28.3 x 24.4 x 29.9 inches ; 11 pounds)

*Did you enjoy these fun chairs?
If so, I think you are going to scream when you these:

Best Novelty Chairs for Sale
(Because we can never get enough!)

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  • linda thaler

    I am looking for the red acrylic chair shaped like a hand- do u carry this item? If so how much?

    • Gabriela's Home

      Hi Linda, I still haven’t found the hand shaped chair… I am hoping it will come back… To check prices just click on the pictures. thank you!

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