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Fun Beds for Toddlers

You won’t believe these cool beds for toddlers!

fun beds for toddlers

Cool Pirate Ship Toddler Bed

Beds for toddlers need to be fun, cute and colorful! 🙂

Buying your growing toddler a fun bed is the best way to keep him or her in his bedroom at night!

They are going to be so excited with their new fun toddler bed that they will be thrilled for bed time!
(I think it is the best way to transition the little ones from crib to bed!)

Here you are going to find the most fun beds for toddlers around!
(I just couldn’t believe some of these when I saw them! They are amazing!!)

*This Little Tikes Pirate Ship bed is by far one of the coolest beds for toddler boys ever created!
Just imagine your 2 year old going to his very own ‘pirate ship’ boat shaped bed every night!

I had so much fun finding these I wish I could have a cute bed too!

Best Car Shape Beds for Toddlers!

Very Affordable Race Car Toddler Bed

Cool Race Car Toddler Bed

Cool Race Car Toddler Bed

Race car beds make the best beds for toddler boys!
They absolutely love car shaped beds!

This is an awesome and very cheap car shaped bed for your toddler!
It is very spacious and lots of fun!
(It will fit a crib mattress.)

The bright colors are awesome and will make your son’s bedroom look very cool!

If you have more than one boy, even better!
You can pass this bed on from boy to boy, since it is extremely durable!

*Very Cool Car Shape Convertible Bed for Toddler Boys!

Cool Car Convertible Bed

Cool Car Convertible Bed

Another fun and very colorful race car toddler bed for boys!
It will look very beautiful in your child’s bedroom! 🙂
Great gift idea!

What parents most love about this bed is that it will fit both crib or a twin-sized mattress!

(Little boys get so excited when they get this bed for the first time that they will be climbing in and out of it over and over again and then get exhausted from all the exercise and fall asleep ultra-fast! 🙂

Gorgeous Red Corvette Bed for Toddlers with Lights

Coolest Red Corvette Car Bed for Kids

Coolest Red Corvette Car Bed for Kids

Can you imagine your toddler boy sleeping on this awesome red Corvette bed?
It looks just like a real adult car doesn’t it?
It is one of the most bought car beds for kids!
It is big enough to fit not only toddlers and kids ages 2 and 3, but also bigger kids as well!
It is also very sturdy and durable, so you can definitely pass it down to the younger ones!

Happy buyers say their kids love it!!
Specially because of the lights!

Bed time has never been more fun!
What a wonderful and creative gift idea for little boys!
I can almost hear the car engine!
(In my imagination!)

*This little boy LOVES his new red Corvette bed!
How cool is that?

Of course I wish I had one too!

*Adorable Pink Car Shape Bed for Toddler Girls

Pink Toddler Roadster Bed

Pink Toddler Roadster Bed

It’s time for the little girly girls who also love cars! 🙂

The best beds for toddlers need to be a lot of fun!
That’s why little ones love car shaped beds! 🙂

This is one of the most gorgeous pink car shape bed for toddler girls I have ever seen!
Toddler girls like car shape beds too!

Getting your little girl to sleep in her own bed will be a breeze when she gets this awesome pink bed!

That 2 year old girl in the picture is definitely not complaining!

It’s a Pink Princess Castle Bed for Toddler Girls!

Cute Princess Palace Twin Bed

Cute Princess Palace Twin Bed

Because every little girl is born a princess, of course your little girl deserves her very own princess bed!

Just imagine the look on your little girl’s face when she sees this beautiful pink palace bed!

The headboard also comes with a ‘magical window’ with a gorgeous scenic ‘view’ outside of her pink castle!

One of the best beds for toddler girls!

Very Cute Toddler Girl Twin Bed with Storage!

Beautiful Pink Bed for Girls with Storage

Beautiful Pink Bed for Girls with Storage

This is one of the most practical beds for toddler girls around.
It is a very cute pink and white toddler girl bed with storage!

Parents absolutely love kids beds with storage!
This fun toddler bed will help you keep your little one’s bedroom nice and organized!

It fits little girls ages 2 to about 8 years old and it has over 28 cubic feet of storage space!
Perfect to keep their cute bedrooms nice and organized but keeping the adorable!

Very easy to assemble!

Perfect gift idea for a 3 year old girl’s bedroom! 🙂

*What a Fun Bunk Bed with Slide and Tent!

Fun Bunk Bed with Slide and Tent

Fun Bunk Bed with Slide and Tent

This is one of the most fun beds for toddlers and small children ever created!!

It’s practically a full playground in the bedroom!
It has a cool slide and a tent!

Kids love to wake up and ‘slide down’ their bed!

Getting out of bed in the morning has never been more fun!
(Or should I say ‘sliding out of bed’?)

It is beyond cool!
It is also very solid.

Kids are gonna love playing “in bed” for hours and hours on a row!
What a fun and useful gift idea!

(Be prepared for all the ‘sleepovers’ when they are a little bit older! 🙂

Pink Loft Castle Bed for Girls!

(with slide!)

Pink Loft Castle Bed for Girls

Pink Loft Castle Bed for Girls

You won’t believe this castle-shaped beds for kids!

These are the most unique beds for kids ever created!
Now they can have their own castle!
They will never want to leave!

This is the ultimate, cutest and most unique bed for girls on this planet!
Their very own pink princess castle bed with a slide!

Can you imagine her excitement when she sees her ‘new bed’?
I swear to God, if they made one for adults it would be my bed too!

(How adorable is the flower shaped window?)

Look at that awesome slide!
And the fun play area underneath!
It is a dream come true!
You will never have to tell her it’s time for bed again!
She will be there long before you say anything! 🙂

(I wish they made these for grown-ups too… I would totally have a castle for myself too!)

Good night!
Off to my pink castle!

Cute and Colorful Lalaloopsy Twin Bed for Little Girls!

The Most Fun Beds for Toddlers!

Adorable Lalaloopsy Twin Bed for Girls

Adorable Lalaloopsy Twin Bed for Girls

Look what I just came across!!

It’s the most adorable and colorful Lalaloopsy bed!!

Is this the most fun bed for toddler girls or what?
It is an awesome fun twin bed toddlers and small girls up to 5 years old.

It will make an incredible gift idea for some very lucky girl in the family!
She can place her own Lalaloopsy dolls on the cute “window” just like in the picture!
I love the cute details too, such as the buttons and cute hearts!

*Fun Boat Shape Bed for Toddlers!

Boat Toddler Bed

Boat Toddler Bed

Very creative and fun boat shape bed for kids!

The size is perfect for them to climb on it by themselves! 🙂

They are gonna LOVE sleeping on their very own ‘boat’ at night!

(It comes with the bed rails to keep them from falling out and getting scared…)

Overall it is a great fun bed for the little ones and it will fit a crib size mattress inside. It will mostly fit toddlers up to 3 or 4 years old…

You can use it to create a cool ‘pirate theme’ or ‘out in the sea’ decor!

Adorable KidKraft Dollhouse Toddler Bed!

Cute Dollhouse Toddler Bed

Cute Dollhouse Toddler Bed

And I will end my selections of cool beds for toddlers today with this sweet and adorable dollhouse bed for little girls!
She can place her favorite dollies on the headboard and have the most wonderful, magical dreams every night!

(Product Dimensions: 62.1 x 30 x 29.1 inches ; 55 pounds)

Good night everyone! 🙂
Sweet dreams!

*If you have a little bit of more time in your hands, check these

(Bunk beds are also very practical to have in a child’s bedroom. Great for siblings and sleepovers! But these are beyond ‘regular’ bunk beds…)

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