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Funky Shower Curtains

My Favorite Funky Shower Curtains for a FUN Bathroom!

Funky Peace Sign Retro Groovy Shower Curtain

Funky Peace Sign Retro Groovy Shower Curtain

There is nothing like buying a new shower curtain for your bathroom isn’t there? 🙂

I love it when it’s time to throw our disgusting, full of mildew, rotten and stinky shower curtain away and get a cool, unique and funky shower curtain!

I can almost smell the new vinyl already….

It is amazing how much difference a cool shower curtain can make in our bathrooms isn’t it?
It looks like you have a brand new bathroom!

I specially like the most colorful and funky shower curtains, of course!
The more colorful the better!

They will brighten up any bathroom and provide its user a more friendly atmosphere and perhaps distract you in times of struggle, if you know what I mean…

Anyways, I hope you’ll enjoy my selections!
They are my top favorites!
Choose one for you and happy showering!
Don’t forget to sing!

Funky Retro Shower Curtain

My Favorite Tie Dye Super Colorful Shower Curtain!

fun tie dye shower curtain

Funky Retro Tie Dye Ultra- Colorful Shower Curtain

FUN Tie Dye Shower Curtain, Bright Colors, 72-Inch by 72-Inch

This is a colorful, funky and retro shower curtain!
Very cool!
I love all the cool tie dye design and bright colors!!
Will brighten up your bathroom in minutes!
Perfect for rainbow lovers!
(The only problem is that it is so pretty and vibrant, that it will distract you in the bathroom and make you stay in there longer! Lol)
I cannot think of a better way to add a nice ‘color splash’ to any bathroom than with this super cool tie dye shower curtain!

Gorgeous Winter Sparkle Shower Curtain

The Most Beautiful Artistic Shower Curtains!

artistic shower curatin

Artistic Beautiful Shower Curtain

Artistic Winter Sparkle Shower Curtain, 69 by 72

How gorgeous is this artistic and also very colorful ‘Winter Sparkle’ shower curtain?
It’s stunning!
I can almost feel the cold snowflakes falling on my body!
Will make your bathroom look very cool in a few minutes!
(All your guests will start taking longer in the bathroom because they will be admiring this work of art!)
Do you blame them?

Venice, Italy Photographic Shower Curtain

Venice, Italy Shower Curtain

Venice, Italy Photographic Shower Curtain

Venice, Italy Shower Curtain

What better way to travel to Venice Italy than to have a Venice Italy shower curtain?
You can go there every day!
(I hope you do…)
I LOVE these gorgeous black and white photographic shower curtains too!
They are so beautiful and so unique!
Traveling to Europe has never been faster!

Trafalgar Square London Shower Curtain

Trafalgar Square Shower Curtain

Trafalgar Square London Shower Curtain

Trafalgar Square Shower Curtain

Perhaps you would like to travel to London from your tub?
Get yourself a cool London shower curtain!
You will find yourself in the middle of Trafalgar Square!
(Also makes a great gift to any Brits living in another country….)
Another beautiful black and white photographic shower curtain!

Singing in the Rain Shower Curtain!

The Most Fun Shower Curtains!

singing in the rain shower curtain

Cool Singing in the Rain Shower Curtain

Very Cool Singin’ In The Rain Shower Curtain, 72 by 72-Inch

How appropriate!
A Singing in the Rain shower curtain!
This is a classic!
Make sure you take your favorite umbrella!
Happy showering!
(And singing!)

Funky Owl Shower Curtain

owl shower curtain

Funky Owl Shower Curtain

Shower Curtain Artistic Designer from DiaNoche Designs by Michelle Fauss Home Décor and Bathroom Ideas – Hootie the Owl

How awesome, fun and colorful is this funky owl shower curtain?
If you love owls and you also love funky shower curtains, then this one is perfect for your bathroom!
I love her huge and ‘clueless’ owl eyes!
Will also make a fun owl gift idea!

Fun Funky Flowers Shower Curtain

The Most Colorful Funky Shower Curtains!

funky flowers shower curtain

Fun Funky Flowers Shower Curtain

DENY Designs Renie Britenbucher Fun Funky Flowers Shower Curtain, 69-Inch by 72-Inch

I LOVE this one!
It’s fun, it’s funky. it’s cool, it has pretty flowers and it’s very unique!
Your bathroom has never been more colorful!
All your guests are gonna go ‘Wow’!! when they see your gorgeous ‘funky flowers’ shower curtain!
I guarantee it!

The Most Colorful FUN Stack Shower Curtain!

colorful shower curtains

The Most Colorful and Fun Shower Curtain

The Most Colorful and FUN Stack Shower Curtain, 69-Inch by 72-Inch

Have you ever seen anything more colorful and FUN than this amazing ultra-funky ‘stack’ shower curtain?
The only problem with it is that there’s only one left!!
They have to make more of them!
If you ever get bored in the bathroom while ‘doing your business’, just start counting all the colorful stack designs!

Funky Dots Matrix Shower Curtain

funky dots shower curtain

Funky Dots Shower Curtain

DENY Designs Lisa Argyropoulos Dot Matrix Shower Curtain, 69 by 72-Inch

Is it the Matrix?
No, it’s ‘the Funky Dots’ shower curtain!
Talk about getting funky in the bathroom!
This is mesmerizing!
Can you count all the colorful dots?

Very Cool and Colorful RAINBOW Stripes Shower Curtain!

Cool and Colorful RAINBOW Stripes Shower Curtain

Cool and Colorful RAINBOW Stripes Shower Curtain

Special Rainbow Colorful Stripes Shower Curtain Colorful Waterproof Polyester Fabric Bathroom Decor Curtain 60″x72″

Striped shower curtains are also very funky!
This is a colorful and fun rainbow stripes shower curtain for sure!
Will definitely make your bathroom a happier place to be!
Perfect for a white bathroom!

Cute and Colorful Giraffes Shower Curtain

colorful giraffes shower curtain

Colorful Giraffes Shower Curtain

Colorful Jellybean Giraffes Shower Curtain, 69-Inch by 72-Inch

Hello giraffe lovers!
How cool, colorful and funky is this awesome giraffes shower curtain?
It’s so gorgeous!
I love giraffes and I love colors!

Cute Birds Shower Curtain

cute birds shower curtain

Cute Birds on Tree Branch Shower Curtain

Through the Looking Glass Cute Birds Shower Curtain, 69 by 72

If you are looking for cute shower curtains for your bathroom how about this cute and colorful birds on tree branches one?
It’s adorable!
Now you can sing with the birds!

White Peony Flowers Blue Shower Curtain

Beautiful Floral Shower Curtain

Peony Shower Curtain

Peony Flowers Shower Curtain

Cute Peony Flowers Shower Curtain, Navy/Natural

I love this blue floral shower curtain!
It’s so beautiful!
Will make your bathroom gorgeous!
Perfect to have in a girly lady’s bathroom!
Buyers said it’s very elegant and great quality!

Classic Polka Dot Shower Curtain in Coffee Color!

Classic Polka Dot Shower Curtain

Classic Polka Dot Shower Curtain

Classic Polka Dot Shower Curtain, Coffee Bean

If you love polka dotted stuff are going to love this gorgeous coffee color polka dot shower curtain!
It will also make a nice polka dot gift to someone!
It’s also available in black and girly pink!
Very affordable too!

Funky ZEBRA Shower Curtain!

zebra shower curtain

Funky Zebra Shower Curtain

Zebra Shower Curtain Color: Black/White

Zebra stripes are always fun and funky!
Can anything spell funky more than zebra stuff?
This zebra shower curtain is very cool!
If you love zebras or have a black and white bathroom, this is the perfect shower curtain for you!
Also great for a teenage girl’s bathroom!

All That Jazz 60’S Starburst RETRO Shower Curtain

Cool and Funky Retro Shower Curtain

retro shower curtain

Groovy Retro Shower Curtain

All That Jazz Retro 60’S Starburst Retro Shower Curtain

Retro is cool!
Retro is funky!
Retro is groovy!
This beautiful and very colorful retro shower curtain rocks!

*I hope you had fun choosing a funky shower curtain for your bathroom!
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