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Beautiful Coffee Tables that Lift Up

Lift Top Coffee Tables? Yes!

Lift Top Coffee Tables

Lift Top Coffee Table

Have you ever seen these amazing coffee tables that lift up?

Imagine this…
A coffee table that can be used not only for serving coffee and tea to your guests, but also to play board games, work on your computer, read the paper and eat your dinner!
All that without having to leave your couch!
It will give a whole new meaning to the expression ‘couch potato’! 🙂

There’s more!
These beautiful lift top coffee tables also have a pretty nice storage compartment underneath that fits your favorite board games, newspapers and magazines inside!
(Not to mention all those remote controls all over the place!)

*As you can see in the picture, the top will raise up so it makes it easier for you to eat, do your crafts, so on and so forth!
Isn’t it cool?
Not to mention beautiful, classy and affordable!
That’s right!
Even though they look expensive they are not!

Here are my favorites!

Black Wood Lift Top Coffee Table

Very stylish!

Black Wood Lift Top Coffee Table

Black Wood Lift Top Coffee Table

*This one is basically the same table from above but in a black finish.

It is a very stylish and classy, not to mention very affordable, black wood coffee table that raises the top!
It looks gorgeous when you pair it up with a beautiful white couch, just like in this picture!
The storage compartment is pretty spacious too!
Perfect for when you want to dine in the living-room while watching the news! 🙂

*Faux Marble Lift Top Coffee Table, Espresso

Faux Marble Lift Top Coffee Table

Faux Marble Lift Top Coffee Table

Check this one out!
It is a beautiful coffee table with a cool faux marble top that lifts up.
The table is pretty sturdy, made from solid wood!
It only takes about 15 minutes to put it together and after you are done you are going to have a gorgeous coffee table in your living-room that looks very expensive but it’s cheap! 🙂
(But only YOU will know that…)

*This one spells elegance!

Wood Lift Top Cocktail Table

Stylish Dark Wood Lift Top Cocktail Table

This is a heavy and stunning wood lift-top coffee table!
I love the beautiful dark chocolate wood finish and the cool and very stylish design. It spells class and elegance!
I also LOVE the nice storage space underneath and handy drawers.

*I have three tables like that in my living-room, one big coffee table and two smaller end tables and I can tell you that the extra storage space is a life-saver! 🙂

Solid Asian Hardwood Coffee Table that Lifts Up with Double Storage

Solid Asian Hardwood Coffee Table that Lifts Up

Solid Asian Hardwood Coffee Table that Lifts Up

I would actually say ‘triple’ storage, if you also take into consideration the cute small drawers at the bottom!
It’s pretty handy too and perfect to fits all of your pens, pencils and notepads! 🙂

This is a beautiful and very versatile solid wood lift-top coffee table that can also be used to serve dinner for two people and a few cocktails! 🙂

The storage compartment right underneath fits a few books and magazines and the bottom compartment fits even more stuff!

A wonderful and functional piece!

*Beautiful piece that will last for a very long time!

Lift Top Cocktail Table

Solid Wood Lift Top Cocktail Table

*Have you ever wondered why furniture nowadays seem to last much less than our great-grandparents solid pieces? I remember having a dinner table that was passed down about 4 generations! This almost doesn’t happen anymore, so anytime I find a sturdy piece of furniture I get really excited! If you can spare a few bucks more, always try to buy something solid, heavy and sturdy.

This is a high-end lift top cocktail table that will last for decades!
It’s gorgeous and very sturdy, made from solid hardwood solids and oak veneer.

It also has a very spacious bottom shelf, as you can see in the picture.
Perfect to display your favorite books and magazines!
It is a very elegant piece that will make your living-room even more stylish and attractive!
(You can’t go wrong with solid wood furniture…)

Very Elegant High Quality Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage!

High Quality Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage

High Quality Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage

This is a very sophisticated rectangular lift-top coffee table in a beautiful cherry wood finish!
The two bottom drawers and the huge bottom shelf are big pluses! 🙂
Perfect piece to give any room an instant ‘boost’ in sophistication and style!

*It’s nice that we can almost ‘smell’ the table from this picture right? It looks sturdy and it feels sturdy! Simply gorgeous!

*When style meets functionality…

Beautiful Walnut Rectangular Lift-Top Storage Coffee Table

Beautiful Walnut Rectangular Lift-Top Storage Coffee Table

And last, but not least, I present to you this beautiful and very practical walnut finish rectangular coffee table that lifts up!
I love walnut color furniture!
It’s so stylish!
It makes the room fancy looking and elegant immediately! 🙂
The storage space underneath is pretty neat!
Will fit lots of books and magazines!
(I would actually leave it open too, just like you see on the picture, this way it is easier to grab the books and remote controls when I need them!)
The price is not so bad either!
Very cute table!

*I hope you liked my selections of coffee tables that lift up and were able to find the perfect one for your living-room! 🙂
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