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Frog Decor

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links.
**All links on this page are affiliate links, meaning I get commissions for purchases made through those links on this page at no additional cost to you.

Everything FROG for Your Home!

Frog Decor

Cute Frog Decor

Are you looking for the best frog decor for your home?
Do you love EVERYTHING frog themed?
Me too!

I am crazy about frog stuff and that’s why I created this page today!
Here you will find some of the most unique frog home decor around, including the best frog lamps and the coolest frog garden statues ever!

*How cool and very unique is this metal frog butler for the garden folks??
Wow! He loves serving a cool drink for humans or birds! 🙂

You won’t believe the other ones you are about to see on this page either!
They are AWESOME!

Stick around and let’s go frog decor shopping!

Cute Metal Frog Statues for the Garden!

Fun Iron Frog on a Swing!

frog decor for the garden

Daredevil Frog on Swing Garden

SPI Daredevil Frog on Swing Garden

Check this out!
It is a big metal frog playing on a swing garden decor statue for sale!

Is that beyond cool or what?
Is that the most perfect gift idea for a frog lover in the family you have ever seen?
I thought so!
He is super tall!

Dancing Frog Spitter Sculpture

Dancing Frog Spitter Sculpture

Fun Dancing Frog Spitter Sculpture

If you are looking for fun frog statues for your garden, then you are going to love this cool and very happy dancing frog sculpture!
He is a very silly frog made of brass who loves to make people laugh!

Cute Frog on Bicycle Garden Statue

Cute Frog on Bicycle Garden Statue

Cute Frog on Bicycle Garden Statue

Where is he going?
Wherever it is it is a happy place because he has a nice smile on his face!
I know!
He is going to your home!
What a cute metal frog riding a bicycle garden statue!

Funny Yoga Frog Meditating Garden Sculpture

Cool Yoga Frog Garden Sculpture

Cool Yoga Frog Garden Sculpture

Contented Yoga Frog Garden Sculpture

This is a funny, unique, cool, adorable yoga frog garden statue for sale!
Your guests are gonna love him and maybe everyone will want to do some yoga too!
It’s very relaxing you know…

Adorable Frog Planter for Sale!

cute frog planter for the garden

FROG Garden Flower Pot Decoration

Novelty Flower Pot Ornament Frog Sculpture Planter

How cute and adorable, not to mention very unique, is this frog garden planter for sale?

He has a gorgeous antique finish!
Great frog piece to have in your porch!

Cute Frog Shaped Table Fan

Cute Frog Shaped Table Fan

Cute Frog Shaped Table Fan

Check this out fellow frog lovers!
It is a very cool green frog metal fan!
Yes, he is a real working fan that will keep you cool!
He is very large too!
What a nice frog home decor piece!
I love him already!

(Size: 15″ Tall x 14.5″ Wide)

How about some Cool Frog Lamps?

cute frog decor

Fun Sitting Frog Table Lamp

Quoizel Tiffany Sitting Frog Table Lamp, 1-Light, 7 Watts, Bronze (7″ H x 7″ W)

We can’t talk about frog decor without also including a few frog lamps in the mix too!

Look what I found!
A gorgeous and very unique sitting fat frog accent lamp for sale!
How adorable!

Fun Sleeping King Frog Lamp

Sleeping King Frog Lamp

Sleeping King Frog Lamp

Even king frogs need their beauty sleep! 🙂

This is a beautiful sleeping king frog table lamp for sale!

Very unique frog decor piece too.
You can get two of them and have one on each side of your sofa!
It is about 12 inches high.

Stained Glass Frog Shape Table Lamp

cute Frog Shape Table Lamp

Frog Shape Table Lamp

Adorable Frog Tiffany Style Stained Glass Accent Table Lamp, Night Light, Green, 10″L x 8.3″W x 6″H

This is also a very popular frog-shaped lamp to have!
It is a cute stained glass frog table lamp! Perfect frog decor piece to have!

Cute Green Frog Shaped Light!

green frog shape lamp

Green American Bullfrog Frog Toad Crackle Glass Desk Table Lamp

Green American Bullfrog Frog Toad Crackle Glass Desk Table Lamp

How adorable is this green frog-shaped light made of glass? 🙂

He has a lovely ‘frog glow’ too!
Looks very cute anywhere you place him!
He is always happy!

Cute Frog Shaped Accent Lamp

Cute Frog Shaped Accent Lamp

Cute Frog Shaped Accent Lamp

Another ultra-cute frog shaped light!
It is a Tiffany-style glass frog lamp!
He is looking for true love!
Are you the one?

Fun Frog Shaped Wall Clock!

Frog Shaped Wall Clock

Frog Shaped Wall Clock

Look what I found now!
A fun frog clock!
Oh no!
Poor dragonfly!
She is about to become dinner!

Fun Frog Shower Curtain!

Fun Frog Shower Curtain

Fun Frog Shower Curtain

What a gorgeous, fun and very colorful, unique frog shower curtain for sale!
Perfect frog bathroom decor!
Frogs love to take showers all the time!
He is gonna love your bathroom!

*I hope you enjoyed my frog decor pieces!
Keep coming back!
I will keep adding more fun frog decor stuff as I find them!
Have a fun frog filled day!

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  • Kelli Calongne

    Just wondering how to purchase these adorable frogs…?

    • Gabriela's Home

      Hi Kelli. Just click on their pictures!

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