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Buddha Statues for Sale

My Favorite Large Buddha Statues and Sculptures!

Are you looking for some beautiful and large Buddha statues for sale?
Awesome! I love them too!
They are great to create a zen atmosphere either inside your home or in your garden! 🙂
Just sit down next to your Buddha statue, close your eyes and let go…

Large Meditating Black Buddha Statue for Sale

Meditating Black Buddha Statue

Cool Meditating Black Buddha Statue

What a gorgeous large black Buddha meditating statue!
Perfect to create a peaceful and ‘zen’ corner in your home!
Just add some incense and some meditating music and you are all set!
Start with 5 minutes a day and increase little by little…

Large Garden Buddha Sculpture

Best Buddha Sculptures for Sale!

large Meditative Buddha statue

Meditative Buddha of the Grand Temple Large-Sized Garden Statue

Meditative Buddha of the Grand Temple Large-Sized Garden Statue

This is a pretty cool large size Buddha garden sculpture for sale!
He is also in a meditating pose with his eyes closed.

I love meditating outdoors!
For me it’s what works the best!
This Buddha sculpture is very beautiful!
I love the details too…

*I Found a Beautiful Zen Buddha Fountain!

Zen Buddha Fountain

Beautiful Zen Buddha Fountain

What a gorgeous meditating Buddha fountain for sale!
Love the cute LED accent light and the beautiful bronze finish!
You also can put some plants around him to give a nice and calming touch!
I love it!
Very nice and serene!

Unique Meditating Buddha Garden Sculpture!

Giant Buddha Monument Sized Garden Statue

Giant Buddha Monument Sized Garden Statue

Gorgeous Giant Buddha Monument Sized Garden Statue

Meditative Buddha of the Grand Temple Garden Statue: Large

This is a very unique and very large blessing Buddha meditating garden sculpture for sale!

He is sitting on his famous lotus position with his right hand up in which his thumb and finger touch forming a circle.
His left hand is on his lap.
Beautiful piece for any Buddha lovers!

*To learn more about this gorgeous piece or to have one in your garden, just click on his picture…

Large and Impressive Temple Buddha Head for Sale!

Temple Buddha Head

Impressive Temple Buddha Head

This is a very peaceful and unique (not to mention impressive!) large temple Buddha head statue for sale!

Now you can create your very own ‘Buddha temple’ in your own backyard!
He has a very nice ‘aged’ concrete look, but it is made from cast stone.

How can you not relax when you see this gorgeous Buddha? Look at his peaceful meditating expression…
Let’s meditate!

Very Serene Siddhartha Gautama Standing Statue

Siddhartha Gautama Standing Statue

Serene Siddhartha Gautama Standing Statue

Standing Shakyamuni Buddha – 24″ Tall Cast Stone Garden Statue

Beautiful and highly detailed serene Siddhartha Gautama standing stone statue!
He is pretty tall too, at about 2 feet.

He also symbolizes honesty and simplicity.
Even if Buddha was attacked with insults, he would answer with a big smile.
Great gift idea for any Buddhist in the family! (Just by looking at his peaceful face we feel calmer and serene…)

Chang Mia Buddha Spiritual Statue

Seated Buddha Garden Sculpture

Buddha Garden Sculpture

Seated Buddha Garden Sculpture

Buddha Statuary, Alpine Stone Finish

Another gorgeous and very detailed seated Buddha outdoor statue for sale!
He is seated peacefully and he has a very serene facial expression.
Great Buddha statue to help you meditate too!
Beautiful stone finish!

(He is about 24.5 inches tall.)

Gorgeous Gold Color Tall Buddha Fountain with LED Light

Buddha Fountain with Light

Relaxed Buddha Fountain with Light, 36 Inch Tall

Relaxed Golden Buddha Fountain with Light, 36 Inch Tall

How about this gorgeous relaxed gold Buddha illuminated water fountain?

He is pretty tall, at 36 inches!

I bet you have never seen anything like this! 🙂
Very cool piece!

Where are you going to place him?
Happy meditating!

40″ Standing Asian Buddha Outdoor Sculpture

Asian Buddha Outdoor Sculpture

Standing Asian Buddha Outdoor Sculpture

Enlightened Buddha Statue

If you were looking for a beautiful and affordable tall standing Buddha sculpture for your garden, I believe your search is over!
This standing Buddha statue is over 3 feet tall and it has a gorgeous ‘burnished’ finish!

It is a beautiful and very relaxing standing outdoor Buddha sculpture!
I love his peaceful look!
Great to create a special meditation space in your garden!

He is totally connected to ‘all that is’!
Great gift idea too!
Perfect to have near your entryway!
Very nice and serene Buddha for a zen home!

*If you want to learn more about Buddha, here is a very nice documentary:

*I hope you liked my selections of Buddha statues for sale!
Another great idea to create a nice meditating corner in your home is to add a nice indoor zen fountain too!

Zen Indoor Water Fountains
(These are also very peaceful and perfect to meditate inside!)

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    How much is the Gikd Face Lotus Buddha Fountain? How can I purchase one

    • Gabriela's Home

      Hi Michelle, thanks for visiting! All pictures are clickable. Have a great day! 🙂

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