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Egg Chairs

Have you ever seen a cool egg shaped chair before?

egg chairs

Very Cool Egg Shaped Chair

How would you like to curl up inside a cozy egg? 🙂

I came across these amazing egg chairs a few years ago, while writing and researching about fun chairs for sale…
I had never seen them before and I was stunned!

They are fun, unique and most of them also have kind of like a sound proof design, almost like a ‘retreat’…

I kept imagining a cool living-room with a couple of egg shaped chairs on it! They are perfect for any modern home design ideas!

Kids love them too!

*This is a gorgeous white egg-shaped chair with a bright green fabric interior!
How cool is it?
It’s perfect!
Great to have it in your bedroom to listen to music or read when you feel like spending some quiet time by yourself!
Cannot think of a better way to relax!

Can you see yourself inside this cozy egg shape chair?
I definitely can!!
Seems fun!

Very Cool Futuristic Egg Shaped Chair with Ottoman

Alpha Egg Chair and Ottoman Blue

Alpha Egg Chair and Ottoman Blue

How cozy and inviting is this cool egg-shaped chair and ottoman with a beautiful all blue interior folks?

If you want to give your living-room a cool and ‘futuristic’ look, then I really recommend getting one of these cool looking ‘pod’ egg shaped chairs!
They are definitely one of the coolest chairs around!
Just imagine yourself reading a book inside your cool egg!
It seems to be very comfortable for reading and it also has a noise cancelling interior for total privacy! 🙂

It goes super well with a white living-room!

It was designed with a noise cancelling interior.
This modern and stylish egg chair is built in a way that will provide you with sound isolation, so you can enjoy a nice book or just some quiet time…
This happens because of its unique egg chamber shape and the upholstered interior!
I am sold!

Perfect for meditating or just relaxing…
Very cool!
So, who wants to relax inside an egg today?

*How about this cool Red and White Egg Shaped Chair and Ottoman?

Red and White Egg Shaped Chair and Ottoman

Red and White Egg Shaped Chair and Ottoman

Who wants to make your living-room ultra-cool and stylish today?
Now you can!
Just get this awesome bright red fabric classic egg shaped chair and ottoman for your home!
Can you imagine having two of these in your living-room?
When you have a guest each one of you can relax and catch up from inside your relaxing egg chair!
That is so cool!!

Rattan Egg Shaped Hanging Chair with Stand

rattan egg chair with stand

Rattan Egg Shaped Chair

This cool and unique rattan egg-shaped chair with stand for sale is perfect to have in your porch or veranda!

You can also have it in your garden, by the swimming pool…

It is made from weather-resistant and water-resistant materials!
It does include the cushions too!

(Beyond cool isn’t it?)
I bet you can’t wait to try it…
It must be great to close your eyes and listen to music!
The egg shape is perfect for ‘hanging around’ by yourself! 🙂

I keep imagining a cool living-room full of these egg chairs…
Each guest inside one!
That would be awesome!

I love it!

Arne Jacobsen Leather Light Brown Egg Chair

Arne Jacobsen Leather Light Brown Egg Chair

Arne Jacobsen Leather Light Brown Egg Chair

How gorgeous and stylish is this Arne Jacobsen egg leather chair?
Retro looking but at the same time very modern, this unique chair will definitely complement your living-room decor!

I love leather furniture!

This gorgeous egg chair is a mixture of retro and modern, all in one!
It is made of 100% of the finest Italian leather and it is all hand sewn!
I love this caramel color.

Perfect for the living-room!
Also great to have in your home office or even bedroom!
Great to relax!

Gorgeous ‘cracked egg shape’ caramel color leather chair!
Looks just like the original ones from the past!
You can also get it in several different colors!
I think it’s the perfect piece to add an air of ‘old meets new’ in your living-room!
Great gift idea for moms too!

Comfortable Egg Hanging Chair

Hanging Egg Chair, Blue

Hanging Egg Chair, Blue

That’s what I’m talking about folks!
Invest a in cool egg hanging chair like this one and who needs to spend thousands of dollars traveling? 🙂 (Just kidding… nothing beats traveling somewhere amazing…)

Every day will feel like ‘vacation day’ at home!

This fun blue egg shaped hanging chair with comfy cushions inside looks so inviting!
You will not want to leave… it is very relaxing…
What a fun way to read a book or just enjoy the outdoors!

I wouldn’t mind being there right now…

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