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Crystal Statues

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*The Most Beautiful and Unique Crystal Statues and Figurines to Collect!

crystal statues

Swarovski Crystal Green Rosella Jonquil

I have always loved crystal statues.
When I was a teenager I used to collect crystal pyramids!
I had several in various sizes…

I also love cute crystal animals and crystal angels.
And beautiful crystal flowers!

Nowadays you can find crystal statues in pretty much every shape imaginable, including small crystal buildings!

Crystal statues are usually larger than crystal figurines and Swarovski crystals are the best!

*(How gorgeous and colorful is this amazing crystal parrot? Omg! Yes, I also love crystal birds!)

I selected here my top favorite crystal statues and figurines being sold right now.
They also make great gift ideas for anyone!

They look amazing when the light passes through them too!
(I used to think they were magical when I was a kid…)

Beautiful Crystal Bird Figurines

Swarovski Roller Figurine, Blue Turquoise

Beautiful Blue Turquoise Crystal Bird Figurine

Beautiful Blue Turquoise Crystal Bird Figurine

I love crystal animal statues and crystal birds are among my favorites!

This is a gorgeous and fairly large blue crystal bird figurine with gorgeous topaz crystal accents.

He is incredibly detailed, caught in mid-flight!
This will make an amazing gift idea for a very special bird lover in the family!

*What a Stunning Pair of Colorful Crystal Birds!

Colorful Crystal Birds

Colorful Crystal Birds

I LOVE colorful crystal animal figurines, and when I saw this stunning pair of Swarovski Gouldian Finch crystal birds I went crazy!

They are so sparkly!
They are perched on a nice silver display.
Who is the lucky bird lover getting this today?

Cute Swarovski Crystal Owls On Branch

Cute Swarovski Crystal Owls On Branch

Cute Swarovski Crystal Owls On Branch

How cute and lovely is this pair of clear crystal owls on a branch?

I love their topaz eyes! Their details are also unbelievable! The cute crystal owl on the left really seems to be looking to the other owl with love…

Perfect gift idea for your wife, mom or girlfriend!

Now all you have to do is find that perfect spot for them in your home!
Preferably somewhere with lots of sunlight, so they can sparkle!

Impressive Swarovski Crystal Golden Jaguar Figurine

Unique Crystal Animal Figurines for Sale!

Swarovski Crystal Jaguar Figurine

Gorgeous Swarovski Crystal Jaguar Figurine

How absolutely gorgeous and impressive is this golden crystal jaguar figurine?
It looks very realistic!
He is walking on a clear crystal base and will look amazing anywhere you decide to place it!

*Fun Swarovski Disney Pluto Figurine

Fun Swarovski Disney Pluto Figurine

Fun Swarovski Disney Pluto Figurine

Look who I found!
It’s a cute Pluto crystal figurine!

He was crafted in a gorgeous topaz crystal and his tail, ears and nose in jet crystal!
What a fun crystal figurine to collect!

Gorgeous Swarovski Disney Mickey Mouse Figurine

Swarovski Disney Mickey Mouse Figurine

Swarovski Disney Mickey Mouse Figurine

This colorful crystal Mickey Mouse figurine is my favorite Disney crystal figurine ever!
I love Mickey Mouse! 🙂

He has amazing details and beautiful colors!
I love his red crystal shorts!

One of the best crystal statue gift ideas for any Disney fans!

*Adorable Crystal Minnie Mouse Figurine!

Crystal Minnie Mouse Figurine

Crystal Minnie Mouse Figurine

Of course I also love Minnie!

How cute and adorable is this colorful Minnie Mouse crystal figurine for sale?

Of course you have to place her right next to Mickey!
They belong together! 🙂
How gorgeous and girly are her rose crystal shoes and hair bow?

Very Cute Donald Duck Crystal Figurine

Cute Donald Duck Crystal Figurine

Cute Donald Duck Crystal Figurine

Another favorite crystal animal figurine of mine is this cute and colorful Donald Duck crystal figurine for sale!

Isn’t he adorable?
Definitely a fun addition to your growing collection of crystal figurines! (Place him near your Mickey, Minnie and Pluto!)

I LOVE Beautiful Crystal Flowers!

Swarovski Large Poinsettia

Swarovski Crystal Large Poinsettia Figurine

Gorgeous Swarovski Crystal Large Poinsettia Figurine

I also love beautiful crystal flower figurines, such as this gorgeous Swarovski crystal poinsettia flower vase!

I love the color contrast between the clear crystal vase and the red crystal flowers and green crystal leaves!
It is a stunning piece that will put a smile on your face every time you see it on your shelf or side table!

Gorgeous Crystal Tulip!

Beautiful Crystal Tulip

Beautiful Crystal Tulip

Tulips are among my favorite flowers!
Look what I just found!
A gorgeous crystal tulip for sale!

It is the perfect gift for women! 🙂

It’s also surprisingly large, at 15 inches!
You will also be pleasantly surprised with the price!
It is affordable!

Beautiful Crystal Rose!

Beautiful Crystal Rose

Beautiful Crystal Rose

I also had to show you this beautiful crystal rose!
One of the most beautiful and romantic crystal flowers around!

How’s that for a nice Valentine’s Day gift idea for her?
Highly crafted!
Have it near a window, so the sunlight can hit it! 🙂

Stunning Swarovski Crystal Oyster Shell with Pearl!

Swarovski Crystal Oyster Shell with Pearl

Swarovski Crystal Oyster Shell with Pearl

This is by far one of the most stunning crystal sculptures for sale out there!

It’s a gorgeous crystal oyster with a pearl!
Definitely a must-have in any crystal figurine collection!

Clear Crystal Horse Figurine

Swarovski Stallion Horse

Clear Swarovski Crystal Stallion Horse Figurine

Clear Swarovski Crystal Stallion Horse Figurine

If you are a horse lover and a crystal statue collector, then you are going to go crazy with this beautiful and highly-detailed clear Swarovski crystal Stallion horse figurine for sale!

He is mesmerizing!

Imagine how magical he is going to look when the sunlight passes through him!

*I hope you enjoyed my selections of crystal statues and figurines! 🙂

*Swarovski Crystal World Museum

Have you ever visited a Swarovski crystal museum before?

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