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Cute Flower Lamps

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links.
**All links on this page are affiliate links, meaning I get commissions for purchases made through those links on this page at no additional cost to you.

My Favorite Floral Lamps!

Have you ever seen a beautiful flower lamp before, ladies? 🙂

cute flower lamps

Tiffany Style Stained Glass Floral Table Lamp

I love floral lamps!
There is nothing cuter for a girly woman’s home than a cute lamp!

Keeping that in mind I was able to select the most beautiful floral lamps being sold online! (In my opinion, of course!) 🙂

Each one more beautiful, girly and colorful than the next!
The majority of the flower lamps from this page were made by Tiffany because they are of the highest quality possible!
They will look great anywhere in your home, especially in your girly living-room and bedroom!
They are full of colors and glow beautifully in the dark!

*Aaaaah! The power of beautiful flowers!
How floral and colorful is this cute Tiffany style floral table lamp in the picture?

I am mesmerized by all the beautiful floral table lamps from this page and very happy to share them with you!
They also make beautiful gift ideas for any special woman in your life!
They will look great in a teen girl’s bedroom too!
Surprise someone you love this year with a beautiful flower lamp!

Tiffany Style Beautiful Roses Floor Lamp

Cutest Floral Lamps for Sale!

beautiful flower lamps for sale

Tiffany Style Roses Reading Floor Lamp 62 In

Tiffany Style Roses Reading Floor Lamp 62 In

Are things getting ‘girlier’ and girlier by the minute or what? 🙂

This the ultimate ‘girly’ table lamp from this page!
It is a gorgeous roses design floor lamp!

I love the colors!
This pretty flowers lamp will look lovely in a girly woman’s living-room or bedroom!
Very feminine!

(Dimensions: 62 inches high)

Gorgeous Victorian Floral Table Lamp

Floral Table Lamp

Victorian Tiffany Rosebush Table Lamp

Victorian Tiffany Rosebush Table Lamp

How girly and beautiful!
One of the cutest floral lamps around!

It’s a gorgeous and very colorful glass roses table lamp!
Will make an awesome gift idea for your mom, wife or grandma!

Beautiful Flower Shaped Wall Lamp!

Cute Flower Shaped Wall Lamp

Cute Flower Shaped Wall Lamp

A flower-shaped wall lamp for sale!

It’s absolutely gorgeous!

It is also affordable, so I would definitely buy at least two of them for my wall! 🙂
I love the cute metal leaves!
Very creative!

Pretty Intertwined Lily Flowers Floor Lamp!

Intertwined Lilies Floor Lamp

Intertwined Lilies Floor Lamp

Pretty flower shaped lamps look amazing in the living-room!

This is a gorgeous and very tall lily flowers floor lamp for sale!
(Over 68 inches high!)

It will look beyond gorgeous standing on your living-room next to your arm chair or couch!

*Romantic Red Roses Table Lamp

Red Roses Table Lamp

Red Roses Table Lamp

I see romantic red roses! 🙂

We can’t talk about cute flower lamps without showing a gorgeous red roses table lamp!
It is a very romantic flower lamp to give someone special!

Lovely Red Rose Border Lamp

red roses table lamps

Very Cute Red Roseborder Table Lamp

How lovely, sweet and romantic is this cute red roses border table lamp?

One of the most adorable floral lamps for sale!
Will make a very cute gift idea for a girly woman’s home.

What a Gorgeous Sunflower Table Lamp!

pretty sunflowers table lamp

Gorgeous Wild Sunflower Table Lamp

I absolutely adore sunflowers and when I saw this gorgeous, creative and very colorful sunflowers table lamp I went crazy! 🙂

One of the best floral lamps from this page in my opinion!
So cheerful and such a happy flower lamp!
I bet all your guests will be asking you where you got it!

(Size: 24″H)

Very Unique Vintage Style Puffy Oxford Floral Table Lamp!

Unique Puffy Oxford Floral Table Lamp

Unique Puffy Oxford Floral Table Lamp

This is a very unique floral accent lamp!
It has a beautiful ‘vintage’ look to it!
Great gift idea for grandma!

Cutest Pink Begonia Flowers Mini Table Lamp

cute flower lamps for sale

Cutest Begonia Flowers Mini Lamp

This is by far one of the cutest, most adorable floral lamps from this page! It’s a cute pink begonia flowers mini lamp!
I love the girly shape, the cute pink flowers and the colors!
(I would get two of them and place one on each side of my bed! 🙂

(Size: 13″H)

Affordable Pink Flower Desk and Table Touch Lamp

Pink Flower Desk and Table Touch Lamp

Pink Flower Desk and Table Touch Lamp

If you are looking for pretty and cheap flower-shaped lamps for sale, I think you are going to LOVE this very cute pink flower touch lamp! 🙂

Looks gorgeous anywhere you place it!
Just touch it and it lights up! 🙂 (Love that!)

Great housewarming gift idea too!

Cute Flower Lamps!

Pretty Flower Shape Touch Table Lamp

Pretty Lotus Flower Touch Table Lamp

Pretty Lotus Flower Touch Table Lamp

Another affordable and gorgeous flower shaped touch lamp with three brightness settings!
(Since they are so cheap, I would probably get a few of them and place them around the house! I think it’s a fun idea! 🙂

Beautiful Tulip Flowers 5-Lite Table Lamp

Tulip Flower Table Lamp

Tulip Flower 5-Lite Table Lamp

I love tulips!

Look what I just found!
A gorgeous tulip flowers table lamp for sale!
Will make a beautiful flower gift idea for somebody special! 🙂

Gorgeous 6-light Floral Ceiling Lamp for Sale!

Cute Floral Ceiling Lamp

Cute Floral Ceiling Lamp

I had to end my selection of cute flower lamps with this gorgeous flower ceiling lamp!
It’s magnificent!
Will look so beautiful on top of your dining table! 🙂

(Measures 25 x 25 x 24 inches)

*Have you ever wondered about how to make a beautiful Tiffany lamp?

*I hope you enjoyed these cute flower lamps and were able to choose one (or two!) for your home! I think you are also going to enjoy these:

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