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Decorative Tables

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The Most FUN Decorative Tables for Your Living-Room!

cool Decorative Tables

Cool Monkey Butler Decorative End Table

I LOVE, LOVE to find the coolest and most fun decorative tables for sale!
They can make any living-room an awesome, cool and unique place to be!
Why have a boring living-room, with boring tables, when you can have a super cool living-room that will have all your guests going ‘Wow’!! when they visit you?
I am all for unique!!
On this page you are going to find a few of my favorite accent tables to have in a living-room!
Check them out and maybe grab one for you!

*Check out this cute Moroccan monkey dressed as a butler very unique sculptural end table for sale!
Look how perfect it looks next to that chair!
Isn’t it awesome?
Will make your living-room way more fun!
And don’t worry!
He doesn’t get tired ever!

Stacked Books Sculptural End Table

Fun Accent Tables for Your Living-Room!

stacked books table

Stacked Book Volumes End Table

This is another favorite of mine!
Perfect accent table for a bookworm’s house!

A fun and unique stacked book volumes end table!
I know you love it!
Great to have in your home office too!

Gorgeous High Heel Stilettos Shoe Decorative Table!

Stylish High Heel Shoe Accent Table

Stylish High Heel Shoe Accent Table

I LOVE this high heel shoe decorative end table!

One of the most creative looking end tables ever!
It is perfect!

Great gift idea too!
It can either be for a single woman’s house or a single guy’s too!
It is sexy, stylish and modern!

Fishnets and Heels Sculptural End Table

Woman’s Legs and Red Heels Accent Table

Woman’s Legs and Red Heels Accent Table

I couldn’t resist! I had to show you this one too!

How creative is this woman’s lower legs in fishnets and red heels accent table?

Isn’t it perfect for a guy’s apartment?
It is also affordable!

Babette Sculptural Glass-Topped Table

Beautiful Woman’s Legs Accent Table for Sale!

Sexy Legs Accent Table

Sexy Legs Accent Table

Keeping the woman’s legs sculptural tables alive, I present to you this ultra-cool, sexy and unique babette accent table!
Also great to have in a single guy’s apartment!
All your male guests will want to take a picture next top this fabulous decorative table!

Genevieve the Buxom French Maid Pedestal Sculptural Table

french maid accent table

French Maid Sculptural Table

I also had to show you this very cute and unique French maid decorative table!
Very pretty!

She will be your faithful servant for a long time!
Always in her uniform and always carrying her tray with cool and refreshing drinks!

Great gift idea for guys!

*A cobra table!

Egyptian cobra accent table

Egyptian Cobra Glass-Topped Table

If you are looking for a more exotic living-room decor, you are going to love this Egyptian cobra Goddess glass-topped sculpture table for sale!

As you can see it stands out (and the cobra is also standing up) beautifully  next to the arm chair.
I love her beautiful colors! Will definitely ‘hypnotize’ all your guests… 🙂

Very realistic too! (Kind of…)

She stands at a little over 24 inches, which is actually the perfect height for you to reach and grab your drink from the couch or chair.

Funny Alien Butler Pedestal Table

Unique Alien Butler Pedestal Table

Cool Alien Butler Pedestal Table

Design Toscano Alien Butler Pedestal Table, 26 Inch, Polyresin, Full Color

How about having a close encounter with a real Alien every day in your home?

Now you can! With this funny Alien butler pedestal table for your living room!
Isn’t he amazing?
Will make an awesome gift idea to any UFO believers!

Stunning Castle and Dragons Glass Topped Sculptural End Table

The Most Unique Accent Tables for Sale!

Castle and Dragons Accent Table

Castle and Dragons Accent Table

This castle and dragons glass-topped end table is definitely among the most unusual decorative tables being sold!

The design is absolutely amazing! You can almost expect seeing light coming from the tiny windows…
It is very cool!
Great for a gothic themed living-room! I love this gray stone look and finish!

The Muses Glass Topped Sculptural End Table

The Muses Glass Topped Table

The Muses Glass Topped Table

Another gorgeous and very unique sculptural table to choose from…

It is the the muses statue glass-topped table!

*There were nine Muses in Greek mythology (Clio, Euterpe, Thalia, Melpomeni, Terpsichore, Erato, Polymnia, Ourania and Calliope) and they were the Greek goddesses of inspiration, science and the arts… Writers and other artists would ask the Muses for inspiration…

A happy buyer said the table even more beautiful in person!

Great piece for a Greek or Roman history teacher or student!

Beautiful Neoclassical Nude Male Sculpture Table!

nude male table

Nude Male Sculptural Table

Another gorgeous piece!
It’s a Neoclassical style nude male on his knees sculptural table!

Wow! His body is highly detailed…. we can see all his muscles!
Great gift idea for art students too…

*What a Cute Baby Elephant Accent Table!

Cute Baby Elephant Accent Table

Cute Baby Elephant Accent Table

I also LOVE elephant decor and this cute baby elephant end table is just too adorable!! 🙂

Great fun gift idea for any elephant lovers!
He will also bring you good luck! (If you believe…)

Adorable Dolphins Glass-Topped Sculptural Table

My Favorite Decorative Tables!

Dolphin Cove Glass-Topped Sculptural Table

Dolphin Cove Glass-Topped Sculptural Table

Love dolphins?
Then this is the perfect glass-top decorative table for your home! 🙂
Two cute dolphins are having fun playing together while serving your drinks!
(Don’t worry, they are very good!)

Stunning Octopus Glass Topped Sculptural Table!

Octopus Sculptural Glass Topped Table

Awesome Octopus Sculptural Glass Topped Table

And I definitely saved the best for last!

How amazing is this octopus table???
Have you ever seen anything more unique and cool?
How’s that for a great ‘octopus gift idea’?

The only issue with this table is that it is small in my opinion…
I wish they made it big!
How amazing is it going to look by the swimming pool?
What a cool idea!

*I hope you enjoyed my selection of fun decorative tables from this page and were able to choose one for your living-room!
Do you want to see more cool tables?
You got it!
I love them too!

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  • kenneth hogan

    Is the Babette sculptural glass topped table for sale?
    I have one and I need another one to complement the one i have.
    PLease advise.

    • Gabriela's Home

      Hi Kenneth, thanks for visiting! Just click on the picture. Thank you!

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