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Best Above Ground Pools

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My Top Favorite Above Ground Swimming Pools for the Backyard in the Summer!

My most favorite summer activity to do when I was a child was ‘going swimming’ in our small backyard above ground pool…. Back then there were very little options and the pools were mostly tiny… but even though we all had a blast together and I just couldn’t wait to get up the next morning and do it all over again!

I am a water person and I am lucky to live near the ocean, but I also love swimming pools!
Even better if you can have your own! 🙂

I believe one of the best investments you can make for summer time is to get a nice above ground swimming pool for your backyard!
Above ground pools are very easy to set-up, very easy to maintain and if you ever have to move from your house you get to take your pool with you!
Kids and grown-ups love to enjoy a fun summer day in the water! If you have a large above ground pool you can even invite friends and family and have a blast in the water together!

Intex 24ft X 12ft X 52in Ultra Frame Pool Set with Sand Filter Pump

best above ground swimming pools

Ultra Frame Rectangular Pool Set

Intex 24ft X 12ft X 52in Ultra Frame Rectangular Pool Set with Sand Filter Pump, Ladder, Ground Cloth & Pool Cover

The best above ground swimming pools in my opinion are the ones that are the most sturdy, largest and durable, just like this gorgeous rectangular Intex pool in the picture above! It fits a lot of people playing inside at the same time!

Just look at this awesome above ground rectangular pool!
It’s huge!
I love big swimming pools!
Perfect for the whole family to enjoy together!
One of the best above ground swimming pools for large families!
Will fit all your family together and even some friends!
Needless to say the kids go crazy with this huge pool! Don’t you just want to jump in the water?
It’s so inviting!
It’s also perfect for fun family gatherings such as barbecues and kids parties!

It is a huge Intex rectangular ultra-frame above ground family pool!
It is almost like being in a resort in your own backyard!
Awesome design and look!
(You can not go wrong with Intex! It’s one of the best backyard pool brands around!)

It comes ready and complete with everything needed to install, including a very nice sand filter, that keeps the pool water always fresh and clean! (You can also get a saltwater system, which is great for the kids! Saltwater is much better for children and the elderly, because it’s gentler on the skin than the heavy chemicals of a regular chlorinated pool…)

You will need to prepare the place you will put your new pool in advance, making sure the ground is all even and flat.
(This rectangular pool is also great for narrow backyards.)
Installation will a take a couple of hours at least.

Be patient! 🙂

Have some fun in the sun this summer!
Get ‘splashing’!

*Don’t forget the sunscreen! 🙂

Affordable Round Frame Above Ground Pool Set, 18-Feet by 48-Inch

Great Steel Frame Large Swimming Pool for the Kids!

Steel Frame Large Swimming Pool for the Kids

Steel Frame Large Swimming Pool for the Kids

Would you rather have a round swimming pool?
No problem!
Look what I found!
This is a huge round metal frame swimming pool for sale! 🙂

This is a very sturdy, fairly large, awesome round steel frame above ground pool for the summer! It is made by Intex, which is one of the best metal frame pool makers.
The liner is made of PVC and it also comes with the ladder, the filter pump, a filter cartridge, a ground cloth, the cover and a DVD showing you step by step how to install your new pool! 🙂
It takes approximately two hours to do it.

Look how inviting it is!!
Bring on the summer, sun, laughter and the good times!
Very resistant and durable!
Great investment for many years to come!
Who needs a water park when you can have your own in your backyard?

*If you have toddlers and very small children in the house, always make sure you keep your new pool in a safe area…
I always had my daughter on a life jacket during summer, just to be on the safe side…
All day long!
She knew that if she didn’t wear her vest she wouldn’t be able to enjoy the water…
(Better be safe than sorry!)

Also make sure you are setting up your new pool in FLAT ground!
(This is really important!)

Keep it covered at night to prevent leaves, insects or other things from getting inside.

Don’t forget to always keep the water fresh and clean.

Huge Inflatable Above Ground Oval Pool with Filter Pump

Best Above Ground Swimming Pools for Your Backyard this Summer

Oval Frame Pool Set w Filter Pump

20′ x 12′ x 48″ Oval Frame Pool Set w/ 1500 GPH Filter Pump

How about getting a huge inflatable oval frame above ground swimming pool for cheap?
It will be almost like living on the beach! 🙂
Except you will be right in your backyard!
Can’t get any better than this!
(Well, of course unless you are moving somewhere near the ocean…..)

Inflatable above ground pools are usually cheaper than the steel frame ones and much easier to set up!
Just inflate the top ring, snap on the steel frame supports and fill it up!
The oval shape is perfect for smaller and narrow backyards!
(Even though is it a BIG pool…)
It fits a lot of kids playing together!

Look at the size of this pool!
Fun and easy to set-up above ground oval swimming pool for the whole family!
Ready to enjoy in about one hour!
The oval shape is also perfect for lap swimming and fun volleyball games!
(And also for a narrow backyard! 🙂

(Comes with 1500-gallon filter pump to keep your pool sparkling clean!)
I love it!

*If you are looking for a cheap inflatable pool kit…

INTEX 15' x 36" Easy Set Swimming Pool Kit

INTEX 15′ x 36″ Easy Set Swimming Pool Kit

If you are looking for the cheapest Intex inflatable round swimming pools for sale above ground, then I think you are really going to like this one! 🙂
This cute and very easy to set-up above ground round inflatable swimming pool is probably one of the cheapest family pools you will find! 🙂
It is perfect for a family of five!
Just inflate the top ring and fill it up with water!
Ready to use in about 15 minutes!

Great to have in smaller backyards just during summer time….
It’s also pretty durable!
Some buyers have had this pools for many, many years and it’s still perfect!
Kids absolutely love this round pool!

Mom, dad and children can all enjoy a fun hot summer day in the pool!
Perfect for a fun and sunny Sunday afternoon!
Great gift idea for the summer!

*What is the next best thing to have in your backyard?

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