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Angel Garden Statues

My Favorite Beautiful Large Garden Angel Statues!

large angel garden statue

Queen of Angels, Guardian of Children Statue

I LOVE angels!
I believe in them and I think they are beautiful! 🙂

These beautiful and peaceful angel sculptures also make wonderful angelic gift ideas for people you love!
(Moms and grandmothers usually love them too!)

Today I’m going to show you my favorite large garden angels!
They are perfect for any garden!

*The one you see in this picture is a gorgeous female guardian angel statue. (Actually she is the guardian of children and that’s why we see a child next to her…)

She is also very tall!
Perfect to have by some beautiful flowers and on a nice spot, near your front door, so everyone will see her!

Here you will find my most favorite angel garden sculptures being sold online right now!

I prefer the tallest and impressive ones, (over 50 inches!) but the medium-sized angels, at around 30 inches tall are also great to have in a special spot.
I also LOVE the tall garden angels with HUGE open wings!
They are absolutely magnificent!

I hope you will enjoy my selections and find the perfect angel for your garden!

God bless you!

Impressive Angel Sculpture in a Beautiful Faux Stone Finish

tall angel sculptures

Grand Cathedral Angel Sculpture

Another favorite of mine is this impressive and very realistic tall angel sculpture with his wings wide open.

He stands over 6 feet tall!

He also has this gorgeous faux stone finish.
Perfect to have by your entryway!
He also makes a wonderful angel gift idea for a new home owner!

Divine Angel Outdoor Garden Statue

Standing Angel on a Pedestal Garden Statue

Standing Angel on a Pedestal Garden Statue

Another gorgeous monumental garden angel sculpture for sale!
It is a female angel wearing a beautiful long dress, her gorgeous wings up and I believe she has a bird on her arm… A great idea to make this divine angel statue stand out in the garden is to place some garden lights around it…

Beautiful Praying Angel Garden Statue

Praying Angel Garden Statue

Beautiful Praying Angel Garden Statue

What a beautiful praying angel outdoor statue!
These make me feel like they are watching over me and my home…
I also feel a sense of peace, just by being near them…
The larger their wings, the more I like them too!

This one also has a beautiful stone finish and huge wings!
Very nice piece to have by your front door!

The Praying Basilica Angel Statue – Set of 2 Gorgeous Praying Angels!

Praying Angels

Set of 2 Gorgeous Praying Angels

These are perfect!
You will get two gorgeous praying angels for your home!
I love them!

You can either have both by your front entrance, one on each side, or you can keep one for you and give the other one as a gift!
They have a beautiful hand-painted finish and amazing details!
They are over two feet tall.

Beautiful Angel of Patience Sculpture

Angel of Patience Sculpture

Beautiful Angel of Patience Sculpture

This is also one of my favorite angel sculptures!
It’s the angel of patience!
(We all could use one! 🙂
Perfect gift idea for someone who is waiting for something important to happen…
I love his amazing and highly detailed open wings!
You can see each feather!

(Product Dimensions: 15.5 x 31 x 38 inches.)

Music from Heaven Angel Playing Harp Outdoor Sculpture

angel playing harp sculpture

Music from Heaven Angel Sculpture

Design Toscano Music from Heaven Angel Statue with Harp Windchimes

I also love this gorgeous angel playing harp statue!

That’s what angels do!
They play the harp!
Now check this out: it actually plays!!
The harp is made using 10 real wind chimes that will play a heavenly melody when the wind passes though!
How awesome is that?
Then it will seem that the angel is really playing the harp!
I love it!!

Impressive Emotional Memorial Angel Sculpture

Memorial Angel Sculpture

Beautiful Memorial Angel Sculpture

This is a very impressive sad emotional naked angel crying sculpture!
It is an extraordinary piece!
Her wings are absolutely amazing!
Highly detailed!
Will look powerful anywhere you put it!

(Even though this piece makes us feel very sad… the angel could be crying over someone dear who passed away or someone going through some difficult times, or even over world events.)

*Angel holding child sculpture: a very meaningful angel gift

angel holding child statue for sale

Beautiful Angel Holding a Child Sculpture

What a beautiful statue of an angel holding a child in his arms!
Very touching!

The angel also has a loving serene expression on his face as the child clings to his neck…
It brought tears to my eyes the first time I saw it…
Love his wide open wings too!

*I really hope you enjoyed these beautiful angel garden statues and were able to find one for your home!

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