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Beautiful Bookcases

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My Favorite Beautiful Bookcases and Bookshelves for a Booklover’s Home!

beautiful bookcases

Beautiful Asymmetrical Bookshelf

If you love books, you must love bookcases and bookshelves! 🙂

There is something almost ‘magical’ about picking a book to read from a beautiful bookshelf!
It makes it even more exciting!

Sometimes I go to a bookstore or library just to walk among all the bookshelves…
(This is something only book lovers will understand… 🙂

The most important pieces of furniture in my home are my bookcases!
(They were the first to be placed inside my living-room and the first to be organized…) I love stopping sometimes in front of them and just looking at all my colorful books! When I am bored I close my eyes and point my finger towards them and then have to pick up and read whatever book ‘it’ chose…

I found some pretty cool, unique and beautiful bookcases for sale online that will look absolutely amazing in any living-room or home office!
My favorite ones are the most creative ones, in cool shapes!
I also love the bookcase room divider ones!
They are perfect to creating two different ‘living spaces’ in one room!

*I love asymmetrical bookcases, just like the one in this picture too!
They make any room look very modern and very cool!

Ok, enough talking about them!
Here they are!
(Needless to say they make the best gift idea for a book lover’s home or room! 🙂

Very Cool and Unique Bookcase with Bins!

cool bookcases

Bookcase with Bins, Brown

Beautiful Bookcase with Bins, Brown

Who’s up for organizing today with this beyond cool bookcase with bins? How useful is it? You can have it against a wall or use it as a room divider too!
(If you have a huge room, you can get two of them and place them side by side…)
It is very sturdy and fairly easy to assemble. The bins can also be removed. You can really get creative with this gorgeous bookcase!
I love this color too!
This color is always stylish. The bookcase is also solid and will your books pretty well.
(I know… you are probably already seeing all your books in there…. 🙂

Beautiful and Modern Cubic Style Bookshelf for Your Home!

modern bookcases

Dark Taupe Reclaimed-Look Bookcase, 71-Inch

Very Cool Dark Taupe Reclaimed-Look Bookcase, 71-Inch

This is a very beautiful and very modern dark-taupe reclaimed look bookshelf that can also be used as a room divider! (For big rooms get two or three and place them next to each other.) I LOVE this idea!
Can you imagine how cool it’s going to look?
It also looks great against a wall…
You can also mix books, your favorite picture frames and other decor items such as cute figurines if you want…
(But if you have a lot of books it is going to look pretty neat filled up with them!)

*This is a very cute contemporary style white bookcase for sale!

Cute White Bookcase

Cute White Bookcase

I also LOVE beautiful white bookcases! They look amazing!
(Specially against a different color wall, just like in this picture!)
This is a pretty tall cute white bookcase, at over 72 inches, and it has four tiers!
(If you have tones of books, just get two of them! Your room will loom just like a ‘library’!) To make it look even cuter, I would place my favorite figurines or small statues on those small spaces on the side… What do you think? 🙂
The price is great too, pretty affordable…

Fun Zigzag Shelf Design Bookcase!

Zigzag Shelf Design Bookcase

Zigzag Shelf Design Bookcase

If you are a fan of geometric lines, I believe you are going to love this tall wood espresso bookcase in a fun ‘zigzag’ design!

It’s a tall zigzag shelf’ bookcase for sale!
How cool is it??

It is also perfect to have one as a ‘room divider’! 🙂

My mother-in-law bought two of these for her house and they look amazing! Instead of books she placed all her favorite picture frames in them displaying her whole family, specially her grandchildren… They are very versatile!

What a creative way to keep all your books!
Every day you can go to a different ‘zig zag’ shelf and choose a different book!

*Talking about creative bookcases…

creative bookcases

Rowboat Shaped Bookcase

If you are looking for the most beautiful and creative bookcases for sale, then I think you are going to like this very cool and definitely very creative rowboat shaped bookcase for sale!

It’s the first time I see one!

It is made from solid wood and it has such a beautiful shiny finish!
Perfect to complement any ‘nautical themed’ room decor!
It’s pretty tall too! It is 73 inches high.

A cool idea is also get some cool LED lights and place them under the shelves to make your unique boat shape bookcase ‘pop’ at night!

Classic Style Burnished Oak Seven Shelf Bookcase

Classic Style Burnished Oak Seven Shelf Bookcase

Classic Style Burnished Oak Seven Shelf Bookcase

This beautiful classic seven shelf bookcase is very similar to the ones I have at home…
(I have two of them in my living-room…) If you also decide to get two of them, you can place them side by side, to create an illusion that you have one big bookcase against the wall, just like a library.

It is very tall, very sturdy, fits lots and lots of books and other stuff, and it looks gorgeous!
(Besides all my books I also have some cute figurines and some picture frames on mine…)
I love the burnished oak finish!

*It is tall, at 84 inches.

Awesome London Telephone Booth Bookcase!

London Telephone Booth Bookcase

London Telephone Booth Bookcase

Check this out!!
It is a very cool, very creative and very unique red phone booth bookcase!

One of the coolest bookcases I’ve seen so far!
Isn’t it absolutely amazing?
If you are into cool and unique furniture like me, then you are gonna love this bookcase! 🙂
(Price ain’t that bad either…)

Cute Tree Shape Green Bookcase!

Cute Tree Shape Green Bookcase

Cute Tree Shape Green Bookcase

And last, but not least, one of most favorite cool shape bookcases for sale!
A fun green tree-shaped bookcase!
It holds over 100 books on it!
(And if you have 200 books or more, get two tree shape bookcases!) 🙂
Even though they recommend this cute bookcase for a child’s room, I would have it in my living-room, of course!
It will definitely stand out against a white wall!
Happy book shelving folks!

*If you have the skills, here is a pretty cool video on how to make your very own tree bookshelf:

*Creative Bookshelf Designs! (LOVED these!!)

*If you enjoyed these beautiful bookcases for sale, I have a feeling you are also going to LOVE these:

Beautiful Bookcase Storage BEDS!
(A bed AND a bookcase all-in-one!)

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