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Bubble Chairs

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Awesome Bubble Chairs and Ball Shaped Chairs for a Cool and Modern Living-Room!

Bubble Hanging Chairs

Bubble Hanging Chair

Bubble chairs are exactly that!
Cool chairs that look like a bubble!

They are super stylish and super cool to have in your living-room or even outside, by the pool!
Some are clear bubbles, others are in solid cool colors!

Most of them will hang too, for the ultimate ‘bubble’ experience!
Are you ready to find that perfect bubble for you?

Bubble Hanging Chair, White

Look how modern looking this clear acrylic cool hanging bubble chair with cushion inside is!
It gives the atmosphere a cool ‘retro’ meets modern’ look too…

These hanging bubble chairs look great anywhere and they do not occupy too much space…
You can even have a couple of them hanging around!
(Or one hanging bubble per guest!)
I am totally all for it!
Enjoy your new bubble! 🙂

Clear Hanging Bubble Chair With Silver Cushion

cool bubble chairs for sale

Silver Bubble Hanging Chair

Bubble Hanging Chair, Silver Cushion

Another cool and modern clear bubble chair with cool silver cushions inside!
It’s so fun!
Just perfect to improve your living-room!

You can have it near a window or by some cool plants!
(I bet you will be looking forward to literally hang in your bubble every day after work! 🙂

The chair has a polished chrome base and it hangs from a chain.
The bubble shape will also isolate most sounds from outside, so you can relax and meditate…
Or read a book in peace…

Very Cool Ball Shaped Chairs!

Have you seen these stylish circle chairs for Sale?

ball chairs for sale

Yellow Fiberglass Ball Chair

Cool Fiberglass Ball Chair, Yellow

This is one of my favorite ball-shaped chairs!
Isn’t it awesome?
The inside is fully lined and it will also offer you a quiet place to be!

Whether you call these bubble chairs or ball-shaped chairs, you are thinking about a cool and modern round chair for you to crawl into and forget about your worries!

This one is gorgeous, super ‘retro’ and it has a cool all-yellow interior!
I know… I know…
You are crazy to try it out, aren’t you?
Your very own private retreat!

Yellow is the new black!

Just imagine how modern and very cool looking this white ball shaped chair with a gorgeous all-yellow interior will look in YOUR living-room!

Actually, it is a ‘retro’ chair, but it looks modern!

You can have it by itself, as a focal point in your living room, or you can get two and pair them up in a cool corner!

Now here comes more awesome news:
You can choose between 3 fun color combinations!!
Just pick your favorite color! 🙂

Hanging Bubble Chair with Red Cushions and Chain

hanging bubble chair for sale

Contemporary Accent Hanging Swing Chair, Red

Cool Accent Hanging Swing Chair, Red, Plastic

This is the perfect ‘hanging bubble chair’ for sale!

It is fun ‘retro-style’ clear bubble chair with bright red cushions.

You can hang your ‘bubble’ pretty much anywhere in the house, bedroom, living room or porch! 🙂

Fun Fiberglass Ball Chair in Green

green ball shaped chair

Living Room Ball-Style Fiberglass Chair (green)

Modern Fashion Style Living Room Ball-Style Fiberglass Chair (green)

If you were looking for a fun ball shaped chair for sale this is one of the coolest! 🙂
Just pick the perfect spot in your house to place it and create a cool ‘quiet’ place for you to read!

*This girl found a very creative way to use her new bubble chair:

*I hope you enjoyed my selections of cool bubble chairs and ball shaped chairs from this page and were able to choose one for your home!
More awesome chairs here:

(These are shaped just like a real egg! Minus the yolk…)

(These will give ‘hanging around’ a whole new meaning!)

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