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Cute Mini Fridges

I fell in LOVE with these Cute Mini Refrigerators for Sale!

cute mini fridges

Coca-Cola 15-Can-Capacity Bottle-Shaped Fridge

Having a small refrigerator in your room is the next best thing after having your very own bathroom!

Why not buy yourself or someone you love a cute mini fridge this year?
It is the best thing to have in a dorm room or your bedroom!

Whenever you feel thirsty you know your nice and cool drink is inches away from you!
No more getting up in the middle of the night and having to walk all the way to the kitchen for a glass of water!
Just reach your hand and grab that cool water bottle or juice…. (No soda at night!)

*This is the Coca-Cola bottle shape mini-fridge!
So creative!!!
Love it!!!
Looks like a giant coke bottle but it is a mini fridge!
This is the most fun coke bottle shaped mini fridge around!
Huge hit in parties and family gatherings!

I think getting a cute mini fridge as a gift is also a very “cool” idea!!
(Extra-cool preferably………..)
But remember….. It has to be cute!!

I came across some really awesome mini refrigerators for sale and I had to show them to you!
My favorite ones are the coke can and coke bottle shaped ones!
They are beyond awesome! 🙂

Needless to mention, but I will anyway, cute and practical mini fridges make great gift ides for college students!

Red Coca-Cola Can-Shaped Mini Fridge for Sale!

Cool Coca-Cola Can-Shaped 8-Can-Capacity Fridge, Red

Cool Coca-Cola Can-Shaped 8-Can-Capacity Fridge, Red

I love this one too!!!
So creative!!!

A fun red Coca-Cola can shaped mini-fridge!
That actually fits 8 real Coca-Cola cans inside! 🙂
(Just don’t drink coke at night though…………)

Great for offices, dorms, kitchen, living room or anywhere you want to drink a cold Coke!
How’s that for a very ‘cool’ Christmas gift?

Very Cute and Compact Red Coca-Cola Mini Fridge!

Cute Red Coca-Cola 1.7 Cubic Foot Mini Fridge

Cute Red Coca-Cola 1.7 Cubic Foot Mini Fridge

I decided to start my selections of mini refrigerators for sale with my favorite Coca-Cola cute mini-fridges first because they are ultra-cool! 🙂

This cute and fun red Coca-Cola mini-fridge is perfect for a dorm room or teenage girl’s bedroom!

When they have a sleepover they will have access to their favorite drinks without having to go all the way to the kitchen!
Happy buyers say it is a very cool mini-fridge and keeps their favorite beverages super cold!

I LOVE it!!

(1.7-cubic foot capacity)

Cute Mini Fridge

Cute Mini Fridge

*This is how it looks inside!
How cool is it?
It fits a lot of food too! 🙂

Cool Mini Fridge Write on & Erase

Cool Mini Fridge Write on & Erase

Cool Mini Fridge Write on & Erase

What a fun mini fridge for sale!
You can write on it!
That’s right!
You can write and erase messages on the door!
Perfect to write cute messages for your loved ones, boyfriend, girlfriend or reminders of things you need to do!
(And your shopping list too! 🙂

It is also very spacious inside, (even though it is a mini fridge… 🙂
It has two adjustable shelves and a freezer!
(You can also get it in white, if you prefer…)

I say ‘Yes’ to this cute mini fridge!

Very Nice and Compact Refrigerator for the Bedroom!

Best Mini Fridges for Sale!

Compact Refrigerator for the Bedroom

Compact Refrigerator for the Bedroom

This is a beautiful and very functional cute black mini-refrigerator for sale that is absolutely perfect to have in your office, bedroom or dorm room!
It holds a lot of beverage bottles, fruits and snacks inside for at least two people!
(Great to have in a master bedroom too!)

*After doing a lot of research on these, I decided to buy this one for my teenage daughter’s bedroom.
She absolutely LOVED it!!
Now she can have lots of friends over on the weekends and have all their snacks in the bedroom.
It holds all her favorite beverages and other snacks!
It also gets really, really cold! (Even I keep a few of my favorite beverages in there, in case I run out from my regular sized refrigerator…)

Compact Mini Fridge Inside

Compact Mini Fridge Inside

*So far we are very, very pleased with this cute black mini fridge.
It makes almost NO NOISE!

(We were worried that it would be loud and keep her awake but this thing is almost totally silent!)
We placed it under her table, right next to her bed.
The price is very good and you can also get it in several other sizes!
For me, it is the perfect ‘bedroom refrigerator’! 🙂
I am even considering buying a second one for my bedroom too!

It cools the food real quick too!

*Very Unique Portable Garage Toolbox Refrigerator, 1.8 Cubic Feet RED!

Very Unique Portable Toolbox Mini Refrigerator

Very Unique Portable Toolbox Mini Refrigerator

This is one of the coolest portable mini-refrigerators to have in a garage!
It has a very cool toolbox design and a gorgeous RED color!
(It actually has two working toolbox drawers too!)

Perfect Christmas gift idea for husbands who love to spend a lot of time in their garage! 🙂

I love the fact that it is portable!
It has nice rolling wheels that makes it super easy to move this cute fridge anywhere you want!

*Perfect Mini Fridge to Hold Over 100 Cans!

Mini Fridge to Hold Over 100 Cans

Mini Fridge to Hold Over 100 Cans

Let’s face it… Teenagers and college students love to drink their soda… (and sometimes a couple of energy drinks…)

This ‘beverage center’ refrigerator is very practical!

With a clear glass door it is easy for you to spot the right beverage for any occasion…

Very cute and absolutely perfect for a college student’s dorm room or bedroom!
It can actually hold about 120 cans of soda, juice or beer!
Never be short on cold drinks again! 🙂

It also has three wire shelves inside that you can adjust to better fit your beverages any way you want.

What a Cute and FUN Bright Blue Mini Fridge!

I love colorful mini-refrigerators!

1.6 Cubic Foot Mini Fridge, Blue

1.6 Cubic Foot Mini Fridge, Blue

How cute is this bright blue mini-fridge?
Wow! Wow! Wow!!
I want one!!
Just imagine having this cute and colorful refrigerator in your bedroom or dorm room?
It’s awesome!
Great gift idea for your girly teen girl! 🙂

*This is what it looks inside:

1.6 Cubic Foot Mini Fridge

1.6 Cubic Foot Mini Fridge

*I hope you were able to pick a very cute mini fridge for your bedroom here today! 🙂

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