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Elephant Decorations

I am crazy about elephants!

cool elephants

I Love Elephants

Do you also LOVE elephants? 🙂

How about decorating your home with the coolest elephant themed stuff ever?

You won’t believe the awesome elephant decorations for home being displayed here!
I still can’t believe them!
It’s the coolest thing!

From elephant tables to elephant stools, elephant lamps, statues and wall hangings!
Bring the majesty of the elephants right into your living-room!
I hope you enjoy my selections and have fun choosing elephants!

Cute Elephants Table!

Best Elephant Decor for Home!

Cute Elephants Coffee Table for Sale

Cute Elephants Coffee Table for Sale

I am going to start my elephant decorations selections with my favorite piece!
This cute elephants coffee table with glass top!

There are two highly-detailed and very real-looking elephants at the base!
A mom elephant and her baby! 🙂
I still can’t believe how real they look!
From their color to their wrinkled skin! (Beyond adorable, isn’t it?)
Believe it or not this is an affordable piece!

(My husband is crazy for us to get this elephant table for our living-room!)

*Gorgeous Elephant Decorations for the Living-Room!

Gorgeous Elephant Table

Gorgeous Elephant Table

How gorgeous and realistic is this elephant head glass-topped table fellow elephant lovers?

It is spectacular!

It is also beautifully detailed and very affordable!
Perfect to create a fun ‘safari’ atmosphere right in your living-room!

(A very cool idea is to get two of them and place them next to your armchairs… very exotic!)

It is a little small though…

(Product Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 20 inches.)

*How Cute is this Baby Elephant Coffee Table?

Baby Elephant Coffee Table

Baby Elephant Coffee Table

This is another favorite elephant home decor piece of mine!

It’s a cute baby elephant coffee table!

He is also so realistic looking that you kind of expect the baby elephant to start walking with all your drinks at any minute! 🙂

*(If I had room in my house, I would actually buy all three of these elephant tables!)

They are all so cute and so perfect!
This cute coffee table is also very affordable!

Fun Elephant Sprinkler!

Elephant Sprinkler

Elephant Sprinkler

Let the summer fun begin with this adorable elephant sprinkler for the garden!

Just imagine all the fun the kids are gonna have getting wet running around this cute baby elephant!
Isn’t it beyond awesome?

He is a little over 3 feet tall and will definitely stand out in your garden!

Will also make a wonderful elephant gift idea for someone! 🙂

One of a Kind Elephant Hamper!

Gorgeous Elephant Decorations!

Elephant Wicker Hamper

Elephant Wicker Hamper

If you are looking for some cool elephant-shaped home decor items, then I think you are going to be very pleased with this piece!

It is a very unique elephant shape wicker hamper for sale!

I went crazy when I saw this!
Let this friendly elephant keep your dirty clothes out of sight! 🙂

You can get this in different sizes and colors! (My favorite is this chocolate brown one in the picture…very cool!)
How’s that for a fun elephant gift to someone who loves to wash their clothes all the time?

Colorful Elephant Shaped Chairs for Kids!

Fun Elephant Decor!

Cute Elephant Chairs for Kids

Cute Elephant Chairs for Kids

Look what I just found!

Cute, fun and colorful elephant shaped chairs for kids! 🙂

You can get them in many other cool colors, including bright yellow, red, pink and blue!

They are made of plastic, look absolutely adorable in their bedroom and are very easy to clean!

Can you think of a more fun elephant gift idea for any elephant lovers?

Beautiful Elephant Wall Tapestry!

Elephant Wall Tapestry

Elephant Wall Tapestry

Another great way to add some elephant decor to your home is by getting a beautiful elephant wall tapestry to hang in any room in the house!

How gorgeous and unique is this one?
Will look amazing in your living-room or bedroom!
It can also be used as a ‘door’ and offer some privacy…

(I love his cute heart-shaped tusks! 🙂

African Elephant Wall Sculpture

Elephant Wall Sculpture

Elephant Wall Sculpture

Here is one of my favorite elephant decorations being sold!

How exotic is this African elephant wall sculpture for sale?
Very realistic too!
You can almost hear him!
Great elephant decor piece!

Hand Painted Wood Red and Black Decorative Elephant Foot Stool

Elephant Foot Stool

Elephant Foot Stool

How cool is this wooden elephant foot stool for sale?
What a beautiful piece!
It was hand-painted in beautiful red and black colors and it looks very exotic!
Made in India!

*Stunning Porcelain Elephants Vase for Sale!

Elephants Vase

Elephants Vase

What a beautiful, fun and very unique fine porcelain elephant family in the wild vase!

They seem to be having a wonderful family time in the jungle! 🙂

It’s  a 3D elephants vase!

Beautiful colors and it’s also so realistic!

It has a stunning glazed finish too.
I love this three-dimensional style!
Very unique!

Great for placing a beautiful plant inside!

 Very Unique Jaipur Elephant Patio Outdoor Side End Table

Elephant Outdoor Side Table

Elephant Outdoor Side Table

This is also such a beautiful and very unique elephant piece to have in your patio!

It’s a Jaipur elephant outdoor side table in a beautiful gray stone finish!

It also comes with an iron stand and metal light hanger and you can get really creative with those…

Isn’t it just perfect to have near your plants? 🙂
I think it’s lovely!

Very Cute Good Fortune Baby Elephant End Table

Baby Elephant End Table

Baby Elephant End Table

How cute and adorable is this standing baby elephant end table for sale?

What a fun piece to have next to your couch or recliner!
He is a happy fellow too!
Will definitely make everyone smile when they see him! 🙂

*What a fun elephant shaped accent lamp!

Elephant Accent Lamp Bronzed Base

Elephant Accent Lamp Bronzed Base

How about a fun elephant lamp?
Is that a fun elephant decor gift idea or what?
I love his glow!

Deco Breeze Elephant Figurine Fan

African Elephant Metal Fan

African Elephant Metal Fan

How about a cool metal elephant shape fan?
What a cool way to keep cool! 🙂

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    Good morning ,how do I go about ordering items off this website

    • Gabriela's Home

      Hi Lenora, thanks for visiting! To order something you like, just click on the picture! Thank you!

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