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Best Home Office Desks

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My Favorite Home Office Desks for Small Rooms!

Do you work from home?
Are you looking for the best home office desks for a small room?

Best Home Office Desks for Small Rooms

Best Home Office Desks for Small Rooms

First of all, congratulations!
You work from home!
You are your own boss!
Isn’t it wonderful?

I love working from home and I enjoy every minute of it! 🙂
However, we need a lot of self-discipline!

I strongly believe that having a nice and cute home office desk really helps you stay organized and motivated!
That’s why I decided to create this page today.

Cute Computer Desk, Estate Black

I selected a few of the most practical and compact home office desks to help you keep your working area nice and neat while you create amazing things!
I wish you lots of success and creativity!
(Let’s grab a nice cup of coffee and return to work, shall we?)

*These are also great for a teenager’s bedroom!

*What are the best space saver home office desks?

Beautiful L-Desk, Espresso Oak

Beautiful L-Desk, Espresso Oak

Important things to consider BEFORE buying your new home office desk:

Before you go ahead and buy your new (and hopefully cute!) home office desk, you need to answer a few questions.
First of all, there are THOUSANDS of beautiful home office computer desks for sale online, so you need to narrow them down to fit YOUR needs, obviously.

What is you budget?
Can you afford a 500 dollar desk?
I truly recommend investing in a good-quality desk, that will last at least a few years.
Believe me, I had my fair share of going with the cheapest options in the past just to be very disappointed a couple of months later.

Be sure of how much space you actually have in your room.
Measure all your walls carefully and decide before hand on the best spot for your new desk. (L-shape desks, like the gorgeous one in this picture, are awesome space savers!)
(I also recommend having it in a bright corner or near a window. It’s much better working with natural light! 🙂

What kind of working desk do you prefer?
Corner desks, wall desks, stylish and modern, classic looking, wooden or metal?
Lots of drawers and storage or just the basics?
(I say go with one that offers you a decent amount of storage and drawers for the size and money… You will definitely be using all the drawers…)

And last, but not least, what color is best for your room?
Black, white, natural wooden, glass-topped and metal?
(I love a black desk…I have one in my living-room… I think black is very stylish…)

Traditional Hardwood Home Office Executive Desk

Traditional Hardwood Home Office Executive Desk

Traditional Hardwood Home Office Executive Desk

Espresso and Brown Red Finished Desk with Felt Lined Drawers

If you are looking for a high-quality and very fancy looking solid and heavy wood executive desk for your home office, then I think you are going to like this one!
It looks like the ones you see on soap operas and movies!

This elegant wooden desk has 7 drawers, a power strip and drop front keyboard as well!
Perfect to create a very elegant home office!

This is a solid piece that will probably last for a lifetime.
Great for a writer!
Now all you need is a great and comfy executive chair to go with it! 🙂

(Dimensions: 74 x 36 x 30 inches)

Practical L-shaped Home Office Desk!

Practical L-shaped Home Office Desk

Practical L-shaped Home Office Desk

This beautiful L-shape wooden executive desk is one of the most practical home office desks around!

It is very spacious and functional, but at the same time will save space in your home, since you can have it in a corner!

As you can see you create two separate working spaces for you: one computer side, and one writing side.
(You also get to decide if you want the larger side on your left or on your right! Perfect!)

I love the huge bottom drawers and the beautiful cherry color!
It also comes with filing drawers that accept letter, legal or A4-size files.

*Be patient when putting this together. It will take you a few hours. But it will be totally worth it once you are done and see your beautiful L-desk ready to be used! 🙂

*Cute, Modern and Affordable L-Shaped Desk with Steel Frame!

Modern and Affordable L-Shaped Desk with Steel Frame

Modern and Affordable L-Shaped Desk with Steel Frame

This is a cute, modern and very affordable corner home office computer desk!
I love the colors and the overall look!

The steel frame and wood combination is fantastic!
Look how ‘clean’ and organized it looks in a room!

This is also a very compact work desk!
Perfect for smaller spaces!

It is not too difficult to put together and the instructions are very easy to follow.
But the best feature of all is actually the price!
It is very affordable and it ships for free! 🙂

Great gift idea for any working from home person in the family or a teenager’s bedroom!

*Here is a video on how to set up a similar desk created by a gamer. (This is a very good computer desk for a teen boy’s bedroom.)

Very Modern L-shape Glass Top Home Office Corner Desk

L-Shape Home Office Computer Desk, Cappuccino Finish Base, Glass Top

L-Shape Home Office Computer Desk, Cappuccino Finish Base, Glass Top

L-Shape Computer Desk Unit

Talk about cool and modern looking home office desks!
How about this gorgeous, modern and very affordable L-shaped glass computer desk for your home?
It is very beautiful!
I love it next to a bright window just like in this picture!
(It also makes it look ‘bigger’…)

The glass top is gorgeous!
Looks so fancy!
(Just make sure you stock up on your Windex, though… 🙂
After all you will want your beautiful glass-top desk to look its best at all times!)

It’s very compact as well and will definitely fit a small room!

Cute Home Office Corner Desk Brown and Black

Cute Corner Workstation

Cute Corner Workstation

The best home office desks need to save you space and be very practical!
Another excellent space saver cute wooden home office corner desk for sale!
It is also very sturdy, heavy and feels very spacious too, even though it will fit a small room.

Great price and it ships for free!
Look how nice it looks!
Working in a this beautiful home office will be such a pleasure!

*How about a Cute White Corner Computer Desk?

Corner Computer Desk, Antiqued White

Cute Corner Computer Desk, Antiqued White

Sauder Harbor View Corner Computer Desk, Antiqued White

If you were looking for a cute and affordable wooden white corner computer home office desk for sale, I think you are going to love this one! 🙂
Isn’t it adorable?

It has three drawers and one cabinet, it is very sturdy and as you can see it looks amazing after it’s assembled!
(Yes, it will take you a few hours to put this desk together…better if done by two people at the same time…)
White desks are also perfect to brighten up your room!

*It is proven that people are more productive at work when they have a nice, clean and organized working station!
It’s no different when we work from home!
Having a tidy working corner will greatly improve your creativity and productivity!

Nice L-Shaped Compact Home Office Desk in Oak Finish

L Shaped Desk in Salt Oak

Beautiful L Shaped Desk in Salt Oak

Cool L Shaped Desk in Salt Oak

What a cute and very affordable L-shape wooden desk for sale!
I love this oak finish!
(Not to mention the stylish dark slate finish on top!)

Look at that nice storage space underneath too!
It will fit lots of books, notebooks and working stuff nicely! 🙂

Looks cute either in the bedroom or home office!
It is also very sturdy!
It won’t disappoint!

Cute and Compact Computer Desk and Hutch

Best Home Office Desks!

Cute Computer Desk and Hutch

Cute Computer Desk and Hutch

Salt Oak Finish Harbor View Computer Desk with Hutch

If you are looking for the best (and the cutest!) compact home office desk to have in the bedroom, I think you are going to like this beautiful computer desk and hutch in a gorgeous salt oak finish!
Isn’t it stunning?

Perfect for a bedroom!
It will fit everything work/study related, plus your computer!
It’s full of shelves, nooks and crannies! 🙂
(Not to mention three nice drawers!)

It is also very compact and will fit basically anywhere you want!
This cute desk is absolutely perfect for any teenager’s bedroom and will make the room look very nice and organized!

*A few other helpful tips in creating the perfect home office:

*Invest in a nice office chair!
It doesn’t help if you buy a beautiful desk but use a bad chair…
This is the place you will be spending most of your time working, so the chair is just as important, if not more important!

*Try to place your new home office desk in the brightest corner possible!
Trust me, that makes all the difference when working!
Natural light is way better for our productivity than artificial light.

*Make it look ‘cute’!
Place a couple of your best picture frames and maybe a cute figurine or cute plant on it! 🙂

*Load up on your caffeine!

*Be productive!

*I hope you enjoyed my selections of best home office desks from this page and were able to pick the perfect one for your home! 🙂
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