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Black Dresser with Mirror

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My Top Favorite Black Dressers with Mirror for the Bedroom!

Black Dresser with Mirror

Contemporary Black Dresser with Mirror

I am on a ‘quest’ to find the most perfect black dresser with mirror for my bedroom!

I have had an old white dresser in my bedroom for the past 10 years and I really got tired of it and I think switching to black will make the bedroom way more cozy and stylish!
(Don’t get me wrong, I also love white furniture, but white brightens up a room and now I really want to ‘darken up’…)

A couple of weeks ago I went ahead and bought a cool 5-drawer tall black chest and now I want to find a beautiful black dresser preferably with at least 6 drawers or more and with a gorgeous and large matching mirror! 🙂

(I even bought dark curtains too! 🙂

*This one in the picture is a beautiful black wood 6-drawer dresser and mirror set. It looks very nice and sturdy and the price is not so bad!
It has six spacious drawers which is what I am looking for, the size is about right and it has a nice ‘almost black’ finish!
I love the fact that it comes with the mirror!

It is very difficult though to find a decent black dresser with mirror that is of good quality but will not break the bank.

I have learned the hard way that going for the cheapest piece of furniture you can find is also a very bad idea!
It only brings huge disappointments and headaches…

So that’s why this page was born today!
Since I am looking for one myself, I decided to do it here, on my website, and hopefully help you find one for your bedroom too!

I selected here a few of my top favorite black dressers with mirror for sale online and then I will let you know which one I am probably going to buy for myself and why.

(Sometimes the mirror will have to be bought separately.)

Beautiful Black Dresser with Brushed Chrome Accents in Glossy Black Finish

Beautiful Black Dresser

Beautiful Black Dresser

This is the first one I am considering buying for my bedroom, even though I will need to get the mirror separately…

I like the fact that it has eight drawers, which is even more than I was looking for!
(The more the better!)

What I also LOVE about this nice looking black dresser is that it comes fully assembled! (There is an extra fee for that, but I think it’s totally worth it!)
(I hate having to assemble stuff, even though my husband is the one that ends up doing it, but it drives me crazy, as I am a very impatient person and when I want something, I want it now! 🙂

I also really like the style and the nice black finish!

*Here you can get the matching black mirror for this dresser.

Fancy Looking Traditional Black Dresser with Mirror

black dresser and mirror

Traditional Dresser & Mirror in Rubbed Black

Traditional Dresser & Mirror in Rubbed Black

This is a nice and fancy looking 9-drawer black dresser with mirror set for sale… It is nice and sturdy and also great for a man’s bedroom.

I love the gorgeous rich chestnut finish!
The small drawers are perfect for socks, underwear, bathing suits and cotton tank tops! 🙂

Unique Modern Looking Black Dresser with Mirror

unique 2-Piece Black Dresser and Mirror Set

Contemporary 2-Piece Black Dresser and Mirror Set

Furniture of America Gailen Contemporary 2-Piece Black Dresser and Mirror Set

If you are looking for a modern and unique black dresser with mirror for sale, I think you are probably going to like this one! It has a very cool design with a sparkly silver finished trim along the edges!
It also has a HUGE mirror, which I definitely like!
(I really need to see myself well after I put on my clothes to start the day…)

I also really like the very spacious drawers!

The large mirror is really calling me…

Stunning Black Silver Wood Dresser and Mirror

My Favorite Black Dressers with Mirror!

Black/Silver Dresser and Mirror

Fancy Black/Silver Dresser and Mirror

Luca Home Black/Silver Dresser and Mirror

Look what I found now to make our choice even more difficult! 🙂

A stunning, fancy looking black and silver wood dresser with a mirror!

It has a classic European style and I just can’t stop staring at it!

Guess what?
You can also choose to get an expert assembly when you buy it.
This is very, very important to me!

Nice Looking Dresser and Mirror in Rich Black Finish

Black Finish Wood Dresser and Mirror

Cool Black Finish Wood Dresser and Mirror

Roundhill Furniture Gloria Black Finish Wood Dresser and Mirror

What I like about this cute black dresser and mirror set is that the mirror is nice and large, just the way I like, it has nine drawers, including six spacious ones and three smaller ones and it is pretty affordable!

It is a little on the smaller side though but I really enjoy the nice and clean look! 🙂

Very Elegant Vintage Dresser and Mirror Set, Black Finish

antique black dresser and mirror

Vintage Black Finish with Wood Tone Rub Through 7-Drawer Wood Dresser, Mirror

Vintage Black Finish with Wood Tone Rub Through 7-Drawer Wood Dresser, Mirror

If you are looking for a nice and elegant looking antique-style black dresser with mirror for your bedroom, this might be the one for you!

I love this ‘distressed’ finish!
Very unique!

I also like the feet!
The mirror is also nice and wide and so are the drawers!
Overall it is a very nice looking black dresser with mirror!

Very Sophisticated Hardwood Double Dresser and Mirror Set in Black

Double Dresser and Mirror Set in Black

Double Dresser and Mirror Set in Black

And last, but not least, in my selections of black dressers with mirror is this very fancy and elegant hardwood DOUBLE black dresser and mirror set!
(This one is a little bit expensive in my opinion but it is really nice!)
The drawers are nice and deep, which is great if you have lots of t-shirts!

*And the winner is…
…the second one!
I really like the look and the price!
That’s the one for my bedroom! 🙂
Which one did YOU choose for your bedroom?


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