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Chair Beds

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My Favorite Comfy Chair Beds for House Guests!

Chair Beds

Chair Beds

Are you looking for the best and most comfortable chair beds for sale?
What a good host you are!
You really want to keep your house guests comfy huh?
You know what that means…
They will keep COMING BACK! Lol
Jokes aside, I think it’s really important to have at least one nice and comfortable chair bed in your home…
First of all they look very nice and can be used as extra-seating and they are also perfect for reading and relaxing!
When you have your house guest, just roll it into a nice and comfortable bed!
How practical is that?
Here are the top selling and best reviewed chair beds for sale online!
I hope your future guests will like them!

Beautiful and Shiny Black Convertible Chair Bed

Stylish Chair Beds for the Living-Room!

Beautiful and Very Comfortable Large Black Chair Bed

Beautiful and Very Comfortable Large Black Chair Bed

This shiny black convertible chair bed is one of the most stylish and gorgeous chair beds to have in the living-room!
Beautiful seating chair by day, nice and comfortable large bed by night!
Look how nice it looks!
Of course it goes all the way down and flat!
But I wanted to show you that you can also have it in many other positions, this one is perfect for reading at night!
It has a high-density foam inside, for maximum comfort!
(The truth is… you are going to find this gorgeous chair bed so comfortable that you will also sleep there once in a while! Lol)
Your wife might not like the idea as much…Lol

Gorgeous Twin or Queen Lounger Chair Bed

best chair beds for sale

Sofa Sleeper Convertible into Lounger

Beautiful Sofa Sleeper Convertible into Lounger/Love seat/Bed – Twin, Full & Queen Sizes

I guess looking at this cute and comfy twin lounger chair you would never guess it actually has 3 positions!
That’s right!

Besides going all the way down and ‘transforming’ into a very nice and comfortable bed at night, it also goes in a comfortable reading or sitting position.
This is awesome!
I love this beautiful gray color too.

It’s also very comfortable, very sturdy and FUN to use!
What a new and fun way to sleep at night huh?

Convertible Accent Chair Bed, Taupe

Best Chair Beds for Sale!

Nice Convertible Accent Chair Bed

Nice Convertible Accent Chair Bed

Another nice, comfy and very simple convertible accent chair bed in a nice and peaceful taupe color to have in your living-room, home office or bedroom!

It has a very nice and firm seating and sleeping position that will keep guests comfortable through the night. (It’s also available in black, which is always stylish!)

I love how it looks like a ‘normal’ chair, but it’s not… 🙂
Cute and functional piece of furniture for an home!

*This is a nice and elegant futon lounger!

Beautiful and Large Futon Lounger

Beautiful and Large Futon Lounger

How gorgeous and very stylish is this super elegant black futon lounger for the living-room?
I love it!

It is very big and very comfortable!
Your guests have never been more cozy and comfy at night, I’m telling you!

During the day you can have this beautiful black futon in many cool positions and at night as a nice and large bed!

Comfortable Adjustable Convertible Sleeper Chair

cheap chair beds for sale

5-Position Adjustable Convertible Flip Chair, Sleeper Dorm Game Bed Couch Lounger Sofa Chair

5-Position Adjustable Convertible Flip Chair, Sleeper Dorm Game Bed Couch Lounger Sofa Chair

Have you ever slept on a ‘sleeper’ chair before? 🙂

This awesome affordable convertible chair bed has 5 positions to suit your best ‘reclining’ needs!

Just by looking at it makes you want to throw yourself on it, right?
That’s why it’s called sleeper lounger chair I guess!
‘Cause it’s awesome, big and very comfy!!

Also perfect for a dorm room or teenager’s bedroom!
It’s very compact!

Comfy Guest Sleeper Chair in Chocolate Color

comfy sleeper chairs for guests

Fold Down Sofa Bed Floor Couch Foam Folding Modern Futon Chaise Lounge Convertible

Giantex Fold Down Sofa Bed Floor Couch Foam Folding Modern Futon Chaise Lounge

I had to show you this cool, fun and comfy convertible chaise lounger for sale because my own sister sleeps on one every night! She doesn’t have a real bed in her bedroom and she prefers to sleep on this cool ‘chaise bed’!

First of all, it is very comfy to sleep on. It is also extremely compact and just perfect to have in a tiny bedroom!

During the day it converts to a very nice looking, fun chaise, perfect to read, use the laptop or watch TV! Yes, it also comes with the comfy pillow! (You can even have two of them and place them side by side. The bedroom will look like a very cute ‘living-room’ during the day!)

Very modern and stylish! (I LOVE this gorgeous chocolate brown color!)

Affordable Flip Chair Sleeper Bed

Affordable Flip Chair Sleeper Bed

Affordable Flip Chair Sleeper Bed

If you are looking for comfy but cheap sleeper chair beds for sale today I think you are going to LOVE these!

This is a fun, colorful and very affordable dark blue sleeper chair!
Perfect for the bedroom or even your living-room!
Very comfortable, portable and easy to use! (You can flip it from chair to bed in a few seconds!)
(You can also put it in several reclining positions.)

Great for a teenager’s bedroom or dorm room as well!

It’s also available in other cool colors, to match your decor or personal preference.

Fun Burgundy Color Sleeper Chair with Pillow!

Cheapest Chair Beds for Sale

cheapest chair beds for sale

Folding Lazy Sofa Chair Stylish Sofa Couch Beds Lounge Chair W/Pillow (Burgundy)

Giantex Folding Lazy Sofa Chair Stylish Sofa Couch Beds Lounge Chair W/Pillow (Burgundy)

Another cheap and comfortable folding chair bed that transforms into a comfy and firm bed!

Very convenient and practical to use!
Great for dorm rooms and teen bedrooms!

Also perfect for studying, listening to music and watching TV! (Available in three fun colors!)

Cute Gold Color Chair Bed for a Teen Bedroom

fun chair beds for teens

Single Size Sleeper Chair Folding Foam Bed

Single Size Sleeper Chair Folding Foam Bed,Ottoman-Cinnamon/Golden

How cute, fun and very ‘golden’ is this single size chair bed for sale?
It’s perfect to have in your teen girl’s bedroom!
Look lovely and sweet during the day and it becomes a twin bed at night for when she is having a friend over!
It’s very comfy! 🙂

*Check out these amazing chairs for reading as well!
They are ultra-comfortable!

Best Chairs for READING!
(What is the next best thing besides sleeping? Reading, of course!)

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