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Fitness Desktop Treadmill

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*Burn Calories while Working on the Computer!

Desktop Treadmill

Desktop Treadmill

Are you working or exercising?


Is that even possible?
It is now, with this amazing fitness desktop treadmill!

You will be burning lots of calories walking while at the same time meeting your deadline! 🙂
Double mission accomplished!

As you can see the desk area is actually huge!
Will fit your laptop and working papers perfectly!

(Even better if you have a difficult project!
You won’t even notice you are exercising!)


Oh, what a dream come true!
Working on your sneakers and walking for miles and miles while doing business on the phone, reading your e-mails and taking notes!
Talk about multi-tasking!
Of course it takes a little practice before you can really work without even noticing you are also on a treadmill…

Fitness Desktop Treadmill for Sale

Fitness Desktop Treadmill

Guys I am in AWE with these desktop treadmills!
I so wish I had room in my apartment to get one for myself!

I am usually on my laptop for 6 hours plus a day!
Imagine if I could stay one or two hours walking on the treadmill AND working too?

When things start getting difficult and problems arise, that’s when you start running fast and letting all your frustrations on the treadmill! 🙂

*The height adjusts electrically and it fits people as short as 4’10” and as tall as 6’10”. 

*It supports users up to 300 lbs.

*Affordable Desktop Treadmill for Women!

Affordable Desktop Treadmill for Women

Affordable Desktop Treadmill for Women

I love this desk treadmill! It’s called ‘WorkFit‘!
It ‘fits’ perfectly! 🙂

I definitely cannot think of a better way to get fit while working!
It is pretty easy to set-up and a great investment on your health!

Another great perk is that it actually helps you improve your productivity, as it will keep your energy levels up!

Oh Gosh…. I so want one for myself…

Adjustable Desktop Treadmill

Adjustable Desktop Treadmill

Adjustable Desktop Treadmill

Another amazing adjustable desktop fitness treadmill for sale!

It fits people from 4 ft. 10 in. to 6 ft. 8 in and about 350 lbs.

The walking surface is nice and large and it’s also super easy to assemble!
Users love the idea of being physically active while working on their computer!

The desk is also solid, durable and easy to work on.
They say it’s best to walk slower at first, until you find the ‘perfect working/walking pace’ for you.

Lifespan Premium Treadmill Computer Desk

The Best Way to Keep Fit at Work!

Lifespan Premium Treadmill Computer Desk

Lifespan Premium Treadmill Computer Desk

Well, I don’t know about you, but I am totally sold on these!

Definitely a very creative healthy solution to being stuck in your home office working!

This machine will also let you know how many calories you are burning and how much you are walking!
That is awesome!
Can you believe how accomplished you will feel after your ‘working day’?
It gets better!
You will not need to spend more time and money going to a gym before or after work!

This guy offers a great review of his Treadmill Desk:

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