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Fairy Figurines

Gorgeous Fairy Figurines and Fairy Decor for a Magical Home and Garden!

Cute Fairy Figurines

Cute Fairy Figurines

Welcome to the world of fairies!
They are truly magical beings and they absolutely LOVE gardens, of course!
That’s where they live!

I have always LOVED fairies!
(Even though I haven’t seen one in person… yet… I believe they exist!) 🙂

I am always looking for ‘fairy stuff’ online and you won’t believe what I found today!
Fairy decor!!
Yes, the most beautiful fairy figurines for sale and fairy decorations for your home!

*Just like this Steampunk fairy set!

Can you imagine having fairies all over your living-room and bedroom?

How about adding a couple of magical garden fairies to your garden as well?

Here you will find the most beautiful and realistic fairy statues and sculptures to sprinkle around your garden and house!

I had to create this page just for them because they are amazing!
I can’t wait to start!
Let’s go!

Sprinkle some fairy dust on yourself and let’s fly to the enchanted world of fairies!

*A few facts about fairies:

You need to believe in them!

Your cat or dog can definitely see them! Pay attention to them if they seem to be ‘seeing something’ in the air… it might be a playful fairy flying nearby!

Fairies get very sleepy during the day…

Their home country is Ireland! (That’s why I can’t wait to visit one day… who knows? I might be able to spot a cute tiny fairy myself!)

As you probably heard, fairies LOVE sparkly things! It really gets their attention! (Let all that glitter out!)

Yes, unfortunately they have the power to become invisible, so that’s why it’s very, very difficult to see them…

Very Cute Fairy Sitting Resin Figurine

Pretty Fairy Sitting Statue

Fannie, the Pretty Fairy Sitting Statue

Look at this cute fairy sitting and relaxing on the garden! 🙂

She has a smile and a very peaceful look on her face and she seems to be enjoying herself!

Fairies love the outdoors, you know…
She will look very pretty anywhere you choose to have her!

I would try to place her in a very bright spot, where the sun hits… and also among colorful, pretty flowers and plants!
They like that!

Large Fairy Statue in a Beautiful Bronze Patina Finish!

Large Fairy Statue Bronze Patina

Large Fairy Statue Bronze Patina

Get ready to see one of the most beautiful outdoor fairy statues ever!

If you are looking for large fairy figurines and statues for sale, look what I just found…
It’s a gorgeous girl fairy outdoor statue for the garden!

Her name is Lillian! 🙂

She is pretty large, at 21 inches tall! (And she also has the most gorgeous fairy wings, doesn’t she?)
She LOVES roses, as you can see in the picture…

You gotta have her near some plants, on a sunny spot too!
She will look amazing!

I LOVE, love love her beautiful bronze patina finish!
It is multi-colored!

Magical Fairy and Butterfly Garden Statue

Magical Fairy and Butterfly Garden Statue

Magical Fairy and Butterfly Garden Statue

Another gorgeous magical fairy statue for your soon to be magical garden! 🙂

It is a fairy and butterfly metal statue!

She has stunning huge fairy wings and she is gently kneeling down on the grass while letting a pretty butterfly rest on her arm…

Her details are amazing!
She is also pretty large, at 25 inches!

Will definitely stand out and make a nice outdoor gift idea for a very special fairy lover in the family…

Beautiful Fairy Lamp!

Gorgeous Fairy Home Decor!

Beautiful Fairy Lamp

Beautiful Fairy Lamp

This is my favorite fairy lamp for sale!

It’s a gorgeous almost 15″ Tiffany style fairy sculpture lamp with colorful stained glass wings!
She will give a beautiful and magical fairy glow to your room!

Green Forest Fairy Resting Figurine

Green Forest Fairy Resting Figurine

Green Forest Fairy Resting Figurine

This is a very cute and very unique green forest fairy figurine for your collection!
She is also a LED light!

(She seems to be very tired from all the fairy work in the forest and she is taking a quick break…)

Now all you have to do is find a magical corner in your living-room or bedroom for her!

Set of 2 Pretty Fairy Statues!

Pretty Fairy Statues

Pretty Fairy Statues

You will get two beautiful fairy statues for your growing collection! 🙂
(One of them seems to be about to take flight…)

Get them now before they fly away!

They are so pretty!
I love their beautiful ‘fairy dress’!

Beautiful Water Stirring Fairy Sculpture

The Daydream Fairy Statue

The Daydream Fairy Statue

If you are looking for a beautiful outdoor fairy for your garden, I think you are going to love this water stirring fairy sculpture for sale! 🙂

She is called ‘The Daydream Fairy‘… (I wonder what fairies ‘daydream’ about when they are relaxed like that…)

She is fairly tall, at 18 inches.
What a beautiful piece!
She looks truly magical!
I bet she will make a fairy lover very, very happy!

*Another Very Cute Fairy Statue for Your Garden!

Cute Fairy Statue

Cute Fairy Statue

This beautiful fairy will sprinkle her magical dust everywhere and will make your garden an enchanting place to be!
She is very pretty, isn’t she?

Cute Bronze Fairy Figurine

Cute Bronze Fairy Figurine

Cute Bronze Fairy Figurine

This is another one of my favorite bronze fairy figurines for sale!

It is of a very cute fairy resting with a cute butterfly on her foot! 🙂

Great fairy to have near your plants, maybe even sitting on one of your flower pots!
How about that?
I think it’s a great idea!

Beautiful Pixie Fairy Garden Statue!

fairy garden statue

Beautiful Fairy Garden Statue

This is another favorite of mine!
It’s the sunflower fairy! 🙂 (She is holding a sunflower bowl on her hands…)

I love her gorgeous and very large fairy wings and her beautiful hair full of flowers!
She is absolutely stunning!
Perfect to have next to your pool or pond!

She is definitely one of the most beautiful fairy statues to have in your garden!
Look at those beautiful and huge fairy wings! I can’t get enough of them…
She will make a wonderful fairy gift idea to any fairy lovers!

Large Kissing Fairy Garden Statue

Kissing Fairy Garden Statue

Kissing Fairy Garden Statue

Everyone loves the kissing fairy!

Isn’t she gorgeous?
Her magical fairy kiss can grant you a wish! (Get ready for a stream of visitors in need of a kiss from your new garden fairy…) 🙂

I love her gorgeous bronze finish!

She also seems to be about to take flight…

(Fairy is 35-inch tall by 15-inch long by 11-inch wide)

*Some buyers mentioned that there is a little weight imbalance with this statue, but since the bottom is hole, you can put some sand or something else inside to keep it standing still, as one buyer suggested. I think it’s a very creative idea!

Spirit of the Wind Fairy Statue

Spirit of the Wind Fairy Statue

Spirit of the Wind Fairy Statue

It’s the wind fairy!
She is making somewhere windy right now!

(I don’t know about you, but I kind of feel the breeze coming my way right this minute…)

Just be careful not to break her concentration, ok?

One of the most unique magical fairy statues for the garden!

*Cute Fairy Hugging a Rabbit Garden Sculpture!

Happiness Garden Statue

Happiness Garden Statue

Have you ever seen anything more adorable than this garden fairy hugging a rabbit?

I guess he is really enjoying the love!
He even stopped eating his carrot!

This cute sculpture was made from aluminum and it is 14″ high.

Classic Archer Pixie Fairy Home Garden Statue

Large Garden Fairy Statues

large garden fairy statues

Classic Archer Pixie Fairy Home Garden Statue

You just met the archer fairy in action!

She is about to let her magical arrow fly!

What a magnificent fairy gift idea!
If you also love large garden fairies, this one is for you!
She is over 4 feet tall!

Tall Green Fairy on Mushroom Statue

Fairy on Mushroom Statue

Fairy on Mushroom Statue

Beautiful fairy on mushroom garden statue for sale!
Look at those wings!
A happy buyer said she is one of the most beautiful beings she has ever seen!
I believe her!

*Let’s search for some fairies now!

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