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Best Electric Fireplaces

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Have you ever seen these beautiful faux fireplaces before?

Best Electric Fireplaces

Best Electric Fireplaces

Are you looking for the best and most stylish artificial electric fireplaces for your home today?
(Also called faux fireplaces?)

Faux fireplaces are artificial fireplaces or electric flame fireplaces that look real!

They are gorgeous to have in your living-room or master bedroom and they are completely safe!
There is no fire involved!

They have realistic looking flames and logs and have heating too!
Just like a real fireplace without the hassle!

I think fake fireplaces make amazing gift ideas for newlyweds or even as a nice housewarming gift!
(They are also romantic…)

Who doesn’t want to have to have a nice looking fireplace in their home?

*They also provide warmth to the room if you want…
Most modern electric fireplaces have heat settings and they come with a remote control.
This one in the picture has a gorgeous and very stylish oak finish and 2 heat settings!
It looks very realistic and it makes the room nice and warm!
The beautiful ‘flames’ are also very soothing and relaxing to watch…

Here you will find a few of my most favorite gorgeous artificial electric fireplaces for sale!
Grab that hot chocolate, choose an awesome book and enjoy your beautiful ‘fireplace’!

Very Realistic Artificial Fireplace with Cool 3D Dancing Flame Effects!

Realistic Artificial Fireplace

Realistic Artificial Fireplace

Most people looking for electric flame fireplaces obviously want to find the most realistic looking ones possible, of course!

This Dimplex faux fireplace with 3D dancing flames is amazing!
I can almost heart the fire crackling!

The gorgeous ‘flame effect’ also works with or without the heat, so you can actually have your beautiful fireplace ‘burning’ even during summer time! 🙂

Gorgeous black electric fireplace for your home!
It looks extremely real!
Great addition to your living-home!

Very easy to install and very attractive!

No more ‘chopping wood’ guys!!

*Dimplex is among the best artificial fireplace brands out there.

Beautiful Espresso Color Electric Fireplace with Realistic Looking Flames!

Electric Fireplace with Realistic Looking Flames

Electric Fireplace with Realistic Looking Flames

Another beautiful faux fireplace for your home!

This one is in a beautiful dark espresso color!
I love it!
It is very easy to use and looks great!

There are 3 flame settings and 10 heat settings.
Will warm up the whole room too, just like a real fireplace!

This beautiful faux fireplace is also a ‘media center’, since you can also place your big screen TV on top.

*Beautiful Ivory Color Electric Fireplace!

Beautiful Ivory Color Electric Fireplace

Beautiful Ivory Color Electric Fireplace

This white electric fireplace is one of the most beautiful faux fireplaces so far in my opinion!
It will make your living-room look very elegant, inviting and sophisticated.

It operates with or without heat with several temperature settings and a timer.
Even us Floridians can enjoy a fireplace if we want!

It also fits a big screen TV on top!
(Up to 47 inches.)

*Gorgeous Electric Fireplace in Dark Antique Finish!

Electric Fireplace in Dark Antique Finish

Electric Fireplace in Dark Antique Finish

Another beautiful electric media fireplace with remote control in a gorgeous ebony finish!
The flickering flames look extremely realistic!
(You will be finding yourself looking more at the beautiful and hypnotic flames than at the TV!)

Very easy to install and use, just plug into your wall outlet!

*Realistic Flickering Flame Effect Electric Fireplace with Bookcase!

Electric Fireplace with Bookcase

Electric Fireplace with Bookcase

What a beautiful electric fireplace with a bookcase!
I love the warm reddish finish!
Very elegant and inviting!

The flames look very real too and you can also adjust their brightness.

It does take a few hours to assemble but once it’s ready you will have a gorgeous and much more inviting living-room! 🙂

The price is also not that bad!
It looks much more expensive than it really is!

*Beautiful Faux Fireplace that Look Real!

Beautiful Faux Fireplace that Look Real

Beautiful Faux Fireplace that Look Real

If you are looking for a realistic looking artificial electric fireplace for your living-room I think you are going to be very pleased with this one!
It has beautiful real-looking flickering flames and gorgeous earth tones!
The heat settings and flame effects and intensity can be adjusted manually!
(I love the ‘bright logs’ effect! It makes them look like they are really on fire!)

The price is fair for this beautiful faux fireplace!

If you want you can also place a TV on top as well.

Gorgeous Wall Mounted Flat Panel Fireplace Heater!

Wall Mounted Flat Panel Fireplace Heater

Wall Mounted Flat Panel Fireplace Heater

Check it out!
Have you ever seen a wall fireplace before?
How stunning is it?
I LOVE the very realistic burning flames!
It looks amazing at night!
Very, very pretty!

The heater also will warm up a room of about 400 sq.
Nice and cozy!

You can also get it in white, if you prefer!
Great price as well!

Portable Electric Fireplace with Adjustable Heater

Portable Electric Fireplace

Portable Electric Fireplace

Now if you are looking for a cheap, cute and portable artificial fireplace I think this might be the one!
(It looks like a small TV!)

This is one of the latest models and it has a very cute, but simple, design!
As you can see from the picture, the flames have an ultra-realistic look!
(They have a very cool 3D effect!)

The heater also works pretty well and it is very, very easy to use!
Just plug it in!
Great Christmas gift idea!

*What a Cute Portable White Electric Fireplace!

Cute Portable White Electric Fireplace

Cute Portable White Electric Fireplace

This is probably one of the cutest portable electric fireplaces around!
I love this beautiful ‘classic look’!
The flames like very real behind the glass!
The heat is also great!
(But it also works without the heat, so you can enjoy it in the summer time as well! 🙂
Price: affordable!!

*How about also choosing a nice indoor waterfall to complete your relaxing atmosphere?

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